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"Young students are not cheap" ("the same") is a novella last the life of Mr. Zhang Ailing. Name of Crown Publishers in Taiwan in February 2004 Press release of the novel is the body booklet, followed by China Tianjin People's Publishing House has published a publisher simplified version, so that the novel in nine years after the death of Mr. Zhang Ailing (Eileen Chang in 1995 September 8, was found in the Rocky Mountain rental apartments to death.) to be secular.

Zhang Ailing, a contemporary Chinese literary world in the pivotal figure, even if you have not read her every word, but also say a few words, few come about, especially the "Love of the City," "Golden Lock" "Eighteen Springs", etc., have been passed from the text mode, enter the television broadcast. But since her 1952 application to the Hong Kong University to continue their studies and the United States in 1955 after the boat, her new works seldom appear in the Chinese regions, such as absent. Sheng Miao young flower pen, rickets poor run out of ideas, many people think Ailing imaginative depletion is not good for old age, but "with" the emergence of this statement is being broken. Chinese writer Xu-source in an article on the spill regret his words, that unfortunately Zhang addition to the "same" outside his old age is not a story similar to the style of the article appeared, or else China will later years of the writing style Stir ling wave of academic discussion. And "with" that both scared and tan. The Beijing Normal University doctoral Wang Luo believes that "the same" contains a ling later years writing various features of the new trend is to change elements of the collection of his later years. These evaluations are the "same" and appeared in Chinese literary history more meaningful. Since the "same" in the study of Chinese literature in the history of her novels, and has such significance, then how can we interpret this novel? Under the name from the novel interpretation of content and of the relationship between life and with the contrast to early works of Zhang Ailing Interpretation "with" the meaning.

2. Problem-solving

"With" the table of contents from Du Fu's "Eight Poems of Autumn" in the third verse of the last joint. "Autumn Eight Poems" is the first year of autumn Fu Dali Interpreting verses made by a group of Seven, issued by the autumn and a sense of poetic inspiration, Gu Yue, "Autumn." Last Alliance is: "Young students do not take cheap, light from the Wuling fat clothes horse." But Zhang made the phrase a little modification, the "more" word to "all" word. This did not, many commentators interpreted inadvertent, but intentional. According to professor of Nanjing University, Mr. Mo Lifeng's explanation, the students the meaning of young students is adolescence, when young students because of Du Fu Apprentice now, most of them have become the pillar of the court in only, so most worth a hundred times. So, this "cheap" is probably the word can be interpreted as social status and net worth of property. Du Fu is in the position of the other students to present out of "cheap" image, the public is not "cheap" to highlight its "cheap", but Zhang important to phrase the "many" words to "all" and the words means that all students and of the mix, with the cheap with expensive, then how should we understand this word it?

Jue Zhao, heroine in the novel to the end regardless of fame (divorce) or social status is also poor, but she still cling to their own definition of love is pure, while the last assertion friends Enjuan Zhao Jue no love life, though long-term sitting at the court in polite society as the life lived, but the pale and feeling betrayed as life of its own results, we can simply interpret them grow up is cheap or not cheap you? "cheap" implies the word has the inherent Over the Poetry of the. If the interpretation of another way, if we are not as young students while, but as a teenager students are not cheap, are cheap, but grew up in the novel but also to justify, then either Jue Ye Hao Zhao, Enjuan or whatever, has a feeling of pure and steady, in contrast, seemingly does not cheap out. The Xu-source position in the article and the author is similar to Lao Du poem he said "more young students are not cheap" to the word for "all", will not slip of the pen, but intentionally. Because they then lived to read is "noble" Girls, of course, "not cheap" (although there is a world also filled with irony); but afterwards, and later into the long dead, I'm afraid are "cheap" the. An "all", which points out the dilemma of women's difficult to escape, the novel's profound meaning is this. But "cheap" is a derogatory word may not be entirely, it is the intention here, in fact, be a lifetime concern Zhang Qingqi "secular" or "secular." In short, regardless of interpretation, are infinitely interesting, deep and long.

3. Autobiographical

Both ancient and modern autobiographical writing are the creative writer one of the most commonly used in foreign countries like Charlotte's "Jane Eyre", Austin's "Pride and Prejudice"; and examples of the Yin's "Beach enemy, "Ding Ling's" Miss Sophie's Diary ", Su Qing's" ten years of marriage, "a series of Ming Dynasty poetry, the poet Feng Xiaoqing. Their work and life is not difficult to make each card, can also better condensation of the reflected his own experience and personality, and as an expression of life in the real hardship and struggle. Vision and narrative of attitude is no longer a superior moral, cultural, philosophical review, but more warmth, more conscious self-reflection and empathy. That "the same" to what extent is it a true reflection of life, Zhang Ailing?

Jue Zhao hero of the novel, is born in a rich family in the novel describing the line of duty crush Jue Zhao Su Yung He came to her home, but also because of family too lost. Jue Zhao young woman attending the church study. Studying the issue in conflict with his father, his father considered the best women married early, not much to study the role, but rather being one of the major obstacles in life, and arrange the schedule to get married Zhao Jue Zhao Jue had to run away from home financial support by the mother, to continue their studies. Zhao Jue think that love can not with any purpose, is simply true love, she rejected this principle in his father's arrangements have been two of the marital relationship, unfortunately not the long term. In a marriage, but also because after the derailment and the end of man. Zhao Jue in the novel and finally to translate for her in the United States the main source of income, and has been in a single state, living bleak. To learn more about Zhang's life, it is easy to see Zhao Jue and there are striking similarities between Zhang Ailing.

