The Doctors Life In A Country Doctor English Literature Essay

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The story in the book "A Country's Doctor" is told by Frank Kafka. He was inspired to write the book when he fell into challenges and had to find a way of going through them. This is in regard to his work as a doctor and his duty to the community. This essay is going to consider some of the challenges and frustrations the doctor goes through. It will also highlight the doctor's life and how it could be termed as a nightmare plus other themes that will come along it.

The environmental confronts are evident when it comes to the doctor's challenges. Single mindedly, he is determined to help the sick patient who is ten miles away. The problems multiply further when blizzards (snow) cover the road. As though that is not enough, the blizzards lead to the death of his horse. Anger boils up in his head, something that eventually leads him to kick the door of a pig sty, as he could not have changed the situation that was at hand: bad weather.

The country doctor also faced a challenge of transportation. His heart was set at attending to his patient. He picks his instruments and walks into the courtyard. The carriage is there, just the right type for the country roads. But he has no horses. He is forced to send his servant girl to look for a horse but the community people offer none. Them being the very people whose lives he works so vigorously to save, he gets extremely frustrated, putting in mind that he is working tirelessly to treat and save the villagers' lives. None of them is willing to help in time of need; this leaves him low in spirit and extremely down faced. It happens that a groom is willing to let him borrow his but for a price of his servant girl.

Another challenge facing the doctor is dilemma. Outside is freezing ice cold. Ten miles away, the doctor's patient is dying. The doctor has no means of reaching him despite the fact that the patient is dying. He has a situation with the groom, who is determined to trade his horses and carriage for the doctor's servant girl. Should he take the horses and go save the patient or decline the offer and stay on to protect Rosa from the bad intentions of the groom? As he stands staring at the carrier, unable to make a decision out of the dilemma, the groom bites his servant and he is forced to take the next action faster. Having no control over the situation, he sets off to see the patient. In the doctor's mind, he is able to hear the girl being ripped naked after the groom breaks into the house. And the groom does what the doctor dreaded most. His inability to protect Rosa frustrates him over and over and is evident throughout the story. We see his thoughts being drawn back to her at every stage as the story develops.

The other challenge he has to confront is personal limitation. According to his patient's family, whether their son lives or dies depends on the doctor. The patient too confesses this when he asks the doctor to "let him" die. Despite the expectations, his patient is morally wounded and there is nothing he can do to save him. We see frustration as he tries to pull himself out of blame.

A nightmare indeed is what this situation should be called as the country doctor seems to be in one. A nightmare is a dream that occurs during sleep that results in a feeling of inescapable danger, fear or extreme anxiety. As the events unfold, they make it seem more or less like a dream. Dangers and fears that go along with the story make it more of a nightmare this comes to full glares at the patient's home. The doctor is unable to cure the boy. The songs declare his fate, that is, he has to die. Miraculously, the doctor escapes. As he travels home the doctor is full of fear, fear that the worst could have happened to the country girl Rosa. Before we get to know how it all ended, the story comes to a sudden end. A typical nightmare that never ends as one always wakes up.

A theme is the subjected topic of a given essay or writing. Therefore, one of the themes identified in this essay is rationalization. The doctor is unable to reach out to his patient. He blames the villagers for not letting him borrow their horses. Similarly, the doctor blames his patient's perspective for the illness. The fact however is that the doctor has failed to live up to his expectations as a doctor.

Another theme brought out in this story is immorality in the society. Frank Kafka shows this through the character, the groom. The groom plainly and openly makes it clear that he has not come to help the doctor, but to have the girl. He bites her before her master. At the patient's home the doctor is stripped naked by the patient's family members, and his body is laid before them all, both young and old. In the view of the society, failure of the doctor to heal warrants him death. The doctor therefore has no right to live.

In conclusion, the doctor is expected to take responsibility of his doings, as he is confronted by many challenges that he has to go through. As a person, he cannot do all that is expected of him, thus in this essay, we see that the community is quite unreasonable as they expect too much from him.