The Poem My Only Hope Of Survival English Literature Essay

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Poetry is one of the literacy art which has a difference between other literacy work. Unlike other work, it's form is written independently, as discrete poems, or may occur in conjunction with other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns, lyrics, or prose poetry. Theme is always be the main and the most purpose of writing literacy, so it brings moral, and lesson to the reader, when reading the poem, the reader usually have to think deeply about the depth of it, or else misunderstand will be form to the reader. In the poem, My only hope of survival, by Amy Kerswell and the novel, Life of Pi, by Yann Mattel, both of the work shares the same theme, with different story and writing style.

Amy Kerswell is a well know poem writer on the internet, a newspaper publisher realized her amazing works and decided published on their poem entries which locates and sells in Texas. Unfortunately, the poems that have been published was sued by the reader because of it sadness mood, thus there are not many people have heard about this poem writer and not much information about her if not use to live in or live in Texas. Amy has already written about 570 poems both on the net and the paper, her topics poetry usually address about life and love, which courage people to spend their time more on meaningful things such as how to make our life better and how to deal with the tough situation. Although her poems were written in a sad mood with some gross event which may makes the reader feels uncomfortable, but it shows us the reality of the society nowadays. Reading deeply inside all of her works, it reminds the reader that her topic and idea was all from the daily life from what the society is nowadays.

In some of her work, the viewpoint is in a teenage girl who falls in love with someone or feeling depress because of the failure of the relationship. In the olden time, teenage girls have not much freedom, and it doesn't allow to get in relationship with others in this early age time. What makes Amy to write in a teen girl's view is the world nowadays started to allow teenager to get in relation without any permission or notice to their parents. The problem is teenager treats relationship to become a game, their might be short as 1 week and no longer than a year. But what the old time people do is they think love is very pure and all about fate, a couple will not separate in a short period of time ,and not even getting in relationship so easily. The society obviously influences Amy's mind and style, topic of her poems. The times is going on, the world is changing , the morality is updating, so as the author's topic.

In the poem, My only hope of survival. The mood is darkness, and the narrator has to build a wall to against the evil. She has to live in only one way to stay alive to another day with using only burn and cut which is described in the first and second paragraph. Without reading the last paragraph, the reader will not understand what cut and burn means to the narrator. In the third paragraph, the narrator states that her only hope to survival is to self harm which refers to the cut and burn. In the end she hopes that maybe one day she will win the fight, and lives as a normal person as others do. The poem doesn't tell us what creature or reason that makes the narrator to become like that, so it encourages the reader to think deeply to figure out the reason. The reason might be an evil is coming after her, might be it's the affect after doing drugs, it might be anything that can imagine because there is no such answer provides to the reader. The theme of this poem is mainly about human vs. himself. The narrator says that maybe one day she will win the battle and can live normally again. Winning the fight might means she finally doesn't have to rely on the drug or doesn't have to hurt herself for happiness. It is similar to the novel, Life of Pi, which the main character is also fought against himself to survive on pacific ocean for more than 200 days.

In the novel, Life of Pi, the main character Pi has been into ac accident that his ship sink and his family all passed away in it. He forced to live on a lifeboat that were full of beast, and he has to make his best to survive until being rescue by other ship. During his survival, the boat itself become a little animal kingdom which a normal human being is hard to survive in it. After Pi has been through some tough time, he has fallen to betray his religion to keep his life survive. Those tough time including mind fighting which is verse himself, his mind to get rid off the religion, and broke the rules of killing and eating meals. Same as the poem, My only hope of survival, the narrator has to get rid off something which also has to win herself first. Although these two works may not have any connection except the word "survival", but their theme is trying to tell the reader something similar which is sometimes we have to win over ourselves first to get rid of something or getting something. The biggest enemy to human is themselves, in a competition it is not important to beat all the other player, but to win against yourself, if the player doesn't have this in his mind, not much improvement and level he will be completing.

Poetry is another writing style that can states the same meaning, moral, theme or plot to the reader even it is much more shorter than other literacy work. Sometimes reading out the poem will be catchy and give the reader a deep memory or expression inside their mind.