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Response to "College student stress"

As five hundred and ninety-six college students enrolled in a southern university moved in before their first semester of college, they soon discovered the multiple stresses related to the intense changes in their lives. Linked to a person's tolerance of stress is their sense of coherence which is what Carol Anderson Darling, Lenore M. McWey, Stacy N. Howard, and Spencer B. Olmstead authors of the article, "College Student Stress: the influence of interpersonal relationships on sense of coherence," carefully examined as they studied the stresses associated with relationships, level of coping, physical and emotional reactions to stress, and quality of life experienced by college students. From the results of the study, the authors were able to conclude what causes the greatest amount of stress on females and males during the time a person's sense of coherence is still developing (Darling et al., 2007, 216). From their observations, the authors were also able to logically explain their results. Consequently, this article was so engaging to me because I was able to relate the information and findings of the study to what I have experienced so far in my college experience. For instance, with the introduction of sense of coherence (SOC) confused about what sense of coherence is. Take a sentence to explain it. and its relationship to the transition to college observed by the authors, I was able to deduct the affects of my boyfriend, my parents, and school and how they affect my stress. When I first came to college, I had the 'I can do this attitude' described by the article which pushed me to become involved in a sorority and attend tutoring sessions. Though at first I thought being involved in extracurricular activities would decrease my stress because they would get me away from my school work, I soon realized that my activities would also create stress. Introduction is very well written I like the opening it gives the reader a good understanding of what your paper is going to be about.

With attention to the article, the rhetorical purpose of "College Student Stress" is to study sense of coherence and its relationship to gender. Of the topics mentioned that because the largest amount of stress to female students, most of them I related too.reword I am unsure of what you are trying to say in this sentence In essence, to obtain their results of the study, the authors used an adaptation of the Family Stress Theory and their knowledge of the ABC-X model to create surveys that could be used to gain a perspective of how many students have a low sense of coherence versus a high coherence (Darling et al., 2007, 219). In order to build upon previous research, The Family Stress Theory (FST) was used. This theory allowed the authors to examine the students' relationships and the effects on the different aspects of their health in relation to sense of coherence. The traits that FST specifically looked at in order to gain a measurement of a student's sense of coherence were comprehensibility, manageability, and meaningfulnesswhat do these terms mean? (Darling et al., 2007, 216). Once the authors determined who had a low and high coherence, they were able to draw their conclusions about how their sense of coherence related to how they managed their stress and what caused the greatest amount of stress for them. To assist the authors in their study, the ABC-X model was also used. The ABC-X model considers the way a student adapts to stressors, resources available to assist in managing the stress, as well as how the students perceive the stress in which they are experiencing (Darling et al., 2007, 220). With an adaptation of the Family Stress Theory and ideas from the ABC-X model, the authors were able to conduct a study which showed the relationship between sense of coherence and how male and female students adjust to stress in their lives.

After the study was tabulated, the results showed similarities and differences between the effects of stress on males and females. Surprisingly though, there were more differences than similarities, and those that corresponded were found to be not significant. For instance, the study showed that there were not enough differences in the number of hours of sleep or time devoted to studying between the genders to conclude that studying and sleeping were significant to the relationship of stress to students (Darling et al., 2007, 221). Though the study did not concede that the similarities were significant, the differences in return did emphasize the importance of this analysis. For example, a few of the differences that were of interest to me included females were more likely to communicate daily whereas male students were more likely to communicate weekly with parents. Another difference noted in the article was also that female students seemed to obtain a higher sense of stress from current world events, their major in school, lack of study time, quantity of homework, and their parent's expectations of the student's performance (Darling et al., 2007, 221). From the study, the general idea of the study soon began to seem as though females experienced higher levels of stress and that females have a more difficult time of dealing with their stresses than males. The study also linked that stress can cause neck pains and backaches, and that female students are more likely to experience these symptoms than males (Darling et al., 2007, 223). Not only did the study show that females had a tendency to encounter more stress from school related issues but also from their relationships with friends, parents, and boyfriends. As a result, most of the topics that the study encountered as linking to stress, I was able to relate to on some personal

To begin with, the argument pertaining to the demands in student relationships comprised in the ABC-X model that the authors found, I believe to be true.not sure on what you are trying to say the topic sentence should reflect what you are going to talk about in the paragraph. Maybe say something about stress in females and how you have been able to relate to it. Then give the facts from the article and then your personal experience. More specifically, the article states that there is a direct relationship to the quality of a relationship to how stress in perceived in females. To make the case in the article, the authors were able to include examples of love relationships that caused stress. For instance, one male student stated that living five hours away from his girlfriend was causing him stress (Darling et al., 2007, 225). Luckily, from my experience I haven't had to deal with being away from my boyfriend while being at college since he also attends North Carolina State and lives in the same dorm as me. Therefore, I haven't had to deal with the stress associated with being away from a loved one. Although, I have not experienced being away from him for a long time, I have instead been able to realize that he helps me to relive stress and relax when I do feel overwhelmed with school work or when I do miss my family at home since we both live two and a half hours away from NC State. Not really necessary Though the article does not address the matter directly of the effects of love relationships that have managed to survive from high school, the article does suggest that quality of the relationship is what matters as it pertains to stress. In order to keep the quality of our relationship favorable, we have devised to always have dinner together in the dining hall. There might be a more precise way to say this have you considered. My boyfriend and I have also devised a way to always have dinner together in the dining hall to keep our relationship favorable as the article suggests that the quality of the relationship is what matters as it pertains to stress. Therefore, the conclusion the authors drew from the study can be reinforced both ways whether the quality of the relationship is commendable or not.

