The Jilting Of Granny Weatherall English Literature Essay

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Granny Weatherall is sick and lying in bed. She is visited by Doctor Harry. She behaves badly with the doctor although the doctor is good to her. She hears conversation between the doctor and one of her daughter Cornelia about her sickness which upsets her that they are speaking about her when she is within hearing range. Granny is also irritated with Cornelia and shouts that she would relish hitting her. Granny ponders about tomorrow and considers vital to retain the household neat, tidy and organized. Similarly, she wants to keep secret about letters from George and John. She thinks that she is near death and has been preparing for twenty years for her death. Her father died at the age of 102.

She views herself as a superior housekeeper than Cornelia. She imagines her children playing in when they were young. She has worked hard after her husband's death to her children. She had to work as a nurse and fence in large land. But, she never let her patient die. She thinks her husband should appreciate her for all her work. She also thanks god for the nature. Nevertheless, her lifespan hasn't constantly gone according to plan. Later, she remembers that she was supposed to be married at the first time. Her Fiancée George never showed up. She has strained to forget the discomfort and embarrassment of being jilted. She can't remove him from her mind. Cornelia puts wet cloth on her forehead and assures her that everybody will be there soon. The doctor arrives and gives her an injection. Similarly, she also remembers her dead child Hapsy. Her imagination leads Granny to become Hapsy and Hapsy as a baby. As times passes, her imagination diminishes away. Suddenly, she again thinks about George and wants to meet him and show him that he did not ruin her life.

Her husband was great and her family was better than she expected. Minister Connolly joins to precede last rites. She denies the need of priest and states that her settings with the god have already been assured. She wanders if she could see her child Hapsy and says goodbye to her children. She wants God to assure her that she is accepted and she gets no sign. She thinks she is excluded by the god. She thinks God abandoned her just like George had done to her many years ago. She feels huge anguish and finally dies.

A Rose for Emily

The story initiates at the massive cremation of Emily Grierson. Her house was not visited for 10 years by anybody excluding her maid. Her relationship with the town was great and did not have to pay taxes. But, the new generation wanted her to repay the debt. But, she refused to do it. After 2 years of her father's death and disappearance of her lover, there was bad smell from her house. The authorities had complaints about the smell but could not threaten Emily about the difficulty her neighbors are facing with the smell. In order to solve the problem, they scattered lime all over the place near the house and the odor was ultimately gone.

Everyone was sorry for Emily at her father's death. His house was left for Emily but there was no money for her to survive. She even declined to acknowledge that her father was dead for 3 days. The city people thought that she couldn't bear the death of her father but nobody thought she has gone insane.

There is a flashback of her relationship with Homer Barron. The town is not happy with the relationship and calls her cousin to stop that relationship. On a particular day, people notice that she has bought Arsenic and she is planning to kill herself. But, after she buys other items they think Homer and Emily are getting married. Emily's cousin leaves the town after her lover leaves the town. Homer returns back to the town and goes to Emily's house. He is never seen after that. Emily hardly leaves the household. She starts to take painting lessons.

Emily starts getting older and her hair turns gray. She becomes heavy due to increase in her body weight. At last, she dies and the story reaches to the point where it had started in the funeral. Emily is buried after the funeral. The people open the rooms that have not been open for years. Surprisingly, they discover the dead body of Homer Barron which was decomposing in the bed. At the same time, they find part of a head and in the part a lengthy gray hair.