The Ultimate Battle Of Love And Sin English Literature Essay

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In this essay there will be several topics discussed they are love, sin, and hope. How each of these made their way into the story, especially love and sin. How each of these three affected the plot and story. How without them it could of changed into a totally different book in itself. I believe without love, hop, and sin this book wouldn't of been an all time classic like it is right now.

The first of the three topics that will be discussed is love. Love found its way in the beginning with Joe and Ms. Joe. Ms. Joe loved Joe but Joe looked at her like a respectful and fearful way, the reason why he stayed with her to her death is because he wanted to show Pip how a proper family should be like, Joe knows that he is not Pip's father or step father but he is his brother in law, so he raises Pip being a father figure. The next example of love is shown is with Miss. Havisham her groom to be left her the day of her wedding because all he wanted was the money.

This affected the story because if Miss. Havisham was never left at her wedding day she would not have raised Estella the way that she did, and Estella would have turned out to be a completely different person. If Miss. Havisham was not left at her wedding, Estella wouldn't have been so desiring for Pip and our story would not be the same. These last two examples are of the lack of love and with that love how much different our book would have turned out. The final example of how love is important is the love of Joe and Biddy. Sure, they are an odd couple but this is the only true example of love in the book. They both loved each other deeply and did the biblical thing of being fruitful and multiplying. If Biddy and Joe didn't get married, Pip might have ended up with Biddy leaving Joe no one, and not leaving us with that awkward Estella and Pip moment.

The next major element that was found in the book is sin. The first example is of Ms. Joe's raising of Pip "by hand", the bible says that you should pray for your children. Ms. Joe isn't Pip's mother but this is still the same purpose that she shouldn't have raised him the way that she did. Ms. Joe should have respected Pip and been more supporting of him. The second example of sin is that of Pip lying to his family of how beautiful Miss. Havisham's was. The Ten Commandments say you shouldn't sin. Pip does the opposite; he makes these extravagant lies about how he is dying to go back. Even though, we know the only reason he was willing to go back was for Estella, but the reason why Pip was lying is that so Mr. and Ms. Joe wouldn't get suspicious of him and won't come check on him while he was there. The last of example of major sin in Great Expectations is when Pip and Herbert get themselves into debt, the bible says to be careful with your money. More specifically in Matthew 6:12, Matthew is trying to say that we should be sorry for our debts and forgive our debtors for our debt. Which Pip does eventually with Joe paying off his debt, showing another example of love. There is one more pressing thing and that is greed, Pip shows several examples of greed. By wanting to be a part of England's upper class, he is also greedy because he thinks that Magwitch isn't giving him the proper amount of money for Pip to succeed as a gentleman. Without the acts of sin in Great Expectations, the relationships between the characters would be different resulting in a completely different story.

The last two things that will be discussed is the part of hope in Great Expectations. Hope is found in this story in two examples; the first is the hope that Magwitch has in Pip. The hope that one day Pip will be a gentleman, without this hope Pip may have not turned the way he is supposed to be at the end of the book. If the money that Magwitch was giving him was cut off Pip would stop being funded meaning he would have to stop the extremely rich lifestyle that he was living. The second example of hope in Great Expectations is the hope of Biddy in Pip. Biddy has faith in Pip throughout this whole book, besides when he starts disrespecting her, that was the only time in the textual evidence that says that Biddy lost faith in Pip. If Biddy would have kept up with her faith in Pip, Pip and Biddy probably would have ended up with each other, because Biddy probably wouldn't have married Joe. Even after their marriage Biddy still has hope in Pip that he will be a good man one day. Without hope the story of Great Expectations would have turned out completely different.

In conclusion, the battle for the ultimate element begins. Love, the feeling that most of the characters had, that held all of the characters together and brought them closer at the same time. Sin, the element that the characters farther apart but towards the end brought them back together an example of his would be when Pip got into a lot of debts, and Joe bailed him out. The last is hope, something that brought the characters farther apart, because the more hope the characters built in one another, the more the desire came up on them and when it ultimately failed it led to problems. All of these are important and without one of them our story could have turned out completely different. Which one could the book go without? Personally, hope is the one that could be eliminated, because the more hope that was built up the more the anger grew when that hope failed. Which one is the best? The best one is sin, crazy, possibly, but sin was the element that brought all of the characters farther apart, since the characters (usually) loved each other they would always try to help each other out of trouble, meaning sin is the best in this one story. Our lives need to be more like this book because we need to build up more faith in each other and not let hope hold us back.