The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath English Literature Essay

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Carter is advised to go the town of Ulthar to find a priest named Atal who may know something about the gods and unknown Kadath. Atal tells him about a huge carving on Ngranek's hidden side, which shows the features of a god. Carter knows that some gods are living among the other people and wants to ask a god about Kadath. So he plans to see the carving to know how a god looks like. Carter stops in a town called Dylath-Leen when his dream-quest is interrupted, because he is captured by some turbaned men, who are going to take him to the moon. They intend to bring him to the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep, one of the Other Gods who rule space. But he can be saved by the cats of Ulthar.

One of the Key scenes of the book is when Randolph Carter climbs the Ngranek and sees the huge carving of the god. At first his search of unknown Kadath goes on very slowly but at this point he knows exactly what he has to do and who he has to ask to find Kadath.

Because Randolph Carter has seen this features before. He is actually surprised to see that the features match those of the sailors who trade at the port of Celephais. He still has to overcome many obstacles, like the Vale of Pnath, where he is brought by the night-gaunts in order to let him die. But all in all this is maybe the most important hint he gets. Besides this is the first time he sees the image of a god. This helps him very much, because he got told that some of the gods life among the others in the dream world.

A sign in the book that this hint is so important is the reaction of the gods. They send the night-gaunts, which bring him into the underworld. The gods acted like this because they know the intention of Carter to find Kadath and they do everything in order to prevent him from finding. The gods don't want him to find Kadath because they live there and don't want to be disturbed. So they order their servants to do everything to abolish him.

Above all seeing the image of a god must have influenced Randolph Cater also emotionally, I think everybody will be influenced emotionally if he sees the image of a god or a god himself. Because of this he maybe gets also a bit afraid, when he recognizes that he has even seen many gods in reality. Perhaps he even gets a bit paranoid, because now he knows that he has already seen so many gods. And maybe he is angry with himself that he didn't consider the sailors as gods, because the carving and the sailors have some very distinctive features.

So this is one of the most important key scenes because from this point on Carter knows how he can find the city, he finds out how gods look like and it influenced his character. But in addition the gods try even more now to prevent him from finding the city, because they are afraid that he can really find their city.

3) Letter to the author

Dear H.P. Lovecraft,

I have read your book "The Dream - Quest of Unknown Kadath" and I have separate opinions about it. At the beginning I didn't like your book, because it seemed very difficult to me, because this book is a kind of a sequel. So it was sometimes difficult to understand certain events in the book. Especially the beginning, when Randolph Carter enters the dream-world is incomprehensible to me. Also the strange names of the places and races seemed back-breaking at the beginning. But after I have read some pages I got used to it. And the more I got used to it the more I liked it.

The only things which I can not understand even now are the circumstances of the dream world. I don't know if this is Carter's personal dream world or if it is a "common" dream world that everyone can entry. But this is because I haven't read the former books and so I just have to accept it, even if I don't understand it.

Another thing I don't like is the repetition of some certain words like myriad. I think this is one of the most frequent words in the book.

I also don't like the incidents in the book. I think it was much too easy for Randolph Carter to collect information about unknown Kadath. And the story is also told in a way you could assume that nothing is impossible for Carter, even if no one else can do it. For example you have written sometimes that nobody ever dared to go to a certain place but Randolph Carter as if it is the most natural thing in the world and, when he goes to such a place nothing really dangerous happens to him.

But I really like the idea of searching a city in your dreams. At the beginning it sounded pretty strange to me but then I liked it. The good think of this idea is there are more unnatural things that can happen e.g. that gods life among common people. And in this world some of the natural laws are abrogated. The dream world also introduces new creatures like the zoogs.

I look up to you because of your impressive fantasy. This book is the most fanciful book I have ever read. You really have a great fantasy which you showed imposingly in this book. I would have never come up with the idea of a dream quest or creatures like zoogs. I also admire your fantasy about so many different creatures and names.

All in all you have created an amazing book, which maybe is a bit boring at the beginning, but after some pages it gets really exciting. In fact I don't your way of writing but I think that's the only way to express your huge fantasy. What I really like is your view of the gods and that even some gods are more powerful than others and that some of the gods live among the common people.