Air Pollution Gases

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When we think about air pollution, people will always think about smog, acid rain, CFC's, and other outdoor air pollution. But people didn't know that air pollution also can exist inside homes and other buildings. Based on analysis many people is affected by chemical substances present in the air.

Air pollution occurs when the air contains gases, dust, fumes or appears in harmful causes. These defined that air pollution can be harmful to the health or comfort of humans and animals which could cause damage to plants also materials.

The substances that cause air pollution are called pollutants, pollutants that are pumped into the atmosphere and directly pollute the air are called primary pollutants. Primary pollutant examples include carbon monoxide from car exhausts and sulfur dioxide from the factory which deal with production.


2.0What is Air Pollution

Air is 99.9% nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and inert gases, air are the ocean where humans need to breathe. Air supplies with oxygen which is essential for human bodies to live. Human activities can release substances into the air of which can cause problems for humans, plants, and animals claim John (2000).

In the research there are founded that a list of pollution and many reasonable health effect is discussed. The research includes smog, acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and also the effect in the ozone layer. “Each of these problems has serious implications for our health and well-being as well as for the whole environment” claim John (2000).

In this research the main type of pollution is practicing burning fuels and being release it to the air, diesel smoke is a good example in the research of burning fuel. This issue is a leading matter of air pollution. This type of air pollution are defined as black carbon pollution adds John(2000).


According to (John 2000) the smokes built out from burning fuels in industries, by peoples at homes, car manufacturer and also by building developers are the main causes of pollution in the air. Majority people believe that the burning of wood and other transform material in fireplaces can be the major cause of pollution in the air.

Based on (John 2000) another type of pollution in the air is develop by the release of noxious gases, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and chemical vapors. These can make a dangerous action in atmosphere where it can release acid rain.

Peoples in homes, offices, and schools also must take immediate action in resolve air pollution. Smoking and cooking can cause air pollution which it creates by human themselves.” In the United States, people spend about 80-90% of their time inside buildings, and they were exposed to harmful indoor pollution which can be serious”. Moreover it is important to consider both indoor and outdoor air pollution claim John(2000).



According to (John 2000) high temperature is created when the air is close to the earth and it will be lower when the air is above the earth. Based on these conditions the pollution cannot rise and the peoples around the pollution area will not get effect by it, so the action on the air pollution can take affect in any season and it is likely to cause particularly and carbon monoxide pollution. In the summer days its are more likely to create disgusting smells.

Smog is another type of air pollution which caused by chemical reactions between pollution taken from different sources, generally from car automobile and industrial areas. Based on (John 2000) general places of these types of activities are involved with the effects of smog, especially during the warm months of the year.

Air Quality Management District (AQMD) in southern California, describes that on the geographical location, temperature, wind and weather factors, pollution are forms

differently. However, sometimes this couldn't happen and the pollution in the air can rise up to the dangerous level adds John(2000).


Another basic cause of outdoor air pollution is acid rain, its defined as sulfuric acid combines with little amount of water in the air. The water which is produced will make itself as acidic. Based on (John 2000) the effects of acid rain are very thoughtful and it is very serious while the it calls basic cause.

The effect of air pollution as acid rain damages plants by destroying their leaves, acid rain will also damage and poisons the soil, and it will change the environment and their habitat in a filtered way. “Geological Survey (USGS), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Environment Canada are among the organizations that are actively studying the acid rain problem” claim John(2000).

According to (John 2000) the definition of Ultraviolet radiation is known as to cause skin cancer and has transformation on plants and wildlife. These are well known that plants and wildlife is being damaged and destroyed by the radiation. This is caused by the effects of air pollution and more effectively by the damage of environment.



According to (John 2000) there are many sources of indoor air pollution. In the leading Tobacco smoke, cooking, heating appliance, and dusts from building materials, paints, furniture, cause pollution inside buildings. One of the natural gas which is produce in earth is Radon, it can be describes as a gas which creates a lot of dust smell.

In this world people are being concentrated in viewing the causes in indoor pollution because they need to use resolving methods in immediate action. People are being working, studding, eating, sleeping and have measured in their daily life work and this is done in the environment where air circulation is being disturbing claim John(2000)

Many people think that they have creates their own security from attacked by this air pollution but they haven't realize that this problem is a disturbance that couldn't be seen. These air pollution are creating a very serious action in home and workplace and it one step dangerous than outdoor pollution. “Board estimates that indoor air pollutant levels are 25-62% greater than outside levels and can pose serious health problems” claim John(2000)


Based on (John2000) people thinks that only outdoor is being dangerous for them but air pollution in indoor also creates a lot of problem, this is some of the sources :

  • Biological contaminants like mold and pollen
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Household products and pesticides
  • Gases such as radon and carbon monoxide
  • Materials used in the building such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead

Moreover some of the effects by air pollution can extract to many disease such as respiratory diseases and cancer but this will take affect much later .Based on research this disease is caused by the air pollution which is created in indoor.” Indoor air quality problems usually only cause discomfort, and most people feel better as soon as they eliminate the source of the pollution” adds John(2000)



Air pollution can effects humans in many ways that simply describes as long-term and short-term effects. According to (Arnold 1999) many people suffer by air pollution effect which it disturbs different people in different ways of disease, some of the people are much more sensitive and easy to be attacked by air pollution.

