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Assessment of Florida's Healthcare System

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Published: 24th Nov 2017 in Health

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Health care can be referred to as the branch charged with the task of diagnosing, treating and the prevention of different types of diseases. Healthcare has a lot of sub branches. A physician is someone who is qualified to work in the field of medicine. The following paper is going to discuss the health care system in Florida and what are the rules that regulate health care practitioners. It is also going to concentrate mainly on how a physician goes around with their practice.

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With the broadness of the health care system, there needs to be some regulations in order to ensure that there is discipline in this industry. The governing system of Florida County has put in place some. As much as these professionals deal with the handling of human lives, there are rules that have to govern the ways in which they interact with their clients or patients.

When a physician graduates from medical school, they first have to be licensed in order for them to start practicing in the field of specialisation. These licences are issued by the state board of medicine, this is done after asserting that the individual is fit do handle person’s lives. This board is the body solely charged with the task of issuing licences to all types of medical practitioners is it in the private home service or in the armed forces.

In Florida just like in any state in the united states of America, for any person to become a medical practitioner, they must have gone through the laid down course system of sturdy in the state. This entails years of sturdy in the field of choice and later they must go for training practice before they can graduate and start their practice. The practice of the health care system is very much demanding due to the fact that it involves the handling of human lives. One has to be fully confident in order to become a physician in the state.

The process of getting a certificate for practice starts with the university or college in which an individual has received their training, the kind of conduct and performance of the individual will determine whether or not they will receive the certificate for practice. This certificate is very important because it is what every employer needs in order to ascertain that the person they are employing is right to handle their client.

In order for an individual to become a registered physician, it is very necessary that they must have gone through and completed their preferred period of sturdy; they must have also excelled in their studies. Because of the fact that the field is somehow complicated, there needs to be an assertion that the practitioner is well equipped with the right skills to perform their practice.

The general public is always at liberty to check if the physician who is working on their health issues is trained and certified with the relevant authority (Rodwin, 1993). This will enhance the trust they put on the said physician.

Some of these professionals have their shortcomings in the industry and as such they end up putting the lives of clients in danger. When a practitioner misbehaves or mishandles a client, there is a procedure that the affected persons have to follow to ensure that the physician is answerable for their actions. The first thing to be done is to report the case to the relevant authorities. These may be; the hospital administration in which the physician falls under or the hiring body for the medical practitioners.

Some medical practitioners have fallen victims to false accusations from relatives of patients who die under their care. This happens mostly due to the fact that they are not very willing to accept the fate of their loved ones. They are not willing to accept that at some point there are some things that a doctor cannot prevent from happening. In such a case, the bereaved families sue for negligence. When this happens, it is up to the concerned body to determine the innocence or the guilt of the physician treats them for an ailment that they do not have. If the patient dies or suffers any complications as a result of the misdiagnosis, the concerned family is at liberty to sue the physician. This case can be taken up to the highest court in the state and it is up to the judges to determine if the accused is guilty for their charges and the punishment to be meted on them (Mitchel et al, 1992)

In the event that a physician has been found guilty of harming a patient due to negligence, the punishment can range between some years in prison, a hefty fine or the revocation of the physician’s licence. In most cases, the licences are revoked no matter the punishment. The punishment also considers if a life was lost in the process or not (Welch et al, 1994). Negligence can also be pursued in cases where a patient needs referral and their medical file cannot be produced by the hospital staff or a patient is treated using a different person’s file and they end up being affected by this lack of accuracy.

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There are several agencies that are mandated to handle cases that are related to medical practitioners, these agencies handle most of the cases that arise during a practitioner’s time at work. These are the same agencies that licence the practitioners. These agencies also help in the investigations of accused practitioners in the event of a criminal lawsuit against the said practitioner.

In the event that a criminal law suit is directed towards a practitioner, the first thing that happens is that they are stopped from working as long as the investigations about them are on and all of their patients are referred to other physicians. This helps the complainant feel like they are not so much alone in the process of seeking justice for themselves or their loved ones.


The medical fraternity is very much important to the human race. Even though this is the case they have to be answerable for every action that they take be it good or bad. This is because they are entrusted with human lives and if they are not held responsible then they would not feel obliged to give the patient all the attention desired. This profession was held sacred a few years ago but because of the love and greed for money it has changed and the professionals no longer value the lives that they have on their hands. Some of them do not qualify to be physicians and they come and handle human lives.


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