Eileen Chang's family is prominent, my grandfather was a famous minister Zhang Peilun reformist Qing Qing and the only victory in a foreign war that he strongly supports Sino-French War, and grandmother, minister of state Li Qing Li Ju decoupling is pro-woman, the mother is the former Nanjing Wong Yat-Vatican Huang Jun door Yangtze Admiral granddaughter, stepmother Sun is the Republic of China Beijing with Prime Minister Fan Sun Baoqi granddaughter, after the door can be described. Ailing for admission in 1930, when the father was strongly against it and her mother also had a big fight mother and daughter had secretly went to primary school Huang, then only then was the original name - Zhang Ying, change Zhang Ailing. Parents because of this, and later divorced. Admitted to Shanghai in 1931, the famous Church of girls - Santa Maria girls. In 1939, Zhang University of London, the Far East entrance to the first results, admission to the Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hulan Cheng married in 1944 and wit, but in Hulan Cheng later found having an affair with other women and divorce. She has been working with the United States in 1956, playwright married until 1967, Alice Lai dies. Ailing settled in the U.S. life since has been to translate for a living, has for the Voice of America and the United States Information Agency to do the translation work and also translated a large number of literary works. Later years house arrest alone.

From the above comparison, we can see that the life of Zhang and Zhao Jue striking similarities. Can say with certainty, "the same" is indeed an Ailing highly autobiographical work. But many women writers are in the form of autobiographical writing, and that Zhang's "with" what is special? "With" give us what Chang does not give information about other novels? Or, as Wang Luo talked about the work of a benchmark Zhang thinking means intense change?

4. "With" specificity - compared with other works of Zhang Ailing

If the enthusiasm of her novels cherish and appreciate the readers, will definitely like "Love of the City," "Golden Lock" and other such memorable novels. But from above to take the life of the novel role and the existence of a complete correspondence, in the early works of Zhang Ailing seems never appear, that is why?

In earlier works, we can easily have a kind of narrative fiction that the higher is the soul has a novel in the evaluation of each character, such as "Love of the City," the white tassel is a divorced woman, in the dual pressures of family and society tried looking for a stable life under the protection of her starting point simply did not love the composition, when she found the original Fan Liu, that is more than one gold handsome bachelor, he took himself as a bet, went to Hong Kong and to win the original Fan Liu love, to fight for a legal marriage status. Love is a battle of wits of two masters at the Repulse Bay Hotel, the venue, the original white-fringed Bo seems lost, but the former is about to leave Hong Kong, Liu Fan, the Japanese began bombing the Repulse Bay, Fan Liu retrace the original protection of the white tassels, make life and death relations, the two talent to really meet each other, the promise of everlasting promise. But the promise of the so-called forever, at last performed in the novel is so utilitarian: fringed by her need to secure, Yanagihara now Nao was never played with her, he put his one-liners to the next woman who saved listen. The "Golden Lock" in the original Cao Qiqiao only for money and betray their own to marry a disabled when his wife did, want to love and not love, almost like a madman in jiangjia over three years. For the fiscal oppression with passion, her character has finally been distorted, become cynical acts not only undermine the son's marriage, resulting in daughter being tortured to death, but also break up her daughter's love. "Three years she wore gold stocks. She was a heavy flail angular slash at smb a few people, no death has sent a Half-Life." Although Zhang weeks in grasping grasping the gold ingot, but the works of Zhang Ailing But to hate the gold is in the beginning of his best white tassels and Cao Qiqiao contempt, there is always a story behind the sharp criticism of them hidden. But in the "same", the soul has jumped into the tall stories, and the generation of tassels Qiqiao - Enjuan the same place. She does not indulge in the spy being, and want to share and to exposure to the reality of people being affected by the test of reality brings.

Zhang and Zhao Jue perspective hero to coincide by the alienation, Zhang spiritual life in the real state of mind and Value Jue Zhao has found in the recognition and attachment points. She never denied that he is ?????, because the growth of special encounters, Zhang gives the economic forces brought the spirit of oppression, humiliation is more than the common people have a keen awareness, that in her essay "I think Su Qing" already been revealed, moved to the U.S. after the embarrassment of her life more sharpening this experience. Ailing my attitude for the rich and poor sensitivity as well as modern women seeking love to make a living and living condition of thinking, are "the same" Jue Zhao, who has been reflected. On the one hand, Zhao Jue own counting on a purely emotional life, no love life for Enjuan had maintained a spirit of superiority, but on the other hand because of their economic life difficulties, the face of business by virtue of marriage, they can not help but meteoric rise of Enjuan ashamed. Zhao Jue both fear each other when they meet with Enjuan misunderstood his carefully the poor envy the rich ashamed, or in Time magazine photo to see Enjuan felt a sense of the kind of mud clouds are excellent with this and humble Jue Zhao intertwined conflicts mind itself. Zhao Jue Although he is not his real feelings pure utilitarian choice of interference, but still trapped by money, such as emotional, filled with contradictions. Zhao Jue hardship on the situation of writing, we already can not find the early figures carried out by Chang for the kind of pen biting cold coconut elm and mockery, instead, is a kind of empathy, "because to understand, so compassionate," the Ai Qin and self-pity. Zhao Jue life emotion and "I'm still alive, even in the dishwasher, however," the "most primitive comfort", in fact, a considerable degree of old age are directly related to the book of the spirit of true survival situation and state of mind.

5. Conclusion

Zhang Ailing's work shows that the texture of desolation, with Hulan Cheng's words, if you take the color for example, its bright purple side is silver, the dark side is under the blue on gray. In her own words, is a tragic completed and the desolation is a revelation. Ailing use "with" the desolation, the performance of modern life the contradictions in society and the unity of soul and body, predicted that the people no matter what the situation will never get in real happiness, inspiration for the tragic nature of her life, consciously go forward step by step, but ultimately not only to light the world.