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Persuasive Essay for Wave and Tidal Power Generation

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Published: 10th May 2021 in Environmental Studies

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When fossil fuels are burned, oxygen combines with carbon to form CO2 and with hydrogen to form water (H2O). () These reactions release heat, which we use for energy. Nowadays, climate change cause global warming and it is caused by human activities. We can’t leave energy for our life, but it released unhealthy gas such as carbon dioxide and methane. As a result, we need to reduce the using of unnecessary energy and trying to balance economic development with environmental concerns. Also, wave and tidal-energy system is the most powerful and sustainable devices on earth, the role is to generate electricity.

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Tidal power acquired from between day and night fluctuation of sea level of energy. This kind of power generation and can be divided into three types: 1. The single repository one-way; 2. Double library one-way; 3. Single library two-way. In the process of ebb and flow, water in and out of the reservoir, drive the turbine generator to produce electricity. Development of new energy sources, such as tidal power can be indirectly increase of CO2 from the atmosphere at a slower pace. Tide is a worldwide phenomenon of periodic variation of sea level, due to the moon and the sun, the source of these two-gravity effect, twice every day and night sea level fluctuation. Tides as a natural phenomenon, sailing, fishing, and for human’s bay salt provides convenient, more worth pointing out is, it can also be transformed into electricity, light and power to the human. Tidal power is a potential enterprise, after years of practice, the basic shape on the working principle and overall structure, can enter the stage of large-scale development and utilization. The prospect of tidal power is vast. Wave energy is to point to the ocean surface wave of kinetic energy and potential energy. The square of the wave energy and wave height, wave motion cycle and face width are proportional to the wave surface. Wave energy is one of the most unstable energy in Marine energy sources. Wave energy is produced by the wind energy is passed to the ocean and, essentially it is formed by absorbing the wind energy. Energy transfer rate is related to wind speed, wind and water interaction distance (i.e., the wind area). Water mass relative sea level displacement occurs, make waves has potential energy, and the movement of water points, make waves has kinetic energy. Storage of the energy dissipated by friction and turbulent, its dissipation rate depends on the size of the wave characteristics and the depth of the water. Deep sea waves of energy dissipation are slow, resulting in a wave system complexity, making it often accompanied by local wind and storm impact in the distance a few days ago.

For the environmental, wave energy causes many bad effects, like the noise pollution. Endless noise from devices create worse effects on the sea organisms like dolphins and whales through the echo location. The shoreline devices or the nearshore devices may break the situation of the local places’ shoreline. But this noise will cover by the natural wind sound and the wave. Wave energy produces not only greenhouse gases but also atmospheric pollutants. Emissions by the devices and its construction. Also, it will release bad fluids into the surrounding sea areas. In addition, the wave energy will also affect the fishing industrial and the marine eco-system. However, the wave energy also has the good effect. For example, nearshore, there will have a lot of recreational activities. Many people can play on the wave through different forms like surfing and swimming and other water sports. As a result, this situation attract tourism and it can create a large scale of economic impact. Development of tidal power, such as the construction of a tidal power station will bring tidal area a series of physical, chemical, and social and economic aspects of the environmental impact. The impact of these effects includes power station of tidal areas, the impact on the Marine and fishery production, as well as to the reservoir area ecological impact, especially physical barriers caused by tidal dam project impact, stratification effect. For example, soil erosion, sediment deposition and other ecological consequences. In some water from the land sea area, tidal power stations will result in serious pollution problem in reservoir area. Due to dam impoundment, the pollutant concentration cannot get the dilution effect of the tides, leads to the lack of dissolved oxygen (do) to meet the needs of the decomposition microbes, and as a result of the water flow rate is reduced, but settling matter deposited in the blocked low dissolved oxygen content in the deep water, benthic may be suffocated, polluted water also can make shrimp, Marine life is hard to survive.

For economic, the extraction of wave energy is too expensive. It can’t be able to become the useful energy. There are four parts of the basic costs of the extraction of wave energy: production, installation, maintenance and the connection to the grid. Due to the different cost between extractor difference is very big, so the production cost of wave energy converter is hard to gauge. Because you must install and maintain, for example, fewer cable, so the coastline extractor and grid links extractor are lower than the cost of on the sea’s extractor. Also, because the offshore points more difficult to achieve, so offshore equipment installation and maintenance costs is higher than the shore equipment installation and maintenance costs. But, with the development of human technology in the future, they will reduce as most of the cost as they can. Lower price, higher function. All along with the production, the industry will get more economic benefit from this project. As a result of this, the wave energy extractor will decrease the costs. For the tidal energy,



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