Among love relationships, the study also observed college students and their friend relationships. Comparatively to love relationships, friend relationships also had a direct affiliation to stresshow?. When I first arrived to North Carolina State University, I had the 'I can do this' mentioned in the study that is associated with a high sense of coherence. To have a high sense of coherence, the article mentioned that a person must have a "view of the world as comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful define these terms. (Darling et al., 2007, 215)." To exemplify the quality of having a sense of manageability, the article defines the idea as an individual's ability to utilize available resources (Darling et al., 2007, 216). Unknowingly, this was the fact that the dean and the other speakers at the engineering college welcome were trying to deal in freshmen engineers minds. In essence, the resource that they were mentioning was networking. As result, I determined to "network" with my friends, but the problem was many of my friends did not come to NC State aside from my boyfriend. Not sure if this fits with the rest of the paragraph you may want to condense it to say your friends didn't come to state so you joined a sorority I got lost with the engineering. Consequently, I decided to join a sorority. Though the experience is sometimes stressful with having to obtain every sister's interview and studying for weekly quizzes about the history of the sorority, the decision to become part of a sorority has so far seemed to be my best idea so far at NC State. When I am not studying for quizzes for the sorority, many of the sisters offer study sessions which allow me to ask another student who has already gone through most my classes how to do problems. Not only does being a part of a sorority allow me to call a sister when I am need of help, but it also allows me to sometimes get away from campus. For instance, we recently took a trip to Wilmington for a weekend and went camping. Though I knew I had tons of homework waiting for me when I got back to campus, it helped to relieve much of my stress. With all things considered, joining a sorority has had a positive influence on my quality of friendships at NC State and has therefore allowed me to not be as stressed as if the support system was not there.

Although my personal encounters of love and friend relationships have been the opposite of those described in the article, my family relationship status is quite different. For example, the article acknowledges that the major themes that the authors saw to be cause of stress were family communication, health, and relationships (Darling et al., 2007, 226). From my personal affairs, the root of my stress in this area has been communication; more specifically, the lack of communication between my half siblings and my parents as well as me. The last time I talked and/ or saw my half brother and one of my half sisters was when I was in the fifth grade. Since then, I have not talked to any of them. As a result, I was always afraid to ask my parents about them, and as a result it always seemed as though the subject was one to be avoided. With me being an only child, I have always had questions about them and have wondered about what it is like to have a sibling. During the first week on campus, I had plenty of down time considering classes had not started yet, and for this reason I decided to friend search my half brother on Facebook. Surprisingly, I found him and sent him a message. Consequently, the next day he responded saying he had been curious too about why there had been a lack of communication. Though I was extremely thrilled about regaining conversation between my half brother, there was still the worry of what my parents were going to say. I did not know if I had done the right thing of getting in contact with him considering I did not know why the dialogue had stopped. To emphasize how nervous and stressed I was about the topic; I avoided my phone as well as checked my Facebook page whenever I got a chance. Since this matter of reconnecting family connections was so time filling, condense To a couple of sentences state the overall view of the story so you can make your point. I began to wonder the effects it would have on my grades, so I simply told my parents the truth and surprisingly my two out of three of my half siblings are coming during the holidays. Though the matter caused hours of wonderment and distention, it did bring relief. Overall, one of the students stated that the cause of their stress was not being able to talk to their parents because they did not feel close enough to them. Luckily for me, I finally came to realization that I had to tell my parents, and as a result there was a successful outcome. Your body paragraphs are very well written. You do a good job of switching from the article and giving personal experience.

With this in mind, the Family Stress Theory was dominantly helpful for the authors' theory of sense of coherence and coping with stress because it shed insight on how certain relationships have an effect on a college student's stress. This sentence works well here because it summarizes the point and leads into the next sentence well As a result, this study was of interest to me because situations of average college students caused me to stress to the point of neck aches. In examining the effects of relationships on stress instead of grades, this article seemed to take the subject of causes of stress further. Consequently, the article made me look at such things as how my boyfriend helps me cope with stress, the effects of joining a sorority, and reconnecting with my half brother have had an effect on my level of stress. The article also affirmed to me that females do handle stress differently than males do which was another intriguing aspect of the experimentdidnt really explain this in the paper. Though the study helped me analyze what helps me cope with stress, the authors did discover some limitations at the end. This included that majority of the students observed in this study were females, therefore the results were disproportionate (Darling et al., 2007, 227). Among the limitations of the study, possibilities of future studies also were determined. Suggestions for future studies included studying the impact of the 'empty-nest' syndrome upon couples with adult children and if it is true that people with low sense of coherence are more likely to move back home after obtaining a four year degree (Darling et al., 2007, 227). Though suggestions and limitations were noted in the results, the article was helpful for me determining what else besides academic life played influential role in my stress level. The conclusion is good. Maybe add in questions you have or additional research you would be interested in instead of what the authors said.


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