The Kite Runner Vs The Outsider English Literature Essay

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Amir and Meursault are the two main characters of each of these stories. Both of these characters struggle with society in their own situations. Amir struggles because he is filled with guilt after a situation took place involving his best friend that he is very ashamed of, and Meursault struggles with society because he is an emotionless man who is very different from others when it comes to his morals and beliefs. These two characters both try to accomplish the goal of reaching their own personal liberation and redemption. There is much more to it though, there is a reason for the way the act towards society, and things will happen if you act against society or try to act rebellious towards society. Another way to get back to society is by showing no emotion; Meursault shows this in a numerous amount of ways. For one he endures his mother's death and attends her funeral but shows no emotion during this event. Amir does this by ignoring what had happened to Hassan and continuing his life by showing no emotion towards the tragic event that occurred to Hassan. Also, when it comes to ones overall persona, a lot can affect it. Mainly in this story, guilt and betrayal is affecting Amir and Meursault's persona. What both these characters try to reach is redemption and hopefully personal liberation, but it isn't that easy, in fact to achieve this goal it is an entire journey. This journey will be hard for Meursault, mostly because he is very indifferent when it comes to emotions, and society continues to brand him as an outsider, one who doesn't belong with the norm. Amir on the other hand tries to continue to live his life, but at times has flashbacks of what had happened to his best friend, and how he did nothing about it, this is what is blocking Amir mentally from reaching personal liberation.

When one is labeled as different, in this case Meursault, it is very difficult to get people to care for you, or to get people's attention as well. When someone has no way of changing, or trying to show people they want to change, they might do something that they know will get others attention. Sometimes the person can do something drastic to give a wakeup call to others, or maybe they just so no emotion, like in Meursaults case. Meursault is labeled as a different person , not literally, but people just see him as not a normal guy. He sees this, and instead of going crazy against society, and getting angry at people, he continues to show no emotion, and believe in his own morals and beliefs, and this is his way at speaking back to society. Amir on the other hand, has done a horrible thing. Hassan was his best friend and did not have his friend in a time of need. Amir soon realizes this and the readers know the amount of guilt and embarrassment going through Amir's head. Many of the other characters don't know of this situation, only Amir and Hassan, and Amir just shows no emotion towards it. Amir doesn't act depressed or is always down, he shows nothing, but inside of him is dying. In this case, Amir acting emotionless is working, not in his favor, but in a way that no one else around him knows his true feelings and no one else around him can grasp on the situation that really happened. The negative aspect is that Amir is collecting all this guilt inside of him and this makes things much worse. Both the characters show no emotion as a way to get back to society, whether they are just someone who has a little bit of emotion, or someone who is trying to hide something and move on.

When it comes to the topic of overall persona, a lot can affect this aspect of a person. In both these characters situation, Amir's and Meursault's, their overall persona is affected by guilt and betrayal. Meursault was a man filled with absolute emptiness; he doesn't even go to his own mother's funeral. Meursault might feel guilty after this and feel as if he has betrayed his mother, and his family, and others whom loved his mother. These things occurring changed Meursault, and his personality. Amir on the other hand, is filled with guilt after Hassan is raped. Before Hassan is raped Amir is envious of Hassan, but they are still best of friends. After Hassan is raped, Amir feels as if he has betrayed his best friend, because he didn't help him, and this goes on to fill his mind with guilt. The reader notices a change in Amir from before the rape and after the rape. After the raping happens Amir is emotionally changed and inside he is very guilty and ashamed of what he did. As the reader can see, both of these main characters show how ones persona and attitude can change because of a situation that fills them with guilt or a situation that makes them feel as if they have betrayed someone, or in some cases, a situation that makes one feel both.

Amir and Meursault are both trying to achieve the goal of finally reaching personal liberation and redemption. The journey to achieve this however, has many parts to it, as we see in these two stories. The readers see that Meursault is a man with only some emotion, and is labeled as "different" in society because of this. To achieve liberation and redemption towards society he must begin to show emotion and change his ways, we see this happen later in the story. Amir is filled with guilt and is very ashamed and embarrassed after betraying his best friend. Amir must undergo many steps to try and reach liberation from his guilt and redeem himself in society. Both these characters show signs of struggle throughout their journey, this shows that the journey to personal liberation and redemption is not one that is easy, but both Amir and Meursault are mentally strong and withstand any obstacles.

Although both Amir and Meursault have different personalities and mindsets, and are put in two different situations, they both express their feelings towards the importance of what they are trying to accomplish. They both have their own reasons to acting against society, or in some cases being rebellious towards society. Amir and Meursault also go on to show no emotion as a way to act back and speak back to society to make up for past situations they have acted upon. Both these characters are two great, but different examples on how being filled with guilt, and sometimes embarrassment can change and affect your overall persona. Also they show how betrayal can affect the type of person you are and your future. Finally, both these characters, Amir and Meursault, take us on a journey on finally reaching personal liberation and redemption. Amir continues to try to redeem himself for betraying his best friend Hassan, and Meursault is constantly reminded that he is emotionless and that society has labeled him as "different" and he wants to be free from this. In the end, both Amir and Meursault are put in very similar, but very different situations, and they must act on these situations in order to achieve their own personal goals. They do act on these situations, but both characters act differently as we can see.