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Chandler Health Strategy 2015-17

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Published: 16th Oct 2017 in Health

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With the voyage of time, the need of quality and prompt healthcare services has become unevitable asset in the heathcare system. Chandler health, a non profit organsisation, is equipped with highly qualified and adroit healthcare manpower, devoted to deliver the finest services regarding acute, community and elderly healthcare as per the necessity and demand of the general peblians. This document outlines the three years strategy that has been considered by the chandler health to achieve the odjectives set by the organisation and establish organisation as a one of the finest healthcare organisation to deliver prompt and apt care and faclity to the consumers.



To bolster adroit manpower and work as a unit to deliver excellent health services.

In the healthcare system, teamwork has been a major focus in the longevity of the organisation. Involvements of healthcare worker are pillars for the establishment of healthcare organisation. And in additions administrative staff and stakeholders also play a significant and symbiotic role in the betterment of the organisation. Potent collaboration between the manpower, respect and understanding and communication in a healthcare certainly boosts the quality of patient care and furthermore curtails the adversity in the healthcare and reduces physical and mental stress among the healthcare professions.




Build and expand health care workforce

  • Recruitment of qualified staff.
  • Orientation of job and accountability.
  • Provide training if necessary.
  • Time consuming phenomenon and economically expensive.
  • Some applicant may have negative interpretation about organisation so leads to loss of adroit manpower

Construct a team as per the requirement of organisation

  • Create team as soon as possible for better mutual understanding within the team members.
  • Selection must be done on the basic of capacity expertise and knowledge embodied by the individuals.
  • Some individual savour isolation and do better without a team effort.
  • Conflict to represent a team leader may arise.

Establish collaborative team work between workers and appreciate the team effort.

  • Actuate all the team members to work as team and understand, respect and communicate each other for the betterment of the organisation.
  • Unwillingness of some of the team member to work as a team and share ideas and skills.
  • Misunderstanding between the team members due to poor communication.

Enhancement of dexterity and knowledge within the staff

  • Funding in educational opportunity.
  • Update with the current health services and technology.
  • Provide training and professional opportunity.
  • Hesitation of the staff to cope with new technology and health related issues, especially aged staffs.
  • Due to lucrative nature of health organisation skilled staff may leave work for other opportunity.

Transparency within workforce

Establish robust harmony between the clinical and non-clinical faculty.

Conflict within the workers

With the establishment of objectives, it is obligatory the measure whether the objective and action deployed by the organisation has been successful or lagging behind. Measurement can be achieved by evaluation of team, accomplishment of team, conducting a query within the workers and obtain a feedback from the staff about the team and pros and cons of the team strategy. And furthermore a meeting can be organized to understand and discuss about the challenges prefaced by the staff, outcome of the strategy and enlighten flaws and weakness of team, that need to be amended for the healthcare organisation to thrive and sustain in this lucrative world.

Framework for the implementation of strategy

Strategy, ironically, is a tool through which an organisation meets the vision and objectives allocated and further enable an organisation to elect the appropriate pathway and proper action to determine the future of the health organisaton in a limited time frame (Morden 2007). As strategies are meant to achieve in a certain time frame, proper planning, establishment of priorities and development of strategic framework is mandatory for the better progress, outcomes and longevity of Chandler Health organisation. The chief executive officer (CEO) of chandler health organisation has the major accountability to provide a specific and precise direction and motivation to the staff to achieve the goals within the limited time frame. CEO further invents a methodical and structured plan or strategy to meet the objective and vision of the organisation within three years (Stephen & Barnwell 2007).The major strategic framework of Chandler Health organisation includes,

  1. Understand the need of the consumers and establish customer–centered care.
  2. Consultation with the stakeholders of Chandler health Organisation.
  3. Formulation of committee.
  4. Establish transparency within the staff of the organisation.
  5. Evaluation of the strategy.

1 Understand the need of consumer and establish customer-centered care

Understanding the basic need and necessity of the consumers and establishment of consumer centered care within the community is the major aim of Chandler Health organisation (Constand et al. 2014). The organisation firmly asserts that establishment of consumer centered care not only recuperate illness and tribulation of the consumers, outstanding health consequences, better consumers satisfaction and lessen health expenses (Freeman 2003), it also envelop the mitigating partnership, profound communication and faith between the consumers and provider (Epstein et al. 2009). Pay attention to the opinion of the consumers, enhancing effective communication with the consumers, review the consumers’ feedback about the services delivered by the organsation and to meet the expectation and trust of the consumers (PricewaterhouseCoopers 2008) are the major action considered by the organsation to attend superlative consumer centered care. And in addition Candler Health actuate all the staff and faculty members to respect single consumer and savour diversities. And further assures that existence of poise between the patients centered care delivery and racial, ethnic and socio-cultural value, as organisation believes that lack of disparities in delivering patient care ministers to attend quality of healthcare services and facilities for every consumer (Johnson et al. 2004).

