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Comparison of Ageing Policies: Australia and Canada

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Published: 13th Oct 2017 in Health

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  • The young disabled children should be provided with the special schools.
  • The rights should be ensured for the disabled people.
  • The disabled people should be given the employment options.

Policies on aging in Australia

As the populace in Australia ages there will be changes in expansive zones and an immense scope of issues should have been tended to. These include:

A developing interest for matured consideration administrations and astounding and fitting wellbeing.

The requirement for practical and sufficient measure of pay to backing the retirement living.

The requirement for positive group disposition and individual for maturing.

The requirement for backing from the group and base which is age-accommodating and the Australians to empower to stay joined and take part in the general public.

The significance of more established individuals to stay free and sound for whatever length of time that conceivable.

The objective for Australians national procedure for maturing is to convey all Australians with the best results paying little mind to age. It is the reaction for the national system which is the structure to the open doors and difficulties which will show the more established Australia. It is a vehicle which will draw in the Australian group in the administration which is continuous by the legislature of ward.


Canada has been a dynamic member and a pioneer in the usage and improvement for the rules for groups and urban communities which is age-accommodating. World Health Organization in 2007 added to the rules for urban areas which is age-accommodating and upheld by authorities and Canadian government subsidizing association. The national system for maturing under the government:

Verify that maturing individuals have helpful and auspicious access to the expert health awareness they require.

Build sheltered and powerful meds solution for seniors.

Unite regions and procurements for the entrance to superb and home care administrations.

To guarantee that relatives and companions have fitting backings on a casual premise who deal with their more seasoned friends and family.

Build up a national wellbeing system with the collaboration of the areas to expand speculation and enhance support for parental figures.


Both Australian and Canadian government are submitted in serving the maturing populace independent of their ethnic and social foundation. Both governments plan to organize a superior care crosswise over social and wellbeing administrations, and also diminish the weight on the frameworks of human services and bolster the individuals with solid maturing. Both governments permit their maturing populace to age effortlessly in their decision of homes climate it is a retirement town or their private homes. Both Australian and Canadian government gives reasonable lodging offers to the maturing individuals which is helpful in meeting the more established people groups evolving needs. Concerning their job strategies both nations have very comparative methodology like upgrade motivating forces so that more seasoned specialists can stay in workforce for more period. The data accessible to the people about their qualifications later on ought to be made strides


Both Australia and Canada use different instrument to understand and screen the current situation of their developing people. While Australia sees the home based thought maintained by the gathering to be a useful step for more settled people, the Canadian government pick pleasing hotel as an open entryway for acquisition of cabin especially for developing people. In Canada the advantages capability for more settled people is 65 years anyway it can be affirmed even at 60 years of age yet in Australia more prepared people can work in their old age in light of the way that the Australian government see the upsides of using more prepared people and assigned a boss for age isolation who advocates the benefits of more settled workers.

Policies that operate in New Zealand (aging)

New Zealands vision of positive ageing is where older people are recognised and are highly valued as an integral part of communities and their families. According to the positive ageing strategy which provides a framework for understanding and developing policy for positive ageing reflects the experiences and attitudes older people have about themselves and how todays younger generations view ageing which includes their own ageing. The strategy for positive ageing in New Zealand identifies ten goals for older people.

  1. Ageing in the community: older people to feel secure and safe and can age gracefully in their community.
  2. Income: adequate and secure income for older people.
  3. Housing: appropriate and affordable housing choice for older people.
  4. Health: accessible, timely, equitable, and affordable health care services for older people.
  5. Positive attitudes: all aged people should have positive attitudes to older people and ageing people.
  6. Rural services: older people who are living in the rural communities should not be disadvantaged while accessing the services.
  7. Employment opportunities: promotion of flexible working options and elimination of ageism.
  8. Cultural diversity: a range of appropriate cultural services allows older people to choose.
  9. Transport: appropriate and affordable options for the transport for older people.
  10. Opportunities for participation and personal growth: increase in opportunities for community participation and personal growth.

