the Study Of Young Goodman Brown

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People deal with good and evil on an everyday bases but if they do not have faith their lives are incomplete. We realize this by understanding the figures of speech and certain symbols Nathaniel Hawthorne uses when describing young goodman Brown's journey with the devil. During his journey he encounters certain individuals that are close to his heart and others that have impacted his life. By understanding how important faith is when dealing with good and evil young goodman Brown could have lived a happier life.

I believe faith is a very important part in living a happy and just life because it is an allegiance to a certain belief or person.

At the start of the story young goodman Brown leaves his new wife to go ran a late night errand with the devil against her will. She tries to get him to stay but he insisted his journey must be completed by sunrise. As he leaves the house he is angry at himself for going against his wife's wishes but reassures himself that after his journey he will be along her side. As he enters the forest he encounters a man by a tree that represents the devil. His appearance was similar to goodman Brown and he knew a lot about young goodman Brown's family. As they continue their journey young goodman Brown encountered many people that lived in his community, and some even close to his heart, that associated with the devil. He tries to turn back around but he hears the voice of his wife, which is when he realizes he lost his faith. goodman Brown and his wife join together at a ceremony were they are baptized in blood that seals their allegiance to the devil and at the last second young goodman Brown tells Faith to look up at the heavens. The next morning he arrives back in Salem where he does not know if his encounters were real or if they were a dream. He is deeply shaken and carries out of the rest of his life wary of everyone around him.

This short story explains young goodman Brown journey through symbols, figures of speech, allegory and themes. We can tell what holds young goodman Brown's faith together is his wife, Faith. Hawthorne represents this by referring to Faith as his love and his faith. He also does this by describing what she is wearing, such as the pink ribbons; these represent her angel like features because when they are flapping in the wind they are swiping the sin off of him. As he goes against her wishes and enters the forest, Hawthorn is symbolizing temptation that most individuals are met with on a daily basis. This is symbolic to the story of Adam and Eve because young goodman Brown is going against his faith and good intentions. As his journey gets deeper into the forest he is met with evil when he encounters a man who walks with a staff. The evil and devil-like features are represented by referring to the staff as a serpent. The two continue their journey where he encounters numerous individuals he knew and heard stories of his family members taking the same journey. These encounters make him furious because the individuals he thought were good made deals with the devil, but he continued to stay strong. It was not until he heard his wife's voice he knew he lost his faith. He grasped the devil's staff and they continued through the forest. Hawthorne uses onomatopoeia to imitate sounds by using words. He does this by using the words creaking and howling, and referring them to the sounds the trees are making as they are one with the devil. He also uses a metaphor by comparing the trees and the path to living things that move. His journey comes to a halt in front of an alter were the devil tries to baptize Faith and young goodman Brown. At the last minute he turns to faith and tells her to resist the wicked evil. As he enters the town of Salem at sunrise he does not know if his encounters were real or if he was dreaming. After these events he is cautious of everyone around him and dies a very unhappy life.

By understanding the power of good and evil we realize how important it is to not strand from our good intentions. We understand Brown's journey better because the author used symbols, onomatopoeia, metaphors, and figures to speech to illustrate important parts of the story. By doing this we realize when you lose faith no matter how good your intention are evil does not discriminate.

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