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A crowd of people has gathered outside a prison. There is a rose bush that is growing next to the prison door. This symbolizes nature's kindness to the destined. Anne Hutchinson- went to the prison for believing should focus on their own relationships with God.

I wonder why there is a crowd of people outside the prison?

I wonder why there is a rose bush growing next to the prison.

I can already tell that Anne Hutchinson is going to play a big role in this story.

Chapter 2

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester Prynne, holding a baby

comes out the prison and goes

to a platform. Women in the crowd

talk about Hester because of the

scarlet Letter "A" badge on her

chest. Hester has committed

adultery And has gave birth to an

illegal child. The "A" on her dress

stands for Adulterer. Hester has

flashbacks of her past about her

parents. She squeezes her baby

until it cries.

I feel bad for the baby being brought into this world illegally.

I finally get the significance of the title of the book.

Who would squeeze an innocent baby like that?

Chapter 3

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester spots her husband in the crowd of people. Her husband doesn't want her to say that it is he. Hester doesn't want to reveal the other person in the crime. As her punishment she must spend three hours on the scaffold and she must wear the scarlet letter for the rest of her life. The ministers of the town try to encourage her to reveal the other person, but she still refuses. It looks like Hester's scarlet letter is glowing. At the end of the sermon, Hester goes back to prison.

I think Hester should just go ahead and tell whom the other sinner is because might be released from prison.

I wonder does she actually keep her baby with her in prison?

That scarlet letter on Hester's robe must be more powerful than I thought.

Chapter 4

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester and her husband are in front of each other for the first time because he goes to her cell due to some medical problems. Hester refuses to drink Chillingworth's medicine because she thinks that he could be trying to poison her. Hester still want tell who her secret lover is. Chillingworth wants her to still keep his identity a secret.

Making her baby live in prison is so horrible.

I wonder how long she has to stay in prison?

I think Hester should just tell who Chillingworth really is so he can get in trouble as well.

Chapter 5

Novel Events

My Reactions

A few months later Hester is released from prison and she now lives in an abandoned cabin. Hester does needlework to make a living. She is very good at what she does. Everywhere Hester goes, she's constantly reminded of what she did. Hester feels very sad and lonely inside.

Quote: "…the spot where some great and marked event has given the color to their lifetime; and still the more irresistibly, the darker the tinge that saddens it" (Hawthorne 83).

I felt relieved when Hester is finally released from prison because it wasn't a good environment for her baby.

I have a feeling that Hester's needle working skills are going to make people look at her differently.

I feel bad for Hester because people are judging her and she's lonely.

Chapter 6

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester's daughter, Pearl, is described a lot in this chapter. Hester gave up everything just for her daughter. Hester worries that her sins will be in her child. Pearl knows that she different from others because she doesn't obey the rules. The scarlet letter that her mom wears everyday fascinates Pearl; she even throws flowers at it. Hester begins to worries that her child is a demon child.

I don't think Pearl is a demon child, but her actions seems like she is one.

I think as Pearl go older, I have a feeling that she will start acting like a normal child.

I wonder why Pearl is so fascinated with her mother's scarlet letter?

Chapter 7

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester visits Governor Bellingham's house. She goes to his house to deliver some gloves that she made for him and too see that if it's true that Pearl is going to be taken away from her. The town thinks that Pearl is a demon-child, but they also think that Pearl deserves a better parent than Hester. On the way to Bellingham's house, some children attack Pearl and Hester, but Pearl scares them away. Pearl tells her mom to look in the armor and when she does the scarlet letter looks bigger than her. Pearl looks like a devilish child.

Quote: "…the scarlet letter was represented in exaggerated and gigantic proportions, so as to be greatly the most prominent feature of her appearance" (Hawthorne 106).

I hope that Pearl doesn't get taken away from her mom because if she does then Hester will probably die.

How can someone take a child away from her own mother? That's not right.

This scarlet letter is really annoying now. Hester should know that it's just a letter and she shouldn't let a letter control her life.

