The Lady With The Dog English Literature Essay

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The full name of the author is Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. He was born in the small seaport of Ukraine known as Taganrog in 1860. Today his work is remembered amongst the best short story writers. He wrote number of short stories that made his work famous. In this time he is also known as the master of modern short stories. The years of his early life were spent under the guidance and teachings of his father's religious fanaticism. One the other side he used to spend his time while working at a store. He attended a Greek Boys School from 1867 - 1868, then attended a grammar school from 1868-1876. Later on sifted to Moscow as a result of his father's Bankruptcy and became a doctor in a Moscow university (Lombardi, n.d.).

He became aware of his literary efficiencies during his studies at Moscow University. He started with the writing of comics and short stories and till 1886 he started to gain fame in the field of writing. His number of writings was published in St. Petersburg. He is also a writer of two full length great novels of that time. He was also an elected member of the Society of Lovers of Russian Literature (Lombardi, n.d.).

The Lady With The Dog is a short story that focused on the tale of two lovers who fell in love and later on married to other people. This short story of Anton remained one of the famous stories on love affair. He writes this story in 1899, five years before his death. This story purely reflects his literary preferences. This story remained the one that was little beyond his style of writing. The style of the story breaks number of styles of storytelling and short stories. The plot and the conclusion remained remarkable due to its unique and new style and format. It remained one of the most interesting stories of the time that gained the attention of the readers. It is also very much closer to the reality so that the reader can feel the actual essence of the story (Ruth, 2004).

This part of this study will focus on the brief summery and analysis of this short story by Anton. It is considered as one of the best love stories of time that has gained fame on the basis of unique style of start and the conclusion. The style and the story in terms of literature remained one of the remarkable achievements. This story remained economical with the language and the style. He had a technique to use few words to express the emotional complexity of the situation and also gives weight age to the literature rules (Laurayu, 2012). He used to take proper care about the characters and this portrays the character of the story in a preserved frequency. He also used various literary techniques to convey changing and feeling spirit of the story. The story can be analyzed in number of literary ways. First, start with the genre factor, according to this factor this short story is considered by the readers as a realistic story that consist of the two main characters who loved each other but were married to someone else. It is a sort of straightforward manner other than narrative manner. It has beautifully emerged the symbols or the allegory. The writer has represented all these terms and style in a great and literary manner. Secondly in the symbolic manner it consists of a beautiful opening and an attracting conclusion. It is also imaginary work. The tone of the story is remarkable and the writing style by the writer is very attractive and the writer uses such a style that utilized few words rather than a long details. The story purely reflects the title of the story, as the pet dog with the lady and the love story emerged beautifully in this short story (Foote, 1984).

The cultural analysis of this short story by Anton is far more familiar with the reality of life. On this area it mainly focuses on love the sexual relation between both lovers and the morality aspect. As love is essential aspect of one's life and is a part of culture as well. This story is full of complicated realities that are not easily met in the real world; if the existence of such situation exists then sacrifices will be the main factors in lives.

Hence this story reflects the one of the love relationship between the two already married people who wants to involve with each other emotionally and physically. This story was a great breakthrough in the life of Anton. It was a great achievement and the drama writers make it a base of literature as well.