True Love In Madame Bovary English Literature Essay

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What strikes your mind when you think of love? This is a feeling that is truly and immensely confusing, not only because it has no true definition, but also because it can exist in countless ways. Some define it as a warm and profound affection towards someone else, or a simple attachment towards a human being, or simply as sexual passion or sexual desire. All these commonly seen definitions for such a complex feeling are presented in Madame Bovary, and mostly in the case off insatiable Emma. Who can never be satisfied, and is constantly pursuing what will satisfy her appetence.

Emma, a main character in the play ``Madame Bovary´´ by Gustave Flaubert, is presented ad a quite eccentric character. Not only because of her constant change in mood, and in character, but also because, you can never genuinely see through her and understand her. In her life, Emma has various relationships that need, or have some sort of love present. To be precise, the three relationships Emma is found in are a Mother, a Wife, and a Lover.

As a mother ever since the birth of Berthe, she sent her away to a nurse's house, to be taken care of by a nurse, and not by the women who gave birth to her. This is a clear example of abandonment, and when a parent leaves a child to me nurtured and cared by a complete stranger, you can question, and imagine if there is love in that relationship. As a wife, at first she is flattered and happy with what awaits her with Charles, but as time passes by his sides she realizes she is bored and unhappy. She keeps on getting bored and imagines her life before, and how she was free in her farm and this is where her desires take a twist. She starts to think of lovers, and this is where she meets Leon, and he feels attraction towards her since she is very flirtatious. They grow an attachment between each other, but she grows bored and leaves Leon when she meets Rodolphe. This is a sign of her insatiable desires, she is never happy, that is why she always looks for new things that will keep her entertained, in this case, an affair with Rodolphe. This affairs grows strong they start meeting without any precaution and not caring. She grows so attached that she even thinks of escaping with Rodolphe but he gets bored and fins his relationship dull, and he ends it. Leon reappears in her life, and he let her know if his love, and of his desire to be with her. This affair is stronger because she takes bigger risk, and up to this point you might think she is truly in love with Leon. Unfortunately, when he makes a diminutive mistake up showing up late due to an unfortunate delay, she becomes angry, and thinks Leon does not what to be with her; again another relationship thrown away.

The true cause to all her acts is the feeling to be free, and not wanting anything stable, and boring to her eyes. This is why she is in the constant search of something new, of a way to break the rules, and to feel proud about. She has an untamable soul, but unfortunately her wild spirit brought her to her death. Some might believe, as myself, that the only true love shown in the novel is the love of Charles towards Emma. He always wants what is best for her, and when you love a person you trust that person to the last thing in your life, and Charles did so. This is why Emma so easily played her dirty mind tricks on Charles, and, no he was not naïve, but he was in love. His love counts above anything even though his wife did not feel the same way towards him. It might be hard, because his love was not responded, but his love was strong regardless of how she felt deep inside.

Love is a very sensitive subject to talk about or even mention. Many people have the concept of love distinct due to the fact that they have grown with different idea, and have acquired different information. Emma is seen as a person, who shows no true love, but how is this truly definable by a criticizer. Many facts have to be considered. The most important one: Love has no real definition, it means something different to everyone.

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