2. Consulting with the shareholders of Chandler Health Organisation

Implementation of strategy, constructing a framework and to make a precise and accurate decision is simply impossible without the involvement of stakeholders, as all the financial activity for instant funding, and decision making are achieved through stakeholders. By and large, stakeholder has a significant and crucial involvement in formidable outcome of the organisation. Chandler Health firmly understands the importance of the presence of stakeholders in the planning and plotting for the establishment of effective strategic framework in a limited lapse of time. Primary step needed to be considered before consultation with the stakeholders is to identify the stakeholders of the organisation (Wood et al. 2012). Indeed, there is no apt definition of the stakeholders. Stakeholders could be people and any institution, funding and assisting the organisation relating internally or externally (Morden 2007). After the completion of identification procedure, classification of stakeholders is obligatory. Basically stakeholders can be categorise as

  • Internal stakeholders

Internal stakeholders represent the manpower employed by the organisation and work within the circumference of organisaton. The internal stakeholders embodies owners, CEO, the board of directors, shareholders, shareholders family, trust members and all the non clinical staffs and clinical staffs Including General Practitioners, Nurses, and all the allied health professions (Mordern 2007; Freemam 2010).

  • External Stakeholders

External stakeholders represent people or professional institution living outside the boundary of organisation ministering the organisation in decision making or providing moral support for the progress and welfare of the organisation. Immediate external stakeholders are customers and family member of the consumers and other external stakeholder comprises of, professional bodies, regulatory institutions, community, social services agency and government representative at local, regional and state level capable to clout the board regulation and legislation (Mordern 2007; Freeman 2010)

Chandler health organisation also implement a stakeholder crosswalk , constructed mainly to consider appropriate stakeholders in decision making in a peculiar area of expertise and in appropriate time (Eveleigh et al 2012). And finally Chandler health is committed to create stakeholder network map and maintain robust relationship and ambience among the stakeholders (Wood et al. 2012).

3. Formulation of committee

After planning of strategy, it is a herculean task to implement, manage and maintain the strategy. A team is needed to create to implement and maintain the efficacy of the strategy. Establishment of strategic committee is extremely important for the betterment of organisation. Chandler health would select the members in the strategic on basic of interest and expertise in the relevant field so that skills and knowledge embedded within the committee members could be utilised for providing the apt direction in decision making (Jeffrey, April & Daniel, 2003). Chandler Heath is committed to involve top level managers, middle managers, frontline supervisors (Hoon 2007),shareholders, individuals with professional dexterities, and other internal as well as external stakeholders (Jeffrey, April & Daniel, 2003; Swayne, Duncan & Ginter 2013). And further organisation would create strategic management community and strategic operating committee (Steiner). Strategic management committee comprises of top management, shareholders and other important board members, providing recommendation and pathway to operating committee (Steiner). And Operating committee include middle managers and other frontline supervisors implementing all the action need to be achieved in limited time zone (Steiner). And finally, Chandler health assures that there exist a healthy and harmonious interaction and relationship among the individual within the strategic community and act as a unit.

4. Establish transparency within the staff of the organisation.

For the effective execution of strategy, each and every individual employed within the organisation must be conscious and have a profound insight about the vision, mission, values and aim of the strategy. As transparency within the staff is the major value of Chandler health, organisation is committed to provide a level of transparency with the staff so that there is better exchange and sharing of ideas, expansion of innovative insight, critical investigation and give and take discussion (Swayne, Ducan & Ginter 2013; Davis 2014).

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Communication undoubtable plays a vital role in the delivery of the information. In order to enhance effectiveness of strategy and to minimise errors, Chandler Health has formulated an efficient communicating strategy (Mortenius et al. 2011; Davis 2014). And further on organisation has focused to allot simple, transparent, accurate and understandable format and means of communication to employees as incomplete, complex communication misguide the staff from the goals of the organisation. Chandler Health organisation has introduced three major communication pathways; oral, written and Electronic pathways (Mortenius et al. 2011).

  • Oral Pathway: Meeting, Seminar, workshops and training
  • Written Pathway: Newspaper, Organisation magazine and broachers, reports, researches and bulletins
  • Electronic Pathway: E-mails, official websites and other visuals means.

On the other hand, chandler Health actuate all the core member of the organisation and employee to be expressive and receptive while communicating and respect individuals (Davis 2104) and planning to introduce “SBAR (Situation-Background- Assessment- Recommendation)” (Davis 2014) “a system of communicating crucial and cardinal information requiring prompt decision and operation.

5. Evaluation of strategy

Evaluation of the strategy is the major phenomenon to measure the progress of the organisation (Pumet). Chandler Health organisation is obligated to conduct;

  • “Customer experience online survey system” (Forest Research 2007) and collect all the feedback from the customers about the facilities and healthcare delivered by the organisation, as Chandler health believe in customer centricity which not only refines healthcare and services but also motivates to meet the appetite and intention of the consumers (Lutz 2008).
  • “Balance score sheet” that measures the outcome of four field of organisation; relationship with consumers, interpersonal relation, values of organisation, and financial structure of organisation (Braam & Nijssen 2004).
  • Annual meeting of the all the stakeholders including staffs of the chandler health organisation and discuss about the feedback, issues and hardship induces in the implementation and action process of the strategy. Identify the flaws of strategy through discussion and amend it in future.


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