Health Hazards Of Global Warming Environmental Sciences Essay

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Earth is a gift which is offered by the God. Earth is an only planet which has all the properties to lead a life in the UNIVERSE. The earth consists of soil,water, air, sky and fire. All the lives in the earth depend on the nature except human being. To lead his life in a luxurious manner man is destroying the nature. Because of this earth is being affected to a greater extent. The end result of this drastic destruction is Global Warming.

The developing countries are highly responsible for global warming. India and China are mainly responsible in this issue. Modernizing our life is also a major cause for this problem. Global warming causes extinction of so many lives in the world especially Indian tiger, penguin, snow bear Etc. Not only this, so many unnamed diseases are also originating due to global warming. So, to prevent this gradual destruction of lives, we should create awareness about the Health hazards of global warming. For that we must know about the causes, effects, health hazards and preventive measures of Global Warming.

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's surface. The health hazard which is caused by this increased temperature is known as Health hazards of global warming.

World health organization reported that in the year of 2009,1,50,000 deaths were occurred due to global warming.

Every year 2 million people were died due to Malaria.

Natural decays like earthquake, volcano-eruption, and pestilences are increasing due to global warming.

Renal diseases are occurred as a rate of 3 in 100 due to global `warming.

Causes of global warming:

The activities of the human being are the main reason for causing global warming. Developing nations are highly responsible for causing global warming.


Due to industrial revolution in the developing countries enormous industries are emerging. Because of this the emission of gases are high. Hence they contribute a cause for global warming and air pollution.


Urbanization causes huge amount of heat emission because of closely built houses.

Air travel:

Air travel minimizes the traveling time, hence more people prefer air travel. Due to this more amount of green house gases are emitted in the atmosphere..

Fossil fuel burning:

Burning fossil fuel is also one of the causes for global warming. In rural areas still they are using fire woods.

Multiplication of automobiles:

Because of modernization and time constraint human is adhered to automobiles. India ranks as first for selling automobiles. From these Automobiles more amount of dangerous green house gas; carbon monoxide is emitted.

Burning domestic wastes:

While burning domestic wastes, carbon dioxide and methane are emitted. Burning plastics causes the birth of undefined children.


Cement road, underground drainage, cables , electric lines are the recent cause for destroying trees. When tress are destroyed methane is emitted. For expanding highways and for building houses so many trees were destroyed. Reduction in the number of trees affects air purification. Thereby it affects the ecology and causes respiratory diseases.

Use of air conditioners:

Avoiding natural AC and preferring artificial AC, increases the requirement of air conditioners .If a person is using AC for 6 hours a day, they are more prone to get heart diseases. Apart from this more green house gases and heat are also emitted from air conditioners.

Use of refrigerators:

Refrigerators are emitting flurocarbons. These gases are affecting the nervous system.

Increased use of electric items:

Increased usage of electric items produces more heat energy. This heat energy accompanies for the elevation of earth's temperature.

Water purifiers:

Emission of flurocarbons from the water purifiers causes Global warming.

Cooking preserved food:

When cooking the persevered food, more amount of heat is expelled.

Street shops :

Enormous number of street shops produces more heat energy. This heat energy is also a basis for Global warming.

Improper disposal of electrical wastes:

Lead and heat which are eliminated from the electric waste are responsible for global warming. Improper disposal of batteries are also responsible for global warming. It highly affects kid's health.

Fertilizers and pesticides:

Nitrous oxide and methane are being emitted from the fertilizers and pesticides. Eg: Benzene hexa chloride in the fertilizers and pesticides are causing infertility among females and also contributes to skin diseases.

Perfumes and cosmetics:

Frequent usage of perfumes and cosmetics are emitting hazardous gases which are responsible for global warming.

Usage of plastic materials:

Some hazardous gases are emitted when burning the plastics. These gases are dramatically affecting the fetal growth. Plastics will take 1000 million years to decompose.

Effects of global warming in general:

Global warming affects the ecology of the earth. The occurrence of Earth quake is more frequent when year proceeds. Because of this more lives are spoiled. Global warming causes weather changes; thereby it causes floods all over the world. Floods also take away many precious lives without discrimination. Volcanic eruptions are increasing from the year 2010. From this volcanic eruption 1000oc of heat is emitted and it destroys more lives. A volcano which has erupted in the year of 2010 caused 1200 deaths and loss of 18 crores in a day. Tsunami and ocean outflows are reoccurring due to elevated global temperature. Because of these dangerous effects the sea foods are becoming more poisonous.

Pestilences are occurring more common due to global weather changes. Due to Malaria more than 2 million have lost their lives. Even more many unnamed diseases are reemerging and provoke to famine. Recently In Somalia and Even in India we have shortage of drinking water.

Health Hazards of global warming:

Cardiovascular diseases: Carbon dioxide and methane are the gases which affects the blood circulation. Hence the risks to acquire heart diseases are extremely high.

Respiratory diseases: Global warming is highly responsible for frequent respiratory diseases. While inhaling polluted air the respiratory diseases are produced. Furthermore the dust from the houses produces pneumoconiosis.

Renal disorders: Poisonous gases from electric wastes, use of fertilizers and Pesticides are the major cause for renal disorders

Decreased Growth of the Fetus: While burning plastics and domestic waste diathane is emitted. This harbors the fetal growth.

Nervous system disorders


Learning Problems in children

premature morbidity and mortality

Preventive measures of global warming:

Using reusable cloth bags

Planting kitchen garden

consuming natural food

plant more number of saplings

Use of solar system instead of electric power

Proper disposal of domestic wastes

Well ventilated houses

Frequent service and maintenance of automobiles

Use of public transport


So far, we have seen about the ill effects of global warming. We the human being are contributing their major part of producing these ill effects .To prevent these ill effects, we can make few modifications in our life.

"United we stand; Divided we fall." so we can give our hands together and save the God's gift the earth.

"The world is in your hand; to save or destroy; it's in your hand

Think and Execute it"