Comparing the policies with New Zealand

Australia and Canada have practically comparative approaches on work opportunities, wellbeing and lodging as New Zealand as to maturing. New Zealand has set a procedure arrangement for their maturing populace thus has Australia and Canada. Every one of the three nations addresses reasonableness without segregation. All the policies concentrated on providing the better facilities of the people of old age.

Service Delivery Policies on disability in Australia

Department of health

National disability agreement funds a range of services under the Australian government which is related to disability. These services are designed to improve the lives of people who are suffering from disability and the service providers ensures that the people with disability have the opportunity to participate in their communities. The disability service commission is one such organization in Australia which is a government agency who is responsible for program development, policy and service planning which affects the needs and rights of Australians with disabilities. Service include:

  • Individual and family support.
  • Respite support for carers.
  • Community based support and accommodation.
  • Vocational development and post school skills.
  • Equipment and aids.
  • Resources to create a community which is accessible


Disability and carers support people who are suffering from disability through services and programs and also with payments and benefits. Disability and carers also help with mental health in Australia. Support are also provided through funding and grants for organisations who deliver services to people with mental health and disability.

Service Delivery Policies on Disability in Canada

Ministry of community and social services

Under the ministry of community and social services program it helps people who are suffering from financial help for housing and food and living expenses.

Ministry for social development and social innovation

It provides assistance and employment programs for people with disabilities.

The Canadian government offers a range of financial benefits and services to assist their family members and the people with disabilities.

Service delivery policies in New Zealand on disability

International Service Delivery Policy on Disability in New Zealand.

Service delivery in New Zealand in Disability.

The Ministry of Health

The service of wellbeing has two principle parts with respect to the procurement of handicap bolster administration. The principal part is to give strategy counsel to the administration on the way of scope of requirements RHAs are obliged to address and second part is to screen the RHA consistence and execution with their agreement with the legislature.

Core Service Committee

The National Advisory Committee on center wellbeing and inability backing gives autonomous approach counsel to the Minister and the to the national warning advisory group on wellbeing and handicap on the accompanying matters:

  • Public wellbeing issues, including fundamental the soundness of individuals and council.
  • The advancement of general wellbeing
  • The checking of general wellbeing
  • Any different matters the national warning council on wellbeing and inability determines by the notification to the committee.

Public Health Commission

The general wellbeing commission was situated up to enhance and ensure the strength of New Zealand individuals. The commission’s parts are to screen and investigate the condition of general wellbeing, counsel the priest of wellbeing on general wellbeing objectives, techniques and strategies, and buy general wellbeing administration.

Comparing the policies (New Zealand) with the policies of Canada and Australia

The service delivery policies in Canada focuses on the social life of the people with disability. They wanted to improve the lifestyle of the disabled people in accordance to their life in the society. On the other hand the policies of Australia and New Zealand were concentrated on the physical well being as well as the social well being of the person with disability.

Service delivery policies of Australia on Aging;

In order to make the life of aged people in Australia more comfortable and better, the kangaroo government has made many policies for them. Some of them are as follows:

  • Residential cares : The government has established the number of aged cares centres in order to provide the best cares for the people in aged people. They are given the home based environment so that they can spend the rest of their life in peace and in comfortable manner.

Home and Community Care (HACC): HACC administrations will be consumed into the Home Support Program, HACC administrations will be consumed into the Home Support Program, together with the National Respite for Carers program, Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged, and Day Therapy Centres. HACC administration sorts, arranging areas and unit estimating will be explored, and another national charges strategy will be presented. Appraisal procedures will be audited, with an aim to adjusting together with the National Respite for Carers program, Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged, and Day Therapy Centre. HACC administration sorts, arranging areas and unit estimating will be explored, and another national charges strategy will be presented. Appraisal procedures and will be audited, with an aim to adjusting.

Role of social workers: The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) is the main national association for social workers in Australia, with more than 7,000 individuals, a large number of whom are included in the conveyance of matured consideration and carer bolster benefits in a scope of fields of work on including direct administration conveyance, promotion, administration arranging, administration, administration improvement and approach. Other social labourers are included in supporting more seasoned individuals in numerous different territories of practice connected with the social work calling including wellbeing, lodging, pay bolster, backing to Indigenous Australians, inability, workforce support and group advancement.

