The Common Problems Of Murders English Literature Essay

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"In Cold Blood vs. the Lovely Bones. Nowadays, murders have become more common; around the world we can listen or watch in the news about some assassinates in universities, high schools or even in families committed by students from the same school or outside. These kind of tragic events are more common in the Unites States because there is easy to get a gun without permission not like here in Mexico, for this reason young people can have a gun and this is terrible because in that age they do not know the responsibility that to have a gun means, but not only a gun also any kind of weapon and the consequences that it has.

In Mexico is not so easy to get a gun, not only people should have the necessary money to buy one, but also they have to ask for a permit in order to not have problems with the police and be arrested. The officers have control of the guns because these have a number to be registered, here only rich people or powerful people can have one but there are some exception because criminal such as robbers or kidnappers have one.

By other hand, in the Unites States is very common to know that young people have a weapon to defend oneself, but the authorities have to authorized who is able to have a weapon because there are some people with mental illness and because of these problems have happened many tragedies, for example, in the United States have happened many massacres in universities caused by students with mental illness or because they were oppressed or even humiliated, but not only young people commit such crimes, adults also commit crimes between their family.

There are different causes that drive people to commit murders or rapes, for example, problems in the family, abandon, problems with alcohol or drugs, violence during childhood, etc., all these problems bring as a consequence psychological problems, depression, anger, revenge, etc.

According to an article in Wikipedia, the United States has some good examples of these kinds of events, four terrible massacres in schools; The Columbine High School massacre occurred on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine. Two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, embarked on a massacre, killing 12 students and one teacher. They also injured 21 other students directly, and three people were injured while attempting to escape. The pair then committed suicide.

It is the fourth-deadliest school massacre in United States history, after the 1927 Bath School disaster, 2007 Virginia Tech massacre and the 1966 University of Texas massacre, and the deadliest for an American high school. [1] 

To this work I decided to talk about how people are affected in their live by problems that they suffered during childhood. The two books that I choose to talk about show us how some characters suffered some problems during their childhood and when they become adults they look for revenge and they commit some crimes without care the consequences that these facts can bring.

"In Cold Blood ", is a book written by Truman Capote in this book we can know how some people with problems in their live commit crimes and they have an unstable live, this book is based in a real story that happened in Holcomb, Kansas in 1959. Truman Capote was really interested on the murders because he was a writer and he found interesting the case, he knew about this new while he was reading the newspaper so he decided to go to Holcomb with her best friend and also writer Harper Lee.

The story is develop in Holcomb, Kansa, where lives the Clutter´s family, they have a farm and are really respectful and admire, unfortunately Dick Hickock and Perry Smith planned to get into the Clutter´s house because an ex employ told them that the family is wealthy and he knows where Mr. Clutter save the money, so Dick and Perry decided to steal all their money and then kill them because they do not want witnesses. "Perry was gonna go out there and rob the place, and they was gonna kill all witnesses-the Clutters, and anybody else that happened to be around. He described to me a dozen times how he was gonna do it, how him and Perry was gonna tie them people up and gun them down". (In Cold Blood, page 162). The murders have cared to do not leave clues but they did not find a lot of money like they hoped only likes fifty dollars and that's all. After Dick and Perry committed the murders they decided to run away and they travel to Mexico with hot checks and they were traveling to different cities until they were caught in Las Vegas.

During all the investigation to write his book, Truman decided to go to jail to interview Dick and Perry and the beginning they did not want to talk but through time they become like friends specially Truman and Perry because both had a terrible childhood. Capote suffered at the age of four his parents got divorce and his mother took him to live with his aunt and after some years when his mother got married again Truman return to live with his mother.

To children is really difficult when their parents get divorce because the kids need to have a family because they learn different things from each one so is they do not live with the father they will become insecure or aggressive and with bad behavior, but some children choke back their thoughts and felling but when they grew up they commit crimes, they steal or do many things without think the consequences that these facts can bring.

By the other hand Perry also lived a terrible childhood, his mother left his father and then she leave him in an orphanage. "When he was seven years old, a hated, hating half- breed child living in a California orphanage run by nuns- shrouded disciplinarians who whipped him for wetting his bed. It was after one of these beatings, one he could never forget ("she woke me up. She had a flashlight, and she hit me with it. Hit me and hit me. And when the flashlight broke, she went on hitting me in the dark")". (In Cold Blood, page 93)

As a child suffering this king of event is terrible, for these incidents many children suffered problems as adults and they commit crimes as a revenge of the entire thing that they lived in the past. When they are teenagers the easy way to escape from the reality is to run away from their house and then they have to look for a job in order to obtain money and have something to eat, but also they start having a sentimental life and it is very common to see teenagers getting married or very young girls pregnant. "a heart that celebrated the romance of DICK and CAROL, the girl whom he had married when he was nineteen, and from whom he had separated six years later in order to do "the right thing" by another young lady, the mother of his youngest child. My wife is remarried. I have been married twice…" (In Cold Blood, page 31)

In the book we can appreciate how Perry acts like a normal person and he is really intelligent worried in how he writes and his passion is his guitar, he likes play his guitar and also he likes read. However, "Perry possessed unusual and valuable qualities. Several murderers, or men who boasted of murder or their willingness to commit it, but Dick became convinced that Perry was that rarity, "a natural killer" - absolutely sane, but conscienceless, and capable of dealing with or without motive, the coldest- blooded deathblows."

As the Clutter's family was respected and they did not have enemies, their neighbors were surprised by the deaths. Fortunately, after a while Perry and Dick were found guilty of the murders and they were sentence to death. To inhabitants of Holcomb, Kