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Humanistic Care Model for Higher Education Development

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Published: 5th Sep 2017 in Health And Social Care

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Analysis and Contemporary Humanistic Care Model for Higher Education Development under the Perspective of interaction

Keywords: Humane care, interaction, education, educational patterns, trends, analysis.

Abstract. Global economic integration to promote the development of higher engineering education to the international, diversified, collaborative and other direction. Based on the analysis of the development trend of higher engineering education on the basis of international education around environmental factors explained the local culture rooted in international engineering talent our international certification engineers from academic education! international curriculum system and teaching staff, teachers and multi-modal international exchanges, multi-cultural awareness and integration describes internationalization and to achieve the role of engineers in talent Training.


Teachers and students constitute the main teaching activities, teaching and learning is to link both ends, either end not become neglected education, teacher-student relationship should reflect educational. Teacher-student relationship throughout the entire process of education, improve the quality of teaching, play educational performance have a pivotal role. To some extent, the relationship between teachers teaching in itself is a “living” resource, with a strong educational force, how to develop a direct impact on teacher-student relationship can proceed smoothly and education can promote the comprehensive development of man. However, in reality, the impact of external adverse factors within the College of Teacher – Student Relationship by the emergence of the phenomenon of alienation between teachers and students, “people” in relation to the relationship between alienation “and things”, the only “thing” is the champion teachers and students exchanges instrumental rationality dominated the human spirit, meaning, value sidelined, teacher-student relationship presents instrumental, utilitarian tendency, teachers and widened the psychological distance, lack of communication, teachers and apathy, when there is a conflict opposition . To grasp the relationship between teachers and students in colleges and universities, colleges and universities for teacher-student relationship to the spiritual world, meaning the world, the value of the world ignored, trying to humane care From the viewpoint and find out a person’s value certainly pay attention to people’s emotions respect for human subjectivity, full of educational relationship between teachers and many people need care, so that the true return to humane care, tends to eliminate the reality of the relationship between teachers and students of University of alienation teacher-student relationship, showing the relationship between students and teachers to “care” for the exchange of ideas kernel, emotional blend of features to enhance the relationship between teachers and students to guide teachers and students the value of life developing trend. Thus, in the New rediscover Teacher – Student Relationship in the Perspective of Humane Care and teacher-student relationship in depth, teacher-student relationship will Colleges revitalized, to show the power of education, colleges and universities to achieve the purpose of educating people also has a realistic and it has affirmed the significance of people who pay attention to the times the value of human development. .

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Generally believed that the basic functions of university personnel training, scientific research, social services, culture and heritage. Among them, the personnel training is the fundamental task of universities, educational functions of universities is the ultimate purport presence, it is beyond doubt. General Secretary Hu Jintao to “comprehensively improve the quality of higher education” as the theme of the centennial celebration of Tsinghua University speech: “comprehensively improve the quality of higher education, we must vigorously promote personnel training level, the fundamental task of higher education personnel training.” Talent Quality in relation to the country’s economic development, is the lifeline of survival and development of colleges and universities. Therefore, to improve the quality of personnel training is the central task of our colleges and universities to work, we must attach great importance. Student Relationship With the emergence of education and production, its connotation with the times and continue to advance with the times, is an old and timeless topic.

Figure.1 Interactive communication

The Proposed Methodology  

Humane Care Theory. Enrich and improve the theoretical relationship between teachers and students. Universities College student relationship as the most basic and core relationships, physical and mental development as well as for the construction of university teachers and students have a vital role. Previous studies in the relationship between teachers and students of primary and secondary research more abundant, and for the study of the relationship between college teachers, the domestic number is not a lot of research, several foreign research is also small. The teacher-student relationship factors determine its complexity should also be more perspective look at, just some research in breadth and depth are lacking, there is no systematic theoretical system. In this paper, starting from the Perspective of Humane Care explore the relationship of university teachers and students, allows researchers to further broaden the perspective of teacher-student relationship, teacher-student relationship at the same time broaden the research vision of the nature of the relationship between teachers and students, content and meaning extension is also extremely useful, by the Humanities theoretical framework caring starting to explore the nature of the problem and the reason for the existence of the relationship of university teachers and students, and reasonable measures on this basis, it is recommended, to provide some theoretical reference for the study of the relationship between college teachers and students to further enrich and improve the teacher-student relationship theoretical study.

Practical significance. Teacher-student relationship throughout the entire process of University education, direct impact on the quality and effectiveness of teaching personnel training colleges and universities. To some extent, the interaction between teachers and the teaching process itself. Full of educational teacher-student relationship is the effective protection of the quality of teaching, the successful cultivation of outstanding talent premise. Under Humane Care Perspective of research on the relationship between teachers and students of colleges and universities will help to improve the relationship between teacher and student, resolve conflicts, conflict, and then build a harmonious College Educational Environment; conducive to teaching and learning, teachers and students to promote harmony together. Humanistic care teacher-student relationship can fully stimulate the teachers and students of University of initiative and creativity, in lively classroom atmosphere effectively improve classroom teaching; in favor of the education system, university management reform. Current research on the relationship between college teachers can provide reference and basis for the development and university management rules and regulations to improve the education policy approaches.

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Document analysis. After a review of a large number of domestic and foreign literature, drawing on previous studies, based on humanistic concern in the Perspective of a comprehensive analysis of this topic College student relationship, which conducted this study to provide a new perspective for the frame structure designed to provide the basis.

Historical law. Historical law by generation, development and demise of the process of thinking about, and explore the essence of things and laws approach. Since the humane care and the evolution of teacher-student relationship is a historical process. In this paper, the relationship between teachers and humane care and comb and a historic mining, summarized the connotation of relationship between college teachers under the Perspective of humane care, teacher-student relationship to the reality of University Development and evolution has also been more objective, historical stage of understanding, in order to find the teacher-student relationship through the history of the development trajectory of clues. Thus, the history of law is the main research method of this thesis, to carry out this study and obtain the correct conclusions available to developing historical basis.

Based on the above analysis of the interpretation of the relationship between teachers and students and combining the second chapter in the interpretation of the connotation of humanistic care, I believe that the relationship between teachers and students and teachers in the teaching process in order to form the core of the teaching include working relationship, in the psychological relationship reflect the social interpersonal relationships within the system. Limited special relationships in education and teaching activities, teacher-student relationship is a kind of humanistic care and educational. This type of teacher-student relationship is based on humane care humanistic concern for the rational core, teachers and students emotional communication as a link, a caring teacher-student relationship as a complete person, under the overall premise of communication exchanges, is the spirit of life between teachers and students meet and collide in education, the mind is a real sense of human communication is based on the harmonious development of body and mind as the highest teacher-student interaction purport beneficial relationship. In this paper, the university teachers and students Humane Care Perspective reflects the relationship is such a type of relationship between teachers humane care, university teachers and students in the school is the educational process, teachers and students of subjectivity inherent need for the development of life, teachers and students of emotional experience for the kernel to the emotional needs of both teachers and students as a link to equal access, exchange, dialogue, teachers as role models and caring side to respond, acceptance, certainly one of the students formed the benefit of both interactive communication link . Humane Care Student Relationship attention to people’s real, emphasizing both teachers and students as their subjective life, the presence of the spirit of life, the value of life encounter between compatible Aioi, designed to contribute to both teachers and students of life and life resonance, promote feelings of humanity both generation and experience, is the true meaning of life of teachers and students to enhance the value and presentation.

People-oriented, is in the process of education and teaching all the work, point to the purpose of the task should be people-centered, respect for human life, dignity, rights, emphasis on human values and meaning, to enhance the quality of human life. Fundamental Characteristics of College of Humanities Caring teacher-student relationship is the people-oriented, to respect, care for both the teachers and the dignity of life and well-being, enhance the value of life of both students and teachers.

Humanistic Caring teacher-student relationship people-oriented, caring for life characteristic point is to ask teachers and students to achieve mutual respect life, reverence for life. Existence of human life, that is, the existence of a body of life, when people in their own people as well as people outside the objective world of interactive activities, people are actively and positively, dynamic contact, communication, thinking, understanding, with the changes in the objective world and continue to transform themselves and their world other than their own. In the university teacher-student relationship, the teacher role models to establish care to respect, reverence student life, respect the subjectivity of students personality and dignity, nature and characteristics of the creation of life returned to the free development of students, independent students and dynamically develop their potential life choice and initiative. As one of the main concern of teachers in the teaching process of education only really achieve student-centered care for the existence and development of the life of the student body, and effectively for the sake of development of students, to get respect from the experience to care for one student teacher and awe. Of course, caring relationship, cared for one of the students have to respect the lives of teachers, teachers’ labor awe, respect, consideration and accept the teacher’s reasonable suggestions and comments, to be appropriate responses to the teachers care, certainly. Only teachers and students both the value and meaning of life to give each other mutual respect and caring in order to achieve smooth teachers and students emotional communication and exchange.

Traditional physical education teacher training is mainly used in the classic is tinted demonstration, “teacher talk, students practice” teaching model. Educational psychology research indicate that motivation is the most realistic, the most active factor is interest in understanding, people with interest in the state have learned all too often mastered quickly and firmly. The traditional sports teaching mode is “The dignity”, the traditional teachers and students conducting active passive absorption based, individualized and ignores the principle of individualized instruction, students only in fixed mode of thinking of PE teachers continue to learn knowledge and training methods, student learning initiative and thinking space and exercise has been very limited. The modern information technology in teaching, theoretical knowledge of the various sports, sports technology, technical difficulties, focusing on common errors made into action sports teaching software, students watch, explain, learn, and discuss with the students, ask questions, analyze and solve problems, participate in practice, students learn to exercise autonomy and motivation in the process, improve students’ ability to analyze and solve problems. Information technology in physical education and training so that the sports teaching content and teaching and training methods continue to improve, that is, the use of student-centered teaching and training methods, which will help improve the overall quality of students.

Physical Education and Training is the earliest construction of sports science, is the most mature one discipline. Physical Education and Training in the future development, according to the strategic needs of the times and development of Sports, in the direction of sustainable development to improve discipline task and content, and constantly improve their own disciplinary system, internal discipline and external synthesis. But also to discipline their independence were kept, the special nature of sport throughout the discipline being. The discipline of Physical Education and Training through its own internal and external transformation will be more responsive to the development of the times, to provide strong support for China’s sports undertakings.


Teacher-student relationship as a University College of the most basic relationships, its rich content, including knowledge of the relationship between teachers and students offering and accepting personality equal relationship, the relationship between emotional communication, ethics and promote each other. But by its very nature, is still teacher-student relationship is a relationship between people, is a kind of “care” for the kernel of the collision of ideas, blending emotion, morality into each other, the pursuit of happiness in life and dignity, to enhance teachers and students both the value of life symbiosis, in total, shared interaction. We have reason to believe that the relationship between teachers and students in the human care of moist, teacher-student relationship will certainly show great educational force, and ultimately help to achieve higher education adult education to become useful purpose.


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