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Young-adult fiction whether in the form of novels or short stories, are very different from your adult and child fiction books. They usually are focused on the challenges of the youth and open up a whole world of imagination to the reader guiding them through the lives of young people trying to transition into adulthood. It is a genre that uses plots and characters that get today's young adults reading and exploring who they are.(Stallworth)One book that I came across as a teenager and enjoyed was Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. It is a story that ties in love and lies all from two points of view. Each chapter focus on a different character and how they perceive the event. Van Draanen does a great job to help the reader understand one event in two different views and how communication of one event can differ from person to person. Flipped allows the reader to engage in a witty and funny read ,relate to social appearances,romance, and understand the same story from two different viewpoints.

Flipped is a young adult novel with two protagonists alternating their thoughts in each chapter. Juliana Baker at age seven falls hard for the new kid across the street Bryce Loski. Bryce is uninterested, due to her un-orderly lifestyle, weird clothes and persistent attitude that they be friends. As the story progresses Bryce wants less and less to interact with her even though she helps him past his tests and gives his family free eggs when she charges the rest of the neighborhood. Eventually Bryce betrays Juli by not helping when her beloved sycamore tree is getting chopped down. At this point in the story her thoughts about Bryce flip and she wants nothing more to do with him. At the same time Bryce's thoughts also flip as he starts to fall in love with her. Juli begins to realize he is just a pretty face and nothing more. Bryce then tries to pursue Juli recognizing how down to earth and loyal she has been. In his last attempt to woe her he plants a sycamore tree outside her house to make up for not helping before. The story ends with Juli noticing the tree and waving to Bryce through her window. Towards the end both Bryce and Juli have changed and they realize they have to start over together. Draanen leaves the reader guessing what will happen next and if she will ever love him again. (Wiki)

As in reality people's appearances can play a big role in the way they are treated and looked upon. This novel also plays an example between attire and social standing; those who wear the right clothes receive a warmer reception. (Glenn) The Baker house is in poor condition and her household raises chickens to hatch eggs. From the outside Bryce sees it as strange someone would do that type of work. Juli presents eggs as a gift to his family, but instead they fear there might be salmonella due to their neighbor's unsanitary backyard and throws the eggs out. Juli later discovers the eggs in the trash and is confused as to why the family would get rid of them. What the outside of her house looks like doesn't say what her family really is like, instead she is being judged by society for being different. As with Bryce Juli is obsessed with his blue eyes, but comes to realize that his eyes aren't enough reason to pursue him and it's the person deep down that matters. Juliana's perspective is very appealing because she is so in love with Bryce and then realizes "don't judge a book by its cover" and starts looking at him in a different light. (Especially after she finds out he does not defend her to his friends ). She completely flips her love towards him as in many teenagers. She is the same person but her emotions have changed for the one person she truly cared about. Among the most widely accepted ideas in the behavioral sciences is the theory that adolescence is a period of disturbance for the child's self image, at that age they go through stress and identity crisis in which a child struggles for a stable sense of self.(Rosenburg, Simmons) This theory relates to the story because Bryce becomes so overwhelmed with Juli and doesn't realize what he has in front of him in till she is gone.

The story is told in the perspective of the two main characters, Bryce Loski and Juilianna Baker, in alternating chapters. The alternating voices show that there can often be a great difference in how you perceive an event and how someone else does. That one event can be viewed negative and positive at the same time. The narrative alternates between the boy and girl protagonist, both voices are unique and their stories unfold and develop in a satisfying way. First you are rooting for one character and then you switch, almost without realizing it. Study results provide multiple narrative perspective novels have increased publication today, the study revealed how the changes in literature and teen development have impacted the way YA books are written. The multiple perspectives in data collection and analysis yielded insights into the changing nature of YA literature and literacy that would not have been seen through a single approach. (Koss) By contrasting the points of view the story shows the difference between our thoughts and actions. In the beginning Bryce shows a lot of unkind actions towards Juli, but towards the end he tries to make up his behavior with better intentions. However, Bryce comes to realize that even his best intentions cannot help him sometimes and they both have to look beneath the surface to see the truth about each other. Taking turns of telling the story in first person also lets the reader know who is thinking what. It allows you to get instead their thoughts and minds and have a better understanding of their feelings and how it could have related to your life growing up. It's very interesting to have two perspectives of the same event because it shows how important communication is and how it is meant one way, but shown another.(Yalsa)

Overall, Flipped is a coming of age book that every teenager should try to pick up and read. Unlike many romance novels you can actually relate to one of these characters and it makes the reader realize to give everybody a chance because you never know what's going to happen. This book was written with a real understanding of how different ways people view the world. The characters are relatable, engaging and extremely true to life. The book is a page turner because once you read one characters thoughts and then the others it can be quite funny. Altogether Flipped is a well- rounded story that introduces the reader to not be so judgmental and experience a story from two viewpoints.