The History Of Dracula English Literature Essay

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The story has no one telling it because it is what the characters wrote on their diarys, it takes place in London between XVIII and XIX century with a young lawyer named Jonathan Harker who is in charge of making the paperwork for the sale of a house in London to an old man named Count Dracula who lives in Transylvania, so Harker needs to go to visit the Count and make him sign the papers so he start living weird things , from there the story develops always on creepy environments and start filling you full of suspense.

Character Details:

Count Dracula: He also is the main character because he is the reason of the happenings in the story, he is the most powerful vampire of all the times and had lived for many years, he lives in an old castle at Transylvania but he buys a new house in London and he moves there to try to create more vampires and satisfy his thirst of blood, but he is stopped by Jonathan and some other friends.

Jonathan Harker: Is the character that appears most in the story and he discovers the truth of Count Dracula, that he is a vampire so his purpose in the story at first is to escape from Dracula because he is scared but when Dracula follows him to London and start attacking people he knows that he needs to stop him with the help of some friends.

Mina Harker: She is the wife of Jonathan and she also helps him to stop Dracula because she is bitten by him so they travel to Transylvania to stop him and save her from being a vampire.

Arthur Holmwood: He is the husband of Lucy a friend of Mina who is transformed into a vampire and Jonathan, Arthur and Prof. Van Helsing kill her to stop her from attacking childs in the town.

Dr. Seward: He tries to save Lucy but he don't know what happens to her so he call the Prof. Van Helsing to help him, he also is in charge of the asylum where Renfield is, he study him to know why he acts like that and tries to eat small animals like insects but he don't know that Renfield is a servant of Dracula.

Prof. Van Helsing: He discovers what happens to Lucy and convince Jonathan and Arthur tha she is a vampire, after she die they go to her tomb and they nail a stake through her heart and cut off her head so she could rest in peace, he also helps to stop Dracula.

Plot Details

The story starts with Jonathan Harker, a lawyer who needs to visit Count Dracula who lives in Transylvania to make him sign some papers of a house the he brought in London, so he goes to his old castle and when he is in there weird things start happening, he don't see the Count during the days and after he finishes the paperwork the Count insist him to stay more days in the castle until one day that he saw three women in the castle who try to bit him but the Count stop them , Jon fall asleep and from there he tries to escape, one day the Count is sent in one box to London leaving Jon inside the castle without way out, so he escapes from a window falls in the river and held by some sisters who wrote a letter to Mina to tell his situation, while he was in Transylvania Mina went to the house of her friend Lucy whose husband is also out working but she notice that Lucy acts weird and one day she saw Lucy going to a chapel asleep and someone with her so when she saw Lucy she has two red marks on her neck and start feeling sick so she call Arthur to treat her.

When Jonathan returns to London he marries Mina and they hear that Lucy is dead and one day in the street Jon saw Count and he got scared and tell Mina and Arthur what happened in Transylvania, with the help of Prof. Van Helsing they kill Lucy transformed in a vampire and they go to Count's house in London to try to stop him but he discover them so they escape but when they arrive with Mina she was being bitten by the Count and he maker drink his blood so she also transforms into a vampire, the Count escapes to Transylvania and they follow him but they arrive earlier than him so Prof. Van Helsing and Mina go to the castle and the others follow the Count's boat.

When Prof. Van Helsing and Mina had destroyed Count's restroom and the three vampires that where in the castle the sun was falling when they saw how Jon and Arthur were following the carriage of the Count so they threw the driver and stop de carriage, they open the box were Dracula was sleeping and they kill him before he could wakes so Mina return to be a normal human and they save London from Count Dracula.

Personal Evaluation and Conclusion:

I like much this book because it's interesting but there are some parts were I got bored, this book holds my interest because I wanted to know what would happen next and how would it end, I learn that if I got a problem I need to tell it to the people that I trust so they can help me solve it like Jonathan told everyone what was happening and they help him to stop Dracula, this book affects me because I would be more open to people from now, I recommend this book because I like it very much and I would like everyone to read it and enjoy it like me . Š