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Analytical Report on the Indian Rural Health Care System

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Published: 8th Feb 2020 in Health

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Executive Summary

This analytical report is based on the ‘Indian rural health care system’. Firstly, in this report the research is done on community health centers as well as sub-centers.

For example, how many community health centers are available in India. And searched on the total number of doctors, nurses and midwiferies. The report concluded that the Indian health care system required so many things to improve by taking important steps towards the health care distribution system in which the health services should be distributed in a proper way and to manage the health care staff and doctors in villages and rural area. So, no rural population can live behind from the health services. In addition to it, proper division of doctors and medical staff like nurses should be assigned for the area by the government. Doctors and patient ratio should be improved. Secondly, health care system should be priority of the nation. As health is the real wealth of every country. Education and awareness must be provided at free cost by the medical staff. In addition to it, health talks also provide to the poor people. The financial resource should be utilized for hospitals. With the help of financial resources, the advanced equipment’s and the tools arranges in government hospitals. In this report the data is collected on primary health centers, secondary health centers, and subcenters those are locating in India. And, data is collected on total number of doctors and nurses. Besides it, this report supplies the information regarding the advanced health system in India. And find out the problems those faced by the people in India. In end the report, some recommendation is provided for beater health care deliveries. The all data is collects based on the census.


Health care system is an organization in which health care services are provided to the needy people. In India there are number of private hospitals and government hospitals are available. Moreover, India is the biggest country of the world. The population rate of the India is high and increasing day by day. With the high population rate the illiteracy rate is also be increasing. Due to lower education the health status of people also be affected. Because they don’t have knowledge about to maintenance of the better health status. But governments of India take some steps to tackle this problem. The health care system is not good in India. In the community level the health status is poor most the population of the villages suffered from many dangerous diseases. In India the five-year plan was started to improve the health status of the population. Due to diverse in country different kind of individuals are living there with different health status. For rural population the PHC, SHC and tertiary health centers are available. In which the care provided to the people through nursing staff.

Body of Report

Health care system is an organization in which health care services are provided to the needy people. In India there are number of private hospitals and government institutions. In government hospitals services are less expensive but in private the medical services are much expensive. In Body paragraph first, the data is collected on total number of community health centers, primary health centers and subcenters. Apart from this the total number of doctors and nurses also be collected. According to the distribution of pyramid in India there are 722 District hospitals, 4833 Community health center, 24049 primary health centers and 148366 are subcenters present in India. The data is collected based on the 2011 census. Moreover, the total number of doctors are 9,36,488 as the basis of 2014. The ratio of the nurses is 19.3 million. Based on primary level of care provided through the primary health centers and secondary health centers. In secondary level there are sub district hospitals and community health centers. The medical colleges and district hospitals are under the tertiary level. In Body paragraph two the all services are defined. To start with primary health centers these centers stands for the premier level of network between the client and families with health care system. PHC are foundation for rural health care. The main motive of the PHC is to meet the needs of villagers. The centers maintained by the government of India. they are total 4 to 6 bedded centers. In this center the care is also provided to the mother and baby. PHC centers maintained by the midwifes. The Secondary health centers also known as second health care system in which the care provided to those clients who are referred from the primary health centers and the care is given by the doctors. These are included with district hospital and block level hospitals. The District hospitals are the main health care facilities with a lot of beds for emergency. And, there are additional beds present for long term cares. In these hospitals Intensive care units and Emergency words located. The Block level hospitals maintained by the medical officers of health. And they also responsible for providing proper services and supervising the Primary health centers and secondary health centers. The Sub-centers is the basic part of health care system in which the first contact maintained with the clients by the primary health care system. The 1 Sub-center cover about 5000 Plan areas. The Territory health care system defines the third level of care. In which the care provided to those patients who are referred from primary and secondary health centers. These services given by medical research institutions. There are Intensive care units, emergency words and Critical care units are available. For child health the pediatric words also available.


Proper distributions of health care deliveries: India is the developed nation most of the population is uneducated and poor. They don’t have the proper knowledge about the health care services those are better for them.so, it is mandatory for health care staff to provide the information regarding maintained of health and how we attain the better health status. In this to begin with the health talks. The health talks should be provided to the community population in which the education provided regarding the prevention of epidemic diseases as well as child health care.

For family plantings the contraceptive methods should be introduced to the families. Theses methods help the country to maintain the population. Apart from this free medicines and health care facilities also provided to the community people. Because due to lower economic status the most of population are not able to purchase the medicines and some other health facilities.

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Monthly basis health assessments also be done by the community staffs. In which the mentally health also be included. The seasonal vaccinations should be given on time. Moreover, for child health care and mother health care the supplements to have provided them. In which like vitamins tablets for mothers also be available. After every year by the health staff the health status of the population is tracked.

Better foundation: In better foundation we need to some important facilities like advanced medical methods to treat the patients, advanced x-rays machines also be present in government hospitals etc. These all facilities should be free for everyone specially for poor people because due to lower economics status they don’t able to take expensive treatments. The government need to provide proper equipment’s in the hospitals. Those are helping to saving the life of the patients. In India most of the government hospitals do not have advanced equipment’s for maintain better health status. That’s why people face a lot of problems.


In conclusion, the Indian health care system is evaluated with the help of analytical report. In this report the all data is collected based on census. Like total number of doctors and nurses also be counted. Apart from this the health care services are defined those are given to community level. In the end of report some recommendation are provide for better Indian health care system.





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