Undying Love For Deirdre And Today English Literature Essay

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In today's world, in especially my generation people think they know what love is. Which is really hardly the case in my opinion, they know love like an Eskimo knows what it is like to feel a tropical heat wave. In the story of Deirdre it seems her fate might be doomed from the start. Today we use the word love for so many diverse meanings. There is love of a friend, love of a food, place, object, pet, and so much more. We have one word for this special feeling we toss around for a chocolate bar we really happen to like. From where love has been to a sacred bond down to where today it is almost an ok what ever deal; where will we be one hundred years from now? All together love it supposed to an endearing feeling prized and saved for the ones who get closest to our hearts.

In the history books and throughout the literature books we see figures and learn about this undying love. As most of little girls grew up with story books of Prince's coming to save the day and living happily ever after with the every day average Jane. Well unfortunately I tend to believe this pretty much ruins girl's expectations of what "love" is going to be like, that does not happen. In today's world a lot of people I know either have or know people who go into marriage with the preconceived notion if it does not work out then there is always divorce. That is the wrong way to go into a marriage. It should be the kind of undying love that Deirdre had for Noissiu. She never ate nor slept, laughed nor smiled after her lover was murdered. She recited her poem every time they attempted to woo her with music or visited her chambers. Then when it came down to being passed between two men, she decided to end her life than be passed back and forth like a bone being fought over between two dogs, other than the fact she swore she would never see the two men together. In the middle ages there was hardly any thought of adultery, or at least it was never spoken of. Today, well looking at it, it is quite sad on how cheating looked at and dealt with. If you have thoughts of another woman other than the one your betrothed to, then do no get married; plain and simple.

Unfortunately love is misused, mistreated, and abused. It is no longer held to be sacred. To me love for another person is hardly shown as it should. Love is taken advantage of in every way. Love should be reserved for the one you are going to spend the rest of your life with, your significant other, the one you can not live or breath with out. Noissiu was this unending love for Deirdre. She proved that with the end result killing her self and not being any two men's sex toy, or as Conchubur said "the eye of the ewe". Back then marriages may have been arranged for some manner, but there was respect for the other individual, however not really shown that in The Millers Tale. Today there are swingers, open marriages, bisexuals, and whatever else society comes up with. The bond between a man and wife is not as a strong bond as it once was in the past. Then divorce was unheard of, to get out of the basic bonds of marriage, you basically had to die.

Society has come such a very long way from the past. Another type of love shown in the story of Deirdre is one of brotherly love. Noissiu had brothers that because they were his brothers they had his back no matter what happened. They worked together, lived around another, sang together, and fought side by side. Noissiu's brothers, Aindle's and Arddan's, could have gone about their way when times got tough. But they did not; they stuck around and fought beside him against army's and going into the unknown and not questioning the reason or for any payment. They simply had his back because of the family bond they had shared for literally a lifetime. We are born with this certain love for family that is indescribable. We know we love our family normally and would do anything for them, but why do we love them? They necessarily have not done anything in particular for us to love them with that unending love. We just do plain and simple no questions asked. Today some families still have this type of love around for one another. However sometimes drugs and other influences have weakened or broken that particular bond, as it has happened in my own.

So in conclusion life has taken us a long way in life and love. As a little girl I believed in fairy tales and the Prince Charming coming to save the day. I read in books about this earth shattering love that lasts a life time. I am not totally turned off to the idea still today; there is a small glimmer of hope down in my child like soul. But life is more adult vision as sad as it is to be realistic. I hope for our society and the future generations to come that love will take a turn on how it is looked at and be a considered again a sacred bond. I worry honestly about the morals in future generations. There is severe lack of respect from people in general all around the United States and probably other regions of the world as well. Someone knows a woman or a man is married and still continues to sleep with them. That's a slap in the face to the spouse in my opinion. I am sure it did happen back in the middle ages, but I would like to think that it was different. So I hope and pray for the future that they can know a love like Deirdre has for Noissiu. For there own sakes.