Educational Objectives Analysis

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At an early age, children are put through school even without their personal convictions of wanting to learn. Despite this, children still go to school simply because their parents and the society seem to hold education in high esteem. After a while one develops a better perception of themselves and either chooses to commit to education or not. I have always valued education and wanted to achieve the topmost level of education. As a high school student I worked hard towards enrolling into the best university and there was no doubt that I was committed to it.

Currently, these perceptions have not changed and I still believe a college education is the best way to start a better and productive adult life. Generally, college education is becoming more popular and considered to be quite vital (Benefits of a College Education, 2010). Attaining a college degree is not only a fulfilling venture but one which will add great value to everyday life in both my career and personal aspirations.

McGuire (2010) asserts that there are numerous reasons why individuals want to attain a college education. These reasons vary from cultural and financial to personal reasons. Getting a degree will prove to be very helpful for my career. This is because through studies one gains a vast range of skills which are crucial to career development. Furthermore, a college degree sets apart individuals from others who have not attained the same. As a result they not only become more marketable but are assured of career advancements in their places of work.

Nowadays, a college degree is a minimum requirement for most jobs and without one it is inevitable that individuals will miss out on brighter and better futures. Despite the high costs of attaining a degree, its return benefits exceed these expenses. With prospects of better earnings, career advancements and elevated social standings a college education is definitely a beneficial venture.

Wetzel (2009) explains that degree holders do have it easy while establishing their careers. However, there are other reasons for attaining a college degree which are not financial or career based. Engaging in college education provides an exceptional experience. College is a place where one meets and interacts with many different kinds of people. Individuals learn to communicate effectively and form relationships which add value to their personal lives. Achieving exemplary communication and interactive skills will elevate both my self esteem and confidence. Becoming an outspoken individual will also be advantageous in my quest of gaining social skills and being an apt problem solver.

A college degree will in no way be for covering up past unattractive habits and experiences. However, other numerous benefits have made it a viable option. Olivia (2010) insists that the value of a college education cannot be stressed enough. As such its benefits exceed the above mentioned and include such unexpected ones. It is possible to develop new interests while in college and discover one's potentials and talents. Moreover, the social network created while in college becomes beneficial in future career and personal ventures.

The above discussion details the educational objectives of attaining a college degree. They range from career benefits to personal fulfillment. A college education has been seen to provide better job prospects and career development. Furthermore, it adds value to one's personal life by improving one's confidence and self esteem through various interactive experiences. Ultimately, despite the hard and daunting work which accompanies a college degree is very important. Attaining a college degree is not only a fulfilling venture but one which will add great value to everyday life in both my career and personal aspirations.


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