Service delivery policies in Canada for aging:

Some of the policies by the government of Canada for the people of old age are given below:

Canada’s retirement income system

The retirement salary framework in Canada comprises of three columns – two open and one private. Canada’s two open benefits programs, Old Age Security and the Canada/Quebec Pension Plans, guarantee a base level of salary in retirement for Canadian seniors. The private column comprises of assessment conceded retirement funds in head honcho supported enlisted annuity arranges (RPPs) and individual enrolled retirement reserve funds arranges (RRSPs). The expense deferral gave on investment funds in these arrangements urges Canadians to put something aside for retirement to help keep up preretirement ways of life.

Other money related help is accessible to seniors through the pay charge framework. Case in point, the Age Credit and the Pension Income Credit diminish the measure of assessment seniors owe.

Old Age Security (OAS)

OAS advantages give fundamental salary to Canadian nationals and inhabitants who meet age, habitation and legitimate status prerequisites. It is financed from Government of Canada general incomes and listed quarterly to the Consumer Price Index. Perceiving the troublesome monetary circumstances confronted by numerous seniors, OAS gives extra pay tried advantages for low-salary people through the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), the Allowance and the Allowance for the Survivor. The GIS is a month to month advantage accessible to OAS beneficiaries with practically zero other wage. The measure of the advantage is subordinate upon conjugal status, home and salary. The Allowance is accessible to qualified 60 to 64 year-old companions and basic law accomplices of OAS/GIS beneficiaries. The Allowance for the Survivor is accessible to low-pay people matured 60 to 64 whose mate or regular law accomplice is expired and who neither remarried nor went into a typical law relationship.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

The CPP is together represented by Canada’s elected and common governments and works all through Canada, with the exception of in Quebec that has its own tantamount arrangement. The CPP accommodates a mixed bag of advantages in light of life changes. Best known for its retirement benefits, the CPP likewise gives advantages to surviving accomplices and offspring of CPP donors, individuals with handicaps and their youngsters and an one-time most extreme advantage of $2,500 in the occasion of death. It is a contributory arrangement; supporters are representatives or independently employed persons between the ages of 18 and 70 who gain no less than a base sum amid a logbook year. Advantages are computed in light of how much and for to what extent a giver has paid into the CPP.

The service delivery policies for aging in New Zealand

Ministry of Health (New Zealand)

The Government’s principal advisor on health and disability: improving, promoting and protecting the health of all New Zealanders. They provide home support care services, residential care services and funding for special services.

District Health Board

District health boards (DHBs) are in charge for providing or funding the running of health services in their region. Disability and elderly support services and some health services are subsidized and obtained nation-wide by the Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Social Development

The Ministry of Social Development deals with various services for seniors. This is a complete means to describe these services and provide you with appropriate contact information, for instance rest homes and hospital.

SuperGold Card

Once you have been approved of New Zealand Superannuation the elderly over 65 years of age will be automatically send a Super Gold card. It provides discounts and gives a range of government and businesses concessions for example free off-peak public transport and including discounted services from the local council.

The Residential Care Subsidy

The Ministry of Health decides that if you get a Residential Care Subsidy, the following things needs to be present in order to qualified for a residential care subsidy, if you are considered for needing an long –term residential care in a rest home or hospital, if you need the care for an unlimited time, if the rest home or the hospital is approved and if you are 65 years or older and if you are below the age of 65 years than there are conditions that would apply. Also it depends on your spouse income or any asset that your partner may be having.

Comparing the policies of these countries on aging:

The policies of all the countries focused on providing the better facilities for the people with old age regarding their health and social life. In Australia the main point of focus was to provide the care in terms of their health and society. The Canada’s government is mainly concentrated on proving the better financial facilities for the people of old age. The policies of New Zealand mainly concentrated on proving the better facilities for the people in terms of their medications and lifestyle.


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