The Rabbit Family And The Little Ant

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Once upon a time, there was a hilly evergreen valley cluttered with the tallest green pine trees you ever seen there was also the softest green grass that felt like cotton. The tress seemed to be able to touch the tops of the mountaintops. Some wildflowers would spread their sweet heady perfume along with the gentle breezes. Then the bees would hum musically to themselves as they cheerily collect flower pollen. Therefore, in that beautiful evergreen valley, there lived a little rabbit family and a little ant.

One day the rabbit family went down the riverside where they saw a poor little unconscious ant lying on the grass. The rabbit family had pity for the poor little ant. The mother rabbit so very gently picked up the ant with her hand and put the poor ant on the first leaf she could find by a nearby plant. The warm hot shinning sun of coming down on the tiny ant acted as medicine, and soon the poor little ant recovered and saw the rabbit family watching over her.

When the rabbit family saw that the ant had awaked, they came to her and asked how they could in any way. They asked the little ant what had happen; the ant just paused for a minute looking around her. Just then, the ant was able to remember that she was just lying under the big evergreen tree when she found herself under the feet of a yellow fat cat and fainted. She enquired how she had happened to be on the leaf top. The rabbit family told her that everything is going to be ok now, because that cat is gone. The ant thanked them and said she will definitely help them when they need it most.

A little later, on another fine day, the rabbit family was again on their way towards the evergreen valley. The ant was swinging and singing on a big yellow leaf of an apple tree. She saw the rabbit family walking down towards the river. Therefore, she greeted them from the top of the tree and the rabbit family showed their friendliness by waving and saying hello back. The rabbit family stopped and asked her how she was doing and if she was having a great day. The ant told the rabbit family she was better and was feeling happier than ever. She thanked them again and went on her way. The rabbit family went back on their way towards the evergreen valley river.

A few hours passed and the ant could see that the rabbit family was sleeping ever so peacefully on the soft green grass near the riverside. Just then the poor ant started to shake because she could see that a king lion was moving slowly towards the rabbit family still sleeping quietly in the velvety grass.

The big king lion could saw the rabbit family and could clearly tell that they were sound asleep and unaware of his presence. Ever so quietly, the king lion walked over to the small unsuspecting family so that he could devour them by surprise. The little ant, frozen with fear, could not move because of what she was seeing. She did not want to see her new friends get hurt in any way, but could not think of how to save them. She was just a tiny insect and the lion an enormous predator.

Just then, the ant could see that if she did not act quickly the lives of this rabbit family were in danger. At that moment, the little ant jumped off her yellow leaf and on to the king lion's shoulders. She knew that she was no match for the mighty animal, but hoped that by using all her might she may be able to alert the rabbit family before it was too late.

The little ant did the first thing that came to her mind and bit the lion on his back with all her might.

It must have been an extremely painful bite because all of a sudden that lion let out the biggest roar that nearly shook the ground. Though feeling mildly guilty about inflicting this pain on the lion, the ant still decided she would have to keep biting until she was able to get the rabbits to look up and realize that they were in danger. With the last and most powerful bite, finally the rabbit family was alerted and woke to see the lion just inches away from them. As fast as their legs would take them, they ran back to their hole in valley.

A big, black crow who was sitting in the old oak tree had been watching the whole thing play out with a playful grin on his face. As the rabbits scurried away, he started to cheer and sing at the brave ant's victory over the king lion.

Realizing his new friends were safely back in their rabbit hole, the little ant quickly jumped off the king lion's back and went to hide in the tall green grass. After a few minutes the king lion turned around to leave. With his head hung low to the ground, he wondered how a tiny, little insect could take down a big, strong animal as himself.

Just then, the black crow flew down to where the little ant was hiding and gave her a big pat on the back and told her good job. You may be small but you saved the day for the rabbit family and you should feel good about yourself the crow told the little ant. With a beam on his tiny face, the ant went back to sunning himself and feeling very large indeed.