Chapter 8

Novel Events

My Reactions

Bellingham, Chillingworth, Wilson, and Dimmesdale began to tease Pearl. Hester tells the men that should be allowed to keep her child because she feels that she can teach her a lesson. Wilson tries to test the girl on religious subjects, but Pearl refused to answer any of the questions. Dimmesdale speaks up for Hester and they agree with him. Hester gets to keep Pearl for now. As Hester is leaving, Dimmesdale sister invites her to a witches gathering. Hester isn't going to go and seems like Pearl is already saving her mother's life.

Why would a group of grown men tease a three year old like that?

I feel that Pearl deserves to stay with her mother because I believe that she will teach her a valuable lesson.

Pearl really needs to get out of this stubborn mode.

I wonder what goes on at a withes gathering?

Chapter 9

Novel Events

My Reactions

Dimmesdale has begun to suffer from some health problems. Sometimes he clutches his chest, which could be from heart problems. Chillingworth moves in with Dimmesdale so he can be like his personal doctor. Sometimes Chillingworth is referred to as "the leech." The town has begun wondering about Chillingworth since he's got here. They think that Dimmesdale is being haunted by the devil and Chillingworth is the devil himself.


I agree with the town that Chillingworth could be the devil.

I'm predicting that Dimmesdale is going to die because he's in the hands of Chillingworth.

I wonder if they will kill Chillingworth since they think he's the devil?

Chapter 10

Novel Events

My Reactions

Dimmesdale questions Chillingworth about a strange plant. They start talking about the burying of one's secrets. All of a sudden they hear Pearl's laughter from outside. Pearl is dancing in the graveyard and hooking burrs in her mother's scarlet letter. When Pearl sees Dimmesdale and Chillingworth she drags her mother away saying something very strange. Chillingworth thinks that Dimmesdale spiritual side is giving him health problems. A couple of days later Chillingworth sneaks up to Dimmesdale while he is sleeping and pulls back his shirt and sees something on his chest that makes him happy.

Quote: "Come away, Mother! Come away, or yonder old Black Man will catch you! He hath got hold of the minister already…" (Hawthorne 132).

Chillingworth's strange plant should have set off an alarm in Dimmesdale's head that said do you really know this guy well enough to let him treat you?

Pearl is really starting to scare me because why would she put burrs on her mom's scarlet letter? Why would her mom stand there and let her do it?

I wonder what Chillingworth saw on Dimmesdale chest?

I think that it's a tattoo of some religious sign that's by his heart.

Chapter 11

Novel Events

My Reactions

Dimmesdale is beginning to have visions. He even has a vision where Hester points to her scarlet letter and then points to his chest. He begins to torture himself by beating himself, fasting, and staying up late meditating on his sins. Dimmesdale decides the only way to cure his pain is to hold a vigil on the scaffold, the same way Hester did.

I definitely think that Chillingworth is the reason why Dimmesdale is having all of these weird visons with Hester in them.

Why would someone torture themselves because that doesn't solve anything.

I think that the whole vigil on the scaffold isn't going to work because things got worse for Hester.

Chapter 12

Novel Events

My Reactions

Dimmesdale goes up on the scaffold without anyone knowing he's out there. Pearl and Hester are there without him even realizing it. They join him on the scaffold holding hands. Dimmesdale sees a letter "A" in the sky from a meteor that was in the sky. Pearl spots Chillingworth and Dimmesdale ask Hester who he really was, but she can't tell him. The next day Dimmesdale preaches a good sermon. The church sexton gives Dimmesdale his black glove that he had found on the scaffold. The sexton things the devil left it there. Then the sexton brings up the letter "A" shown in the sky from the meteor. The town thinks that it stood for angel as in Governor Winthrop is now an angel.

I don't get how going out on a scaffold will help you with your sins.

It's so ironic that Pearl and Hester are always showing up at the randomest times.

I think Dimmesdale is starting to wonder who the real Chillingworth is.

I completely disagree with the town and the whole angel thing.

