The Eddible Woman And Water For Chocolate English Literature Essay

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Traditionally, food plays an extremely important part in the life of people. Food is particularly important for women because of gender-related biases and stereotypes imposed on them by the society. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that women are traditionally viewed as housewives and cooking comprises an integral part of their life. At the same time, such a view on women is apparently biased and highly subjective. In this regard, women attempt to ruin existing stereotypes but still their life is closely intertwined with food. At this point, it is possible to refer to the main characters of "Like Water for Chocolate" by L. Esquivel and "The Edible Woman" by M. Atwood. The main characters of the two books, Tita and Marian respectively shape their view on the surrounding world through food, which plays an important part in their life, especially in the life of Tita. In such a way, the authors of both books reveal the fact that the worldview of women is often shaped through food.

In fact, Tita is very concerned with the food and cooking. She adores cooking and food comprises an integral She is very concerned with cooking, which is rather a sort of art for her than a regular routine job. She likes cooking and that is exactly what makes her so female, a true woman, especially in eyes of her beloved Pedro. In such a way, the love of Tita to cooking becomes an essential condition for the happiness of Tita in her personal life.

At the same time, she feels quite comfortable when she is cooking and she does like cooking. She feels that cooking is what she likes to do. This is why she shapes her worldview through her attitude to food. Cooking is an essential part of her life and she cannot imagine her life without cooking.

Food plays an important part in the life of Marian, the main character of "The Edible Woman". Marian's attitude to food depends on her life and, vice versa, the attitude of Marian to food affects her worldview. The main character of "The Edible Woman" does not have any troubles with food but steadily she develops substantial problems with eating meat. She does not like it because, when she thinks of meat she thinks of sufferings of animals slaughtered to prepare the meat. In such a way, her attitude to the world changes, as she grows conscious of sufferings of animals, who are used to prepare the meat. In fact, she believes that she needs to re-evaluate her views and norms. However, the change of her preferences in food leads to consistent changes in her life.


Food and pleasure are closely intertwined in Tita's life because she is a good woman and is an idea wife that attracts Pedro to her. Even though Pedro is married on Rosaura, he loves Tita because Rosaura has poor cooking skills, whereas Tita adores cooking. In such a way, Tita adores cooking that attracts Pedro to her that makes her beloved. In fact, Tita is a true woman, whose happiness depends on food and her cooking. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that Tita loves Pedro, but Pedro has to marry her sister Rosaura. Nevertheless, it is Tita, who attracts Pedro and, not in the last turn, due to her cooking skills. In fact, Tita is an ideal image of a woman for Pedro. At the same time, Pedro is her beloved and she attempts to use her cooking skills to keep him attracted to her. In addition, she finds escapes from all her troubles in cooking. When she cooks, she forgets about her problems and enjoys the process of cooking. In such a way, cooking becomes a sort of therapy for Tita, which brings her relief and pleasure.

Marian also depends on food and pleasures she experiences in her life also depend on the food consumption. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that, as Marian life is good, she pays little attention to food she consumes. As troubles begin in her family life, she suffers from problems with food. She cannot eat meat anymore. Meat is a symbol of male food and Marian is a woman that makes her disliking meat. At the same time, she probably fears that Duncan will treat her as a mere commodity, as a mere brute. This is why she dislikes meat and rebels against the possible oppression from the part of Duncan and refuses from eating meat. In such a way, Marian enjoys food only when she feels good, whereas, if she has some troubles in her personal life, she suffers from the inability to eat food.

At the same time, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that Marian changes her life and food becomes a symbol of the change in her life. On the other hand, she wants to enjoy the life and food becomes the tool, which helps her to make her life better. For instance, when she is happy, she can eat everything she likes. However, as soon as she suffers from problems with her diet refusing from eating meat, she starts changing her life. In fact, she starts suffering when she sees meat and thinks of slaughtered animals. However, as she refuses from consuming meat, she is happy again and she enjoys her life.

In such a way, the main character of "The Edible Woman" depends on food, as Tita in "Like Water for Chocolate", enjoys her life and food becomes an important part of her life without which she cannot be happy. In fact, both main characters use food as a symbol of their self-realization, their liberty and ability to live the life in the way they like. Food makes them different from other and food makes them happy. In addition, changes in food preferences lead to changes in their life but without changes in food preferences Marian cannot be happy.