The Threat Of Invasion English Literature Essay

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"Ha! You weakling! I don't know how in the Hell you made it past the preliminary rounds to get this far. Either way, you're finished." Lifting his right leg high in the air, his next technique would be a hard Axe kick to my face or chest, presumably killing me. I was already half-conscious now and this seemed like the end.

"Aaaaaaaah," he screamed as his foot whistled downward, piercing a path towards my almost lifeless face. Then suddenly I regained my stride, rolling over precisely before he could place his attack which cracked the marble floor underneath us when it landed.

"And some quick thinking by the young rookie Melvin Case prevents what would've been a gruesome defeat, ladies and gentlemen!"

"Let's see if our reigning champion Blade can defend his title!"

Blade's motive for winning this tournament isn't just the prize money. He's plotting on interplanetary domination, starting with earth, using the winning 500 million Euro prize. The American dollar eventually lost its value in 2027 and after a long debate between representatives in the United Nations, Europe's currency somehow became the standard for all of Earth. Blade is really from a distant planet light years from our galaxy. He's only posing as a human to win the prize money in this tournament, but his martial arts skills are much greater than any human I've seen in here.

"Why don't you just quit while you're ahead? Bow out gracefully and I won't have to murder you in front of all these humans. Or maybe I should, just to make an example. I'm well aware that you're trying to stop me from enslaving this worthless planet. You humans are so predictable. In any moment of crisis, you send your so called best to aid in it," said Blade slyly with one of the most disturbing smiles imaginable.

"I'll never let you get away with this. Not because I'm on a mission to stop you or because of the destruction of Earth, but because I just don't like you or your kind polluting an already dead planet. Who are you to decide our fate? To me you're just alien scum."

With my proper form and stance back in place, I lunged at Blade with everything I had. After many rounds, I was able to study his moves and how he would use them. With each round you fight someone; you begin to see that some fighters will use the same repetition. Blade happens to be one of these types. So with the greatest amount of speed I could muster, I gave a last ditch effort.

Every punch he threw mirages itself in a traveling whirlwind of lights. I now knew exactly where everyone was going and what direction to block it, the same with every kick. I just had to wait for the proper opening to land that one attack in the weakest point of his body. Within minutes of his barrage of attacks, I saw my cue. His left bicep exposed had what looked like a flesh wound, from some sort of weapon. Throwing a straight punch towards my face, I quickly blocked it and focused all my energy on his wound. Using a quick, but sharp jab with my two fingers, I hit his wound. Unknown to him, this was actually a death blow. Focusing my entire chi into one spot, this move can kill a man within 30 seconds. Since it was his left pectoral muscle, I hit somewhere closer to the heart region.

Jumping back from him to defend myself in the event that this technique didn't work I had to think of a quick alternative. If that jab didn't kill him, I was done for and so was this planet.

"Hahahahaha! What was that? You stupid human! The one time that you actually did get a shot on me and you waste it with that?! Instead of hitting me with a move that would've been worth the effort before you die you would rather…"

At those words, Blade fell to his knees, seemingly in pain.

"What did you do?! I can't feel my legs," he screamed in agony.

"That's what's known as the Frozen Needle Poke technique, your whole body loses its equilibrium before you slowly die. Basically your bloodstream is collectively traveling to the heart at once, creating a sort of swelling kind of like a vacuum until your heart explodes. Enjoy."

Watching Blade struggle in pain as his heart soon exploded, blood began to exit his eyes once his motionless body lay still on the marble floor. I kind of felt some resentment for killing this creature, but for a minute everything seemed at order.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new champion fighter! A stunning display of technique by Melvin Case has put Blade out of submission permanently," the ringside announcer barked joyously towards the roaring crowd.

Scanning the crowd, I sensed the presence of an even greater threat now. Someone in the crowd wearing a trench coat and with piercing green eyes now was scoping me. I couldn't get a good look at their face, but I had a strong feeling that my next assignment was at hand. All I could really do now was wait for a mission brief from headquarters and see if this menacing power would be connected with my next task.