I think that it was some sort of sign to Dimmesdale relating to the scarlet letter on Hester's chest.

Chapter 13

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester has changed a lot over the years. She's helps to poor and cares more about people. People are suggesting that the letter "A" stands for able. That scarlet letter has changed Hester as well. She doesn't feel love or passionate anymore because the scarlet letter sort of hardened her. She thinks about the harm that she's is causing Dimmesdale by keeping Chillingworth's real identity a secret.

I knew Hester would change eventually as in going out more because I think she's beginning to realize that wearing that letter doesn't really make who she really is.

I knew the town would start accepting her again because that happened so long ago that they need to get over it.

I agree with Hester that it's time for her to tell Dimmesdale the truth.

Chapter 14

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester and Chillingworth engage in a conversation by the beach. He tells her that the town fathers are thinking about removing the scarlet letter. Hester says that it can't be removed by them that it will come off on its own. Hester begins to realize that Chillingworth has changed over the years. Chillingworth has begun to realize that he too has changed. Hester feels that he should be mad at her because she was the one to make him that way. Hester makes up her mind that she's going to tell Dimmesdale the truth. Then she leaves Chillingworth.

If I were Hester I would get the scarlet letter removed because it's obvious that she's learned her lesson and she's worn it long enough.

I don't understand what she means when she says that it will come off on her own time.

Finally, Chillingworth is starting to see that the devil is in him.

It's about time that Hester told Dimmesdale the truth because maybe he'll stop having all of these chest pains once he knows the truth.

Chapter 15

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester finds Pearl dressing herself up as a mermaid. She uses seaweed to make a scarlet letter on her chest hoping that her mom would ask her about the letter. Hester asks Pearl does she knows what the letter means and she says yes and relates it to Dimmesdale placing his hand on chest all of the time. Hester decides not to tell her the story behind the scarlet letter because she is too young to know what really happened. Pearl keeps asking her mom what it means over the next couple of days.

Pearl is a very strange young girl, but I like her because she's unpredictable.

I believe she adores her mother's scarlet letter.

I think Hester should go ahead and tell Pearl what the letter really means because she basically has the pieces, but she doesn't know how to put everything together.

Chapter 16

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester waits for Dimmesdale in the forest so she can tell him the truth. As they are waiting for Dimmesdale, Pearl wants to know about the "Black Man." An old woman was talking about it and she claims that the scarlet letter was a mark from the "Black Man." Pearl wants to know whether the "Black Man" left a mark on Dimmesdale and that's why he's always clutching his chest. Hester tells Pearl to go off and play even though Pearl is still questioning her.

I wonder what Dimmesdale is going to say when Hester tells him the truth.

I have a feeling that he knew all along, but he didn't want to say anything.

I don't believe in the "Black Man" because it doesn't make any since to me.

Pearl knows way too much for a 7 sever year old girl.

Chapter 17

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester finally tells Dimmesdale that Chillingworth is her husband while they are sitting by a brook. Dimmesdale begins to blame Hester for everything that is happening to him. Dimmesdale must get away from Chillingworth somehow. They decide to run away together, along with Pearl, to Europe.

I'm glad that she finally told Dimmesdale the truth because he needed to hear it.

I have a feeling that this whole plan to try and escape to Europe is going to work.

Chapter 18

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester and Dimmesdale are excited about the whole idea. Hester even throws off her scarlet letter, which makes her become more passionate again. Hester tells Dimmesdale that she can't wait for him and Pearl to bond. Hester then calls Pearl to come over.

I was surprised when Hester took off her scarlet letter because she said it would come off on its on.

I think Pearl and Dimmesdale will have a good relationship because Pearl seems to like Dimmesdale.

Something tells me that they are going to run into some trouble when it comes down to them leaving.

Chapter 19

Novel Events

My Reactions

Pearl doesn't want to go over to Hester because she notices that the scarlet letter is gone. Hester has to quickly put the scarlet letter back on and then act like her usual self again. Pearl comes over then and kisses her mom and the scarlet letter. Pearl wants Dimmesdale to walk with them to the village holding hands, but Hester tells her it isn't the right time. Dimmesdale kisses Pearl, but then Pearl runs away to wash it off.