Later that afternoon, the black crow put the little ant on his back and took her to the rabbit hole in the valley.

When they arrived and were able to get their breath and have a seat, the black crow told the rabbit family how everything played out and how the little brave ant saved the day. The rabbit family thanked her and promised to strengthen their bonds of friendship in future.

The little ant was so happy for what she was able to do for the family that she made a promise to herself that she would never let anything happen to her new friends. She told her new friends good night and that she would see them in the morning.

The next day was sunny and very hot, so the rabbit family was going to the swimming hole and asked the little ant if she wanted to go with them. The ant told them that she had never gone swimming before and that she was scared at the thought of getting in such a deep body of water. The rabbit family just smiled and told her that they would not let anything happen to their new friend.

They all went swimming and then had a picnic, then they all fell asleep in the midst of that afternoon sun. As the sun started to set, they all awoke from their naps and started the way home for dinner. When they got to the ant's house, they were shocked to see that her house had been washed away.

The little ant was crying and shaking with sadness. She could not believe that her house she lived in for years was gone. She wanted to know who could do such a thing like that. The rabbit family tried to tell her that it could have been the wind, or the rain anything from the weather could have messed up your home little ant. The raabit family told the little ant that she could home stay with them until the winter weather past and until she had a new home. Then the father rabbit put the little ant on his back and told her she was going be all right and that they did not mind one bit to help a new friend and a new part of the family. They told her that she was going to stay with them until she could get her a home of her own. She was so happy that this family of rabbits would care so much for her; after all, she was just a tiny little ant.

They got to the rabbit's house and welcomed the ant to her new home. They show the ant to her new room and told her to make herself at home that dinner would be soon. Then the little ant unpacks her clothes and her teddy bear where she laid them of the dresser in her new pink room. She then was able to wash up, and then she heads downstairs to where the rabbit family was. The little ant went into the kitchen where the rabbit family was. They all start to help make dinner. At the dinner table, they talked to the little ant to get to know their new family member a little better. The rabbit family was so happy that one little day of helping someone out could lead her to lifelong friends.

After the long, cold winter they all came out of the hole and went to the river where their friendship all began, and started to help their new family member build a new home. They spent hours working on just the right home out of the way of the paws of other animals and the feet of any person, that might be in the evergreen valley.

They told the little ant that they would never forget what she did for them. They told her you might small but there is nothing that you cannot do if you put your mind to it.

The End

Jill Hannah

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I would have to say that my story does follow a few of the styles and techniques that we read about in the chapters. I would first have to say that the story was well thought out and I try to use good English for it. I thought about what kind of story I thought would be easy to write so I pick this child's fiction story because this story make me think of a time when I was little. I was always the strong happy powerful child and there was always that small weak child all the kids thought could never do anything like the rest of them. I thought about what characters would most likely fit this story so I pick a small weak ant and some rabbit, because they both are small but in their own way, they are strong.

I would to make sure that there was some kind of conflict in the story so I made both the characters to go thought something that would change their lives and the way they thought about other animals. I come up with this conflict because I remember growing up I was always the one that was small but able to get around fast but one day I broke my leg and was not fast anymore and I almost got hurt because of it.

With the setting of the story, I tried to choose a place that was nice, warm, and beautiful to the eye and the mind. I also thought that with this setting you would be able to see it in your mind, and see the story by in your mind as you read it. I thought also with the setting you would be able to get a feel of what the characters were feeling.

I thought that the plot went real well with the story and with what was trying to get across. I thought I did real well with the central character. I thought you were able to get the focus about them and what was going on with their live at the time in the story.

I thought I did very well showing the foreshadowing to move the story on. I would have to say that there was a great deal of dramatic unity in the story because both group of characters had to go thought something bad in their lives but they were able to turn it all around and they made something good come out of it.

Therefore, I would have to say that I think that this story would relate to my thoughts about something bad that happen in my life, but I turned it around to something a little different and more of a happy ending for both parties in the story.