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What is the greatest book ever written? Why?

The most anticipated film of the year The Bourne identity starring Matt Damon as (Jason Bourne) you could not even imagine watching the film without reading the book first by Robert Ludlum who is also the author of 33 novels, published in 32 languages and 40 countries. He is one of the world's bestselling authors with his blend of sophisticated plotting and extreme pace. There are more than 210 million copies of his books in print. Nevertheless he is also best known for the book (The Scarlatti Inheritance). This was probably the first story book I read start to finish because I was told you cannot watch a film without reading the book first because the more suspense and hype you have the more you will enjoy watching the film. However I didn't want to lose the opportunity of reading the book before the release of the film based on it.

To begin with, the plot is astonishingly good. The Bourne identity is the story of a man without a past, who is rescued from the Mediterranean Sea by some fishermen. He's in a very unstable condition; his body has suffered the impact of many bullets. The man is taken by the fishermen to a doctor in a nearby hospital, who helps him to recover physically but mentally he does not remember a thing, but with the help of the doctor he finds some clues which makes him panic. He only remembers vaguely in flashbacks some things, for instance that his face has been altered by plastic surgery, that he knows a lot about firearms and there is a microfilm implanted in to his body that contains the code to an account which leads to four million dollars.

In the bank account in Zurich he also finds a name: Jason Bourne. But who is Jason Bourne? He cannot remember, from the moment he leaves the island onwards, he is followed, and attacked. He doesn't understand why, but he reacts in order to stay alive. However from out of know where he finds this woman who he takes as a hostage, called Marie. The level of intensity of the book starts to raise a number of assassins, including the most famous assassin in the world, are given the order to catch him alive. And there is also a possibility that he is also an assassin, and from this point on the book just gets so exhilarating that you don't want to reach out for the bookmark.

The anonymous character gets hunted throughout the book not only by the assassins, but also by the USA Government who want to eliminate the evidence. Trust me you will be so hypnotized by this book you won't be able to stop reading, whilst you're asleep you will find yourself asking in you sub conscious mind who the hell is this man and why is he wanted alive.

Just to sum everything up, He has no past, and he may not have a future. All he knows is that he was fished out of the Mediterranean, riddled with bullets. Evidence shows that plastic surgery has altered his face. Implanted beneath the skin on his hip is a frame of microfilm. And on the film is a number which leads to a bank account in Zurich, the name Jason Bourne and four million dollars. Suddenly Bourne is the target of assassins, and at the heart of a deadly puzzle. In a world of murderous conspirators, he's fighting for survival as he tries to uncover the layers of his buried past. No one can help him except the woman who once wanted to escape him.

Just by reading the above paragraph gives you an insight just how good the book is.

Never mind how good the film will is. This book was voted the second best spy novel of all time. And read by hundreds and millions of people world wide. The book also got compliments from Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather:

Robert Ludlum is an ingenious storyteller with a wonderful and convincing imagination. His place as a bestselling novelist is assured.

It was also highly recommend by the New York Times:

Ludlum stuffs more surprises in to his novels than any other six pack of thriller writers combined, the best novel without any hesitation.

Reference: From the book The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum pages 1-2 and the blurb.

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