Why does Pearl love the scarlet letter so much?

I'm really confused about Pearl now because she's really odd and different.

I thought it wasn't how Pearl ran to go wash the kiss off that Dimmesdale had given her.

Chapter 20

Novel Events

My Reactions

Hester and Dimmesdale are planning to go on a ship that leaves for England in a few days because Hester knows the crew of the ship. After Dimmesdale leaves the forest he's beginning to act a little strange. When he gets home Dimmesdale finally tells Chillingworth that he has no more use for him. Dimmesdale throws away his sermon and begins writing another one.

Quote: "It was the same town as heretofore; but the same minister returned not from the forest" (Hawthorne 205).

I wonder what is going to happen when Hester and them arrive in England?

I wonder why Dimmesdale was acting so weird after he left the forest?

I have a feeling Chillingworth is going to stop Dimmesdale and Hester from leaving town.

Chapter 21

Novel Events

My Reactions

The town gathers together again in wait to see a new Governor take office. Pearl thinks that Dimmesdale is a strange man because he will only greet them when no one is around. The commander of ship that they are taking to England comes up to her. He tells her that Chillingworth will be joining them on the ship. Chillingworth will be ships doctor. Hester sees Chillingworth across from her with a smirk on his face.

No wonder Pearl doesn't like Dimmesdale that much because he acts like he's cool with them, but when he's around people he doesn't associate with them.

I knew that Chillingworth was going to find some type of way to sabotage their Hester and Dimmesdale's plan.

This journey to England is going to be interesting with Chillingworth aboard.

Chapter 22

Novel Events

My Reactions

People are coming to the meetinghouse to hear Dimmesdale's sermon. Hester barely recognizes him and he seems different after they talked in the forest. Mistress Hibbins comes to Hester and talks to her about the "Black Man" and how he leaves his markings on people. Pearl tells her mother that Chillingworth is going to bring Dimmesdale on board so they only have to worry about themselves. Everyone around Hester is staring at her.

I wonder what has happened to Dimmesdale over these past couple of days?

I have a feeling that the "Black Man" marked Dimmesdale.

Chillingworth is probably going to trick Dimmesdale and he isn't going to board the ship.

Chapter 23

Novel Events

My Reactions

Dimmesdale finishes his sermon and the crowd thinks that it's his best one yet. Hester and Pearl goes up to the scaffold with Dimmesdale. Dimmesdale tells the crowd that he has sinned and he rips off his garment and shows the crowd his markings. Pearl finally kisses Dimmesdale. Hester is wondering whether or not will they be able to spend their lives together and he says God will decide. After that Dimmesdale says his final words and he dies.

I knew that Dimmesdale was going to die eventually because there was no way this story was going to have a happy ending.

I wonder what did his marking mean on his chest?

I wonder if Hester and Pearl will still go to England without him.

Chapter 24

Novel Events

My Reactions

Many of the people that witnessed Dimmesdale's death tell different stories as to what has happened. Some people thought a scarlet letter was on his chest while some others thought that Chillingworth made that marking on him. There are even people who says that they didn't see anything at all. Chillingworth dies a year later after Dimmesdale and he leaves everything to Pearl. Soon after Hester and Pearl disappear and the legend of the scarlet letter goes on. Later on Hester returns to her cottage alone. Women come to Hester for advice and later on Hester dies. Hester and Dimmesdale are buried near each other and they even share a tombstone with a tombstone with a scarlet letter "A" on the background.

It wasn't a surprised to me that Chillingworth died a year later because it was obvious that he didn't have any more use to this world after Dimmesdale died.

I wonder was there really a scarlet letter on Dimmesdale's chest when he revealed it to the crowd?

I wonder what really happened to Pearl once she didn't come back with her mother?

Overall, this was chapter was very interesting because I found a lot of questions that I had by reading this chapter.