The History Of The Personality Psychology English Literature Essay

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According to Freud, Ego is part of Id which has modified by direct influence of external world (Freud 1923). However superego contains the values and morals of society which I have learned from my parents and I always follow it. I developed this part of my personality when I was 4-5 years old and during phallic stage of psychosexual development when my mom used to teach me always to respect my elders and do as they say as long as that thing suits the society morals. Also, superego has two systems which as are conscious and ideal-self. For example, when I was child I used pull my sister's hair and my sister used to cry but I used laugh. The conscious will punish my ego by making me feel guilty about doing that to my sister which it does. However, the ideal-self represent my dreams which show how I actually want to be and career goals which are imaginary. In my dream, I want to be a successful man with big house where my parents and my spouse's parents can live together and also want a career when I can be doctor and also a pharmacist but that's not possible. Ideal self also looks at how I treat people and how I behave as a member of this society. If I behave properly then ideal self rewards me by making my parents and me proud but if I don't behave properly then it punishes me by making me guilty. At the end, if my ideal self is too high then whatever I do will show failure.

Some people's personalities can be defined by using big five traits which are extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism and openness. There are a lot different personalities out there and like them my personality is little different than others and has some similarities are there. According to my personality sketch, my personality type is extraversion, intuitive, feeling and judging. Extrovert is people who is very outgoing and tend to focus on outer things whereas introverts focuses on one's feeling and thoughts rather than the external world. A person who is intuitive means his or her interest lies in relationships and focuses more toward future possibilities whereas a sensible person focuses more towards present possibilities and believes less in relationships. Feeling makes person base decisions on personal terms rather than a person who thinks all possibilities before giving decision. When a person approach life with planned and organize way is called judging however perspective person approaches life with past experience to live in present.

Generally, in an overall view, I am a warm, emphatic, dependable and open person. I am very attached to emotions, needs and motivation of others. I am very helpful when it comes to helping people find their potential and fulfill it. I also try to find good in other people because I know no matter how bad they look from the outside they must be good on the inside. I can be a catalyst when an individual or group needs a growth because I am very loyal and respond to praise and criticism. I am a very social person as in I can help people in the group understand their objective and provide an inspiring leadership.

As a complete extrovert, I am very outgoing and thrive on social interaction. Mostly I enjoy going out and knowing new people. Also, when I see a new person I like to approach them first to get to know them and introduce new people. If you ask many of my friends, you will get to know that I am easy to get to know to because I'm very talkative, friendly and approachable. I feel at ease even when I'm the center of attention. I prefer being active, busy and am very happy when setting surrounding me are challenging and are full of energy. I feel I would be most successful in work place which serves public and depends on teamwork. I am comfortable in leading group which offers peace, changes and diversity in the community. This aspect of my personality serves me best in school because in school I get to meet new people and there are new challenges every day. In class discussion I feel comfortable speaking my opinion and I am not afraid to take risks. I feel that being high extrovert means that I have low cortical arousal which makes me want to seek out more stimulating experiences.

I have active imagination and at times I can be very creative and original in kind of work that I do which I am very intuitive that is another trait that describes me. My thought always seem to fantasizing about future and wondering what could it be and not only that my thought can also cover many things at once. I am always eager to learn new skill that could describe me as I get bored with same old skills. I tend to advise other people more often because my visual about things that affect someone's future and their thinking is very deep. I like a challenge especially when I'm working or in my career because I have choice to include new ideas as inspired. This aspect of my trait personality lends to me being a lazy person particularly in school because I think about what need to done but don't always get it done as I should in effective time management.

I am very emotional person because of that many of my friends call me very feeling person who been told that I am very emphatic person. I always have sympathy for other people and when I am between conflicts I work quickly to resolve it to achieve peace. In my belief a person including myself should show all the feelings of mine and other people as well. My response to praise is better than on criticism but I also take criticism pretty well. I am always used to put other feelings before my own even though it has not fare me well. Whenever I try to help other people, it hasn't served me well in the other areas of my life. This aspect of my personality will best serve in public service community where helping out people is the main objective.

I am very conscious about time and I get my work done by following the routine which I am most comfortable with. I always keep thing order even though I have set up goals for myself and I am used to changing them according to new information and opportunities that are presented. I am used to completing tasks one at a time by not much regards to how it is done however doing many things at once frustrate me very easily and I can be distracted to easily. Even though I get distracted, I always meet the deadlines and right now this aspect of personality greatly affect on my approach in handling the schoolwork more than anything. Although I am not being able to put my best in my work unless I'm really interested then I get it done. In my ideal thought, my work environment should be fulfilling and satisfying but I also have control over. This aspect of my personality makes me a person who is very judging.

There are numbers of career choices that I can consider taking in consideration of my personalities traits. I do consider being counselor who can help people meet their religious activities as well as providing guidance and promoting religious education. This can help me asses and evaluate students' problems and provide consulting service to help students achieve better personal, social and education change. This career sounds interesting and very fulfilling but I already have chosen to be a doctor's assistant.

After reviewing and completing my personality college scope assessment, I've discovered and reinforced myself. The traits extrovert, intuitive and feeling part of my personality is considered true because it exists in every part of my life. However for the last trait I consider myself both judging and perspective because I express both of qualities. Also, this had provided me to take hard look at the perspective that I follow towards life. Even though I'm very into helping children and becoming a counselor, I am very satisfied with the path that I have chosen is to becoming a doctor's assistant. Now that I have made this decision I feel more confident towards my future and schoolwork and I can really visualize myself as doctor and helping out people in need.