Advantages and Disadvantages of the Atkins diet

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The Atkins diet

One of the advantages of the Atkins diet is it helps stabilize diabetes. The American Diabetics Association found that the low carbohydrates diet such as the Atkins diet will help reduce and maintain the level of the insulin in their blood. The low carbohydrates diet that the body uses to provide energy is an alternative dietary approach to consume foods with a low level of insulin that will not cause a high rise in blood sugar. While carbohydrates often play as the main energy resource, fat and protein can be the substitute source of energy for the body. Low carbohydrate diet is good for people who are diabetics because it helps prevent them from worsening their condition and increases the improvement of glucose control.

Another advantage is that the Atkins results in a quick weight loss. According to the American Association of Retired People, the low-carbohydrate diet helps the body manage the insulin in their blood and increases the prevention for excessive gain weight. Instead of relying mainly on the carbohydrates, Fat and protein that are used as the main energy source for the body in the Atkins diet is beneficial because of the unlimited amount of protein and fat the body can consume. Moreover, carbohydrates are more satisfying and filing, it can also leads to serious obesity and cause diabetes. Thus, eating high fat and protein diet will more likely burn more fat and help lose more weight.

Third, the Atkins diet promises weight loss from a change in dietary habits in terms of reducing the consumption of carbohydrates and increasing the consumption of protein rather than by simply reducing intake. According to the American Diatec Association, the low carbohydrate diet is likely to place a greater emphasis on selecting healthy sources of fat and encourages people to monitor carbohydrate intake to the body. When dieting, people tend to give up because of the hard time dealing with the elimination of certain food especially food with high protein and fat. Fortunately, a positive aspect of the Atkins diet can be seen from people who are always becoming motivated in doing the diet program and eating an unlimited amount of protein and fat. The Atkins diet not only promises people to lose tremendously amount of weight but also encourages people to keep in track with the diet and keep going to cut high carbohydrates food consumption.

Despite the advantage of fast weight loss that the Atkins diet gives, one of the common potential dangers of the Atkins diet is that it can contribute to an unhealthy metabolic state that can cause organs to fail such as kidney failure. The American Association of Kidney Patients revealed that kidney function may be negatively affected with low carbohydrate diets. The kidney is the organ of the body that is responsible for the elimination waste product and protein breakdown. Digesting high amounts of protein such as eggs, red meat, and fish puts extra burden on the kidneys that will likely decrease function of kidneys over time. Thus, eating more carbohydrates will likely help the body gain energy and reduce the burden of the kidneys in straining the waste product of the energy.

Secondly, the Atkins dieters face the result in being susceptible to heart disease. According to the American Heart Organization, the Atkins diet can result in chronic health problems such as heart disease. The Atkins diet is an excessive high protein diet which emphasizes foods like meat, eggs and cheese. These foods are rich in protein and saturated fat and the diet also restricts the important carbohydrates such as cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products that results in heart disease and interferes the circulation of the body. The American Heart Organization also revealed that some parts of the body produce cholesterol to form or create hormones and cell membranes, but extra cholesterol in the Atkins diet that the body digests is an excessive amount of protein that come from animals (meats, eggs, and dairy products) that can cause high blood cholesterol. Moreover, digesting large amounts of high-fat and protein foods for a long period of time raises the risk of coronary heart disease because of the fatty deposits circulating in the blood causes the formation of severe plaques on artery walls. In this situation, the blood vessels become partially or totally blocked by the plaque surrounding it resulting in the inability of the blood carrying oxygen and other materials that are needed to the heart and other parts of the body. In fact, since the blood vessels fails to distribute the oxygen and other nutrients needed by the brain, it can lead to even more serious problems such as a stroke. Consequently, when plaque continues to build up in the coronary arteries and in the blood vessels when they are supposed to distribute blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to the heart, brain and other parts of the body, it may eventually lead to death.

Thirdly, the Atkins diet can cause osteoporosis. According to Dr. John Clark from the National Osteoporosis Foundation, there is relationship between high protein diets such as Atkins diet and increased calcium secretion. Clark also stated that there have been a number of studies on this relationship and on average they show that for every gram of protein, particularly animal protein; calcium secretion levels increase. All animal protein such as red meat and eggs that become the only source of food in the Atkins diet consists of high amino acids that can lead dieters to osteoporosis. Once the high protein food is consumed constantly it may cause the blood to become acidic. The only way to combat the high level of amino acid is to take the calcium from the bone to neutralize the acid in blood. In fact, inadequate calcium in the body can cause dangerously rapid bone loss and also failure in organs, muscles, and the nervous system.