People with the health problem where they are getting suffer from many years will also get their bodies to make more stronger to fight with the air pollution and more specifically asthma, heart and lung cancer patient may also suffer by when air is polluted. Adult and young people are often get easily attacked by the air pollution.

There are various disease that can be found when talks about the air pollution for example headaches, nausea, and allergic reactions. Based on (Arnold 1999) the effect of air pollution can be delayed from medical treatment for those people with asthma and emphysema. These case is being take into action when this is created by chemical disposals by industries and others forms of toxic that been dispose by peoples in the environment claim Arnold(1999).


Based on (Arnold 1999) “In the great "Smog Disaster" in London in 1952, four thousand people died in a few days due to the high concentrations of pollution”. As the researcher found the air pollution can cause maximum long-term effects which are chronic respiratory diseases, lung cancer, and heart disease.

The air pollution affects the lungs of young children and can be complicated in having any treatment to help the sickness children where this child is affected by air pollution continuously. “It is estimated that half a million people die prematurely every year in the United States as a result of smoking cigarettes” claim Arnold(1999).

Based on (Arnold 1999) the cases of air pollution effect to the humans are being complicated and treatment for the patient is rising up and it will touch the higher launch.

people who are in higher status can effort to make themselves to release from this effects of air pollution but people in lower status couldn't make their way to achieve.



According to (Arnold 1999) air pollution are defined as in both natural and human sources. However human are not equally take part in resolve the air pollution problem. Forest fires, volcanic eruptions, wind erosion, pollen dispersal, evaporation of organic compounds, and natural radioactivity will be the complicated activity which done by human and it gives such a poor result in air pollution.

Normally natural air pollution does not appears in every sing of the corner, but the air pollution is being through out to the world by human activity claim Arnold (1999).

Human activity is being in large scale of foundation in the causes of air pollution the biggest problem of air pollution is created by human activity which is fuel burning and disposal of chemical by the automobile industries adds Arnold(1999).


Some of the places in this world are been disturbed by air pollution, places like Mexico City and Sao Paulo make their selves uncomfortable because of the effect by air pollution levels in the world and it mostly came from trees, claim Arnold(1999).

Air pollution gives a very dangerous result to the government which describes that this pollution can make the population goes down and this must be resolved immediately. Air pollution give people stocked in their daily life because they cannot live in proper harmony way of lifestyle and they have worry about the disturbances from air pollution.

Arnold (1999) “describes that new scientific research is showing that the former Hollywood B-movie star was at least partially right all along”. Makes the air pollution as an main issue are not equally a better way to solve it because there are ,any causes of air pollution and once a case disappeared, again another came in.



According to (Arnold 1999), air pollution is a problem where it should be resolved immediately, many countries in this earth are well prepared and some of them are still searching for ideas in how to solve the effects of air pollution. Teacher and professors in school and university are preparing their selves to teach student in the beginning of the students young age about the effect of air pollution and the way to stop it claim Arnold(1999).

Based on (Arnold 1999), researcher have found the causes of outdoor pollution and have get through into deep investigation of the type of air pollution and the amount of effect.

Scientist must develop their knowledge in resolving the air pollution especially the indoor pollution because almost the indoor pollution are rising up to danger level. Once the activity done by humans is stopped, every single effects of air pollution can be recovered claims Arnold(1999).

These enforcement is done by the environmental and air securities of a country's in charge department. “At the United Nations, the Atmosphere Management Program carries out world wide environmental projects, in the United States, the primary federal agency is the Environmental Protection Agency claim Arnold(1999).


Many companies and industries are taking part and put their effort to control and measure the environment from air pollution. Based on (Arnold 1999) many specialize agencies are taking part in this case in every country to solve the problem occurs in air pollution. Every individual in this agencies are get their job done very well.

Based on (Arnold 1999), prevention is the only way to make humans leaves in this earth with a comfortable and peaceful mind. The agencies that mentioned of air pollution controlling are playing their role to reduce and prevent the pollution in the environment. “In addition, it is possible to prevent many types of air pollution that are not regulated through personal, careful attention to our interactions with the environment claim Arnold(1999).