Utopian Society And The Republic English Literature Essay

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A utopia sounds like a great place to live in, but the consequence in living in such a perfect world has its down falls. The people who live in a utopia are conditioned to think a certain way and accept the norms that are set by their government. Living in a utopian society is tough because utopias have strict rules that forces an individual to think, dress, and listen to stories that have been altered to show no weakness is unfair. Many utopias share similar ideas like these and prefer to take characteristics like these away from their people in order to have a stable society. A society where individualism does not exist and the need to excel are irrelevant because everyone is treated as an equal. The books I read such as The Republic by Platio, Utopia by Thomas More, and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley are a perfect example of how utopian societies must undergo strict rules in order to have stability and control over the masses. I believe my existence on earth is superior to those who exist and populate the three of the four utopias I read in the course because I have the freedom to make choices and have my own personality.

In the book The Republic, Plato was concerned with poets who wrote misrepresenting stories about the gods and heroes. Plato wanted the stories to only show the gods and heroes as perfect and never show weakness or emotions. "No: we must forbid anyone who writes a play about the sufferings of Niobe (the subject of the play from which these last limes are quoted), or the house of Pelops, or the Trojan war, or any similar topic, to say they are acts of god: or if he does the must produce the sort of interpretation we are now demanding, and say that god's acts were good and just, and that the sufferers were benefited by being punished." [1] Plato wanted the poets to write about the gods and heroes as they were, but the gods and heroes were not perfect and did evil things to people and each other. This is something that Plato believed would help society be more stable by making them think their gods had a plan for them even when things were going bad for the people; therefore, Plato wanted to leave out any type of misinterpretation of the gods being cruel in the stories. "We must stop all stories of this kind, and stop mothers being misled by them and scaring their children with harmful myths by telling tales about a host of gods that prowl about at night in a strange variety of shapes." [2] He wanted poets to write about these gods and heroes as originals, but to leave the evil parts out. I believe this is not original and is unfair to any society to read these types of misleading stories that have been altered to portray a certain image of the gods and heroes as good. In fact, by taking this action they are censoring these stories and fabricating lies. This is why I believe my existence on earth is superior. I think we have the option to choose from many different stories and draw our own conclusion of what we want to believe in.

Another point why my existence on earth is superior is individuality. For example, I compare my existence on earth to the other utopias I read in the other books and I realized I have the freedom to express myself as an individual. I can dress myself in any type of style of clothes that I want and change my style as many times as I want without being told not to. In the book Utopia, Thomas More presents a utopia were people are not allowed to express any type of individuality, so they all dress the same. "They have no tailors or dressmakers, since everyone on the island wears the same sort of clothes-except that they vary slightly according to sex and marital status-and the fashion never changes." [3] More's utopia sounds banal and boring. The people living it this utopia have no freedom to express themselves, and are assigned uniforms. I would hate to live in such a society where you have no choice, but to wear what you are told. Fashion that never changes is like being in prison. In fact, by living in a society where everybody wears a uniform, you are taking away their desires to become self-reliant and independent. Clothes is what makes cultures stand out and distinguish who the people are, by taking this away from any society is like taking their personality away. I think my existence on earth is superior because I can choose from any style of clothes without being told what to wear and have the freedom to be an individual.

Finally, I have the liberty to go into any public library and check out any book I want to read. In my society, the libraries are open to the public and have the choice to borrow any book they want as long as they have a library card. On the other hand, in the book Brave New World, Aldous Huxley creates a society were any category of book that has any type of emotion or religious context is banned from their society. "Do they read Shakespeare? Asked the Savage as they walked, on their way to the Bio-Chemical Laboratories, past the School Library. 'Certainly not, said the Head Mistress, blushing.'" [4] Books such as Shakespeare are not allowed in the brave new world because they allow individuals to feel emotions. In fact, if they allow people to read books such as Shakespeare, then you will have other people wanting to write similar books like Shakespeare. This brave new world is cruel and suppresses there society from having any open minded ideas. "'Our library,' said Dr. Gaffney, 'contains only books of reference. If our young people need distraction, they can get it at the feelies." [5] This Brave New World prefers to distract their youth from thinking and distracts them with entertainment that does not let them think about serious issues in their environment. The only books this society has are reference books that I would not trust and I believe the world controllers have manipulated them. I would not be surprised if the world controllers rewrote the text and gave a phony text author name. I believe my existence on earth is superior because I have the option to pick up any type of book, even if the context is bad, I still have the freedom to read the book and make my own conclusion about the book.

Life in a utopia is nothing than a false dream. People always image a perfect world without hunger, sickness, and greed, but the reality is that we need those elements in order to grow as humans. Some will suffer while others will triumph. The past few weeks I read four books about utopias/dystopias that changed my point of view of living in a perfect world. The only way to live in a perfect world is to have strict rules and be told what to do such as dress, think, and listen to false stories. If I had a choice to choose from any of the utopias/dystopias I read, I would prefer the world I am living now. I believe my existence on earth is superior to those who exist and populate the three of the four utopias I read in the course because I have the liberty to make choices, read any books or stories I want, and have my own personality.