The Making Of A Monster Frankenstein English Literature Essay

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Equality doesn't always work in the favor of man… Society has a certain, strict and high standard that one must meet in order to fit in with the crowd... a Barbie doll image if you will. If you don't like your hair color... you change it, if you don't like your nose... you buy a new one, and the list continues to go on and on these days, multiple ways to gain the approval of the higher class in the world. The way society views people; however, can have the upper hand on the emotions and feelings that come from deep within the soul. The way people look at one another can bring out the best or the worst in someone… in this case it was for the worst. After attempting time and time again to gain the approval of the people in the world that he was not accepted in but wanted so desperately to be apart of, he decided to go to drastic measures and execute anyone who stood in the way of obtaining the one thing he desired the most… his Fathers love. Beauty is only skin deep. In Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" the old saying a face that only a mother could love comes to mind, however, he had no mother, just a creator who was filled with regret, hatred, and fear towards the so called devil he created. "But where were my friends and relations? No father had watched my infant days, no mother had blessed me with smiles and caresses; or if they had all my past life was now a blot" (The Monster).

Imagine a comfy little home in the woods, with smoke rising from the chimney, the sound of children laughing, the mother preparing diner, and the father waiting patiently while reading the morning paper. A comfy little place, somewhere to make memories and people to share stories with, a family, which should be every human's basic right… a need and a necessity. Now imagine never knowing that, never having any shelter besides that of an old shed, or an unoccupied barn. Never having a bite to eat, other than whatever is possible to find, or steal. This was his life, his reality… How cruel of God to have forsaken him. Did he bring it upon himself, what had he done to be treated in such a manner.

Perhaps not judging a book by its cover is a proper saying in this instance, if only he were given a chance. A chance for his inner beauty to shine before mankind, instead of his outward appearance causing people to develop fear for the beast who had been created by a very curios and dedicated student, who would do anything to succeed in his studies, and further his knowledge about everything, even the "unknown". With no one to love him because of his grisly and horrid looks, he felt alone in the world with no place to go and no one to turn to. The blind man and the little girl was the only one who showed him any kindness, and that too ended badly, and did not quench his longing desire for compassion.

After being rejected and abused by everyone he came in contact with and the refusal of his creator/Father to make a mate for him to love and to get love in return from. The desire for that same love just as quickly turned to rage and hatred. He explains," There was none among the myriads of men that existed who would pity or assist me; and should I feel kindness towards my enemies? No: from that moment I declared everlasting war against the species, and, more than all, against him who had formed me and sent me forth to this insupportable misery". (The Monster) At this moment knowing all his options were exhausted he became the "Monster" everyone had feared from his beginning. The monster is at first like a pure hearted child, new to the world and needs guidance, needs a guardian to teach him right from wrong. However, he has no guardian, no mother, and his father is so frightened by what he "appears" to be that he will have nothing to do with him. He never asked to be created, therefore it cannot be his fault, but all the blame is that of the creator. Victor is like the father, to this child whom he chooses to give life to, but then not take responsibility for his actions. Why take on the role as a parent or a creator if you don't intend on following through with everything no matter how tough it gets in the running. Victor ran away like a coward and left the child to go out on his own, and fend for himself with no knowledge and understanding. He had to spy on other humans to learn how to talk, how to read, and even about families, and God.

Victor has an obsession with life and science, and in the end he takes it too far. He tried to play the role of God when bringing life to the creature. He done different studies, and kept notes in his journal about how to bring life back to the dead. First he starts off with a frog, works his way up to a dog, and then decides to try it out on a human. After being beaten and threatened by the graves men, and warned by his professor still no one could get his mind off of his intentions to create life.

Just as oxygen is needed to breath, so is the need for love, acceptance, and the human touch. There is no limits to what some would do for love and the revenge that some seek for the denial and/or refusal of that love. He exclaimed, "I dreamed once… to love… to be loved."

In a last attempt at a glimpse of worldly happiness and to ease his pain from the Hell that had been his existence as far back as he could remember, he reached out yet again to Victor Frankenstein, his creator, his Father, in the hopes he would create another in his image, a companion, a mate, a bride. He begged stating, "You must create a female for me, with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being." He told Victor of how he was so lonely, and how it was unfair for him to have to live life as if he were the only one of his kind. "I swear", he cried, "by the sun and by the blue sky of Heaven, that if you grant my prayer, while they exist you shall never behold me again." After much consideration and torment Victor agrees to try to bring life to an empty soul, a mate for the "Monster".

Loneliness is considered to be without company, to be very lonesome. So you could say that Frankenstein was not just a so called "monster" but also a loner. He woke up in the mornings by himself, and crawled into bed at night just the same… alone. He was alone in the world with no one to love him, no one to love, no one to show affection to, and no one to make memories with. No one would choose to be lonely if they had the choice, many different emotions; such as, depression and anger. Depression makes one feel low in spirit, and can also make one develop a feeling of dejection. Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure, and can make one develop feelings of rage, wrath, and fury. Though both emotions show signs of weakness and negativity, depression is similar to sadness, while anger is mostly related to madness. Both feelings that come from within could eventually influence one to do regretful things to random people, or even to the ones who mean the most.

After pondering on his choices for a while, and having time to look back on the horrible events that he had went through after his first creation, Victor quickly changed his mind yet again; he decided he could not create another beast to plague man. Why torture himself with more madness… once a man with a pure heart, sucked into his own curiosity. There was always the possibility that the mate he choose wouldn't like him, or that they would produce children and make things worse for him and the lives of people everywhere. Even though Victor had been warned of the consequences that would take place if he refused to create a mate for the monster, he decided to take his chances and never speak of creating such a thing ever again.. After destroying every bit of hope, and crushing his last dreams of ever having a future, an everlasting love, a family, the monster vows to his creator, "I will be there with you on your wedding night." From then on he decides to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible onto the man he wanted to love more than anything. And he did just that, Victor heard the shrieking cries of Elizabeth and he knew that there was nothing he could do to save her.

With blind hatred now motivating his every movement, he knew how he would bring more grief to his creator, even more grief than he had brought upon him by accidentally killing his brother William, and purposely framing the servant girl, Justine, who had became part of his family for the young boy's early demise. William's death, although tragic, was an accident. He thought that since William was in a younger age group that he could reach out to him unfortunately… it didn't make any difference. The monster would kill his creator's beloved Elizabeth on their wedding night, just as he had promised. With nothing else to live for Victor decided to relentlessly chase down the vile creature and take back the life the he had created.

You have heard that it has been said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth - used in the bible Matthew 5:38… Clearly that creature and his creator took the saying to heart and revenge such sweet revenge was on their minds at all times. Payment so to speak for all the wrongs they each endured and the gut wrenching pain they caused each other. If only Victor had not been sustaining new life, if only the creator of such a beast would have accepted his creation with loving, open arms there are several scenarios of what might have been and only one truth of what was.

Revenge is to inflict punishment in return for injury or insult, and can also end in pain and loss. It can bring out the "Monster" in someone, who used to be "Normal" or someone who used to fit in with the crowd. What does one consider "Normal" to be? When one is "Normal" they are regular, standard, and natural. If people didn't judge others by what is on the outside, and by appearance the world would be a better place, there would be no such things as "Monsters", but a world of peace, happiness, and love. However, even though some people long for a world of positivity, others live for the chase… of ruining ones life.

After eliminating the ones so dearly to Victor, apart from his father, that's when the real chase began. Victor had tried to reassure his father that everything would be fine because they still had each other, he showed emotions of anger and insisted he leave for there was noting left for him at home. The "Monster" left Victor letters with clues as to where he could be found, so Victor set off on a "Monster Hunt." The hunt lasted for a while, but things never progressed for Victor, it seemed as though the monster was always a step ahead of him, as though he could read Victors mind and was ready for every move he was going to make. However, Victor never didn't give up when the monster out smarted him.

Chasing him in the snow, turned out not to be a great idea. He tried shooting and the monster, but missed and knocked himself of his sleigh. Luckily there was a crew of men stuck by the ice in a ship, which had seen the accident and went to his rescue. He was placed in a bed inside the boat where the captain bundled him up, and gave him medications to try and make him well again. He told the captain about everything, about how he had created a monster, of how the monster stole his brother, his friends, and the love of his life, of how this creature had tormented him to the point of death. He stressed over and over again of how the monster must be caught and killed before it was too late, before he killed again. It seems as in the end Victor finally took the blame for his creation, but it all did not matter because Elizabeth came to his rescue when God had decided it was his time to go. Still at his last moments his creation was still out there waiting for him closer than he had thought. Not long after he took his last breaths the creature came aboard the ship to get his father. He had told the captain his point of view, his feelings, and how he fought for his fathers love for so long just to be rejected and mistreated. The captain seemed to understand where he was coming from, it seemed as though the captain did not judge him by his appearance but saw something deeper on the inside… his heart. In the end he got the short end of the stick because he had his father, but he was dead. It was like he had killed for no reason, he had lied for no reason, he endured so much pain and suffering, hatred and sadness, but he still never got to release his emotions to the one he longed to gain recognition from… his father.