Wake Up And Smell The Flowers English Literature Essay

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As Kimberly awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, she found herself transformed in her bed into a gigantic bee. At first, she wasn't confident if what was her dream had truly ended, since it had seemed so vivid. Kimberly then decided to try and pinch herself, just to make sure she wasn't still sleeping, and hoped this weird dream would be over once she woke up in her own skin. It was then that she realized she no longer had hands, but six fuzzy legs of equal length and began to panic in fear of the situation before her. "This can't be happening!" Kimberly thought. She decided to call out to her mother for help but only then did she find out that she couldn't speak like before. Now, with her regular voice still present, there was a loud buzzing noise coming from her lips. Why could this, of all things have happened now?

Kimberly had her hopes up for this weekend. Up until now, she was just a regular seventeen year old girl with plans to go the movies and out to dinner with friends later tonight. Saturday had been a good day, after going to a concert that afternoon. It was especially a good weekend, because school was officially out. Kimberly never worried about having to go to summer school; she passed all her classes, and therefore had planned to enjoy her summer. Yet it seemed like the moment she got everything organized and together, and life finally started to make sense, this was thrown her way. Forgetting she could no longer swing her two legs over the edge of her bed to get up like usual, she tumbled to the ground. She also now knew that she couldn't walk like before, so she sat up and gingerly flapped her wings, slowing rising off the ground and heading in the direction towards her dresser. Once arriving, Kimberly managed to accept what was staring back at her in the mirror, still in awe at what her reflection now was.

"This is ridiculous," Kimberly said, coming out with low undertones of "Bzzzzzz" It seemed impossible for her to have two small antennae, black and yellow fuzz all over her, a set of semi-transparent wings, and large black eyes. All of a sudden, a wind blew through the window passing over the flowerbed outside. Unexpectedly, those same flowers that she used to water everyday now smelled like a five course meal. Kimberly slowed wafted out of her window to the small bed of roses, daises, and sunflowers. She decided to just take a bit of nectar, because that's what bees do. She knew how it helped the human population, but never knew why the bees were so attracted to flower. She sipped away at some of the flower's nectar, in awe of how good it tasted. Just as she finished by the flowers, into her room walked her mother. "Mom! Mom! Help me! I don't know what's going on!" Kimberly yelled, forgetting that what her voice now sounded like was more of a bee buzzing. In a matter of seconds, who was supposed to be her loving mom is now trying to attack her, by swatting at her with her magazine and throwing a heavy book her way. Kimberly buzzed over to her closet, and locked the slated door, so her mother couldn't attack her, but still hear her frantically expressing that it was her daughter she was trying to kill.

"Mom, it's me Kimberly, somehow I've been transformed into a huge bee! Please don't kill me, I'm still your child, things are just slightly more difficult." After hearing her mothers gasp of air, she unlocked the door, so she was visible to her mother but would still have enough room to escape should her mother not believe the truth. She looked up at Kimberly and pondered out loud saying, "Is it really you? Why is this happening?" Kimberly wasn't sure what to do, but acknowledged the question and responded with a shrug and a quiet buzz. She then flew over into her mothers open arms, which trembled and shook as she held her. "I'm so sorry this happened to you darling, but I'm sure we'll manage, right? You don't have to worry about clothes, you can still go to school, and you don't need half the things you would normally…this may not be such a bad thing after all." Kimberly's mother says.

Life after that continued as usual as things could be with the situation that occurred. Kimberly still helped out around the house with chores and the family when possible and managed to befriend some normal bees, who she could clearly understand. Her room was pretty much the same, except her closet turned into storage space for other things, since she didn't need the clothes. Kimberly nevertheless had to constantly remind her mother that she was still her daughter, just in bee form, but she still needed love and attention. It changed plenty of things in her life, like how her friend first reacted when they saw her, but eventually got over it and treated her like usual. Even though it wasn't preferred, Kimberly was still grateful to be alive. Luckily, her mother hadn't killed her that day. Things would never be the same, and life would always be difficult, but she was ready, willing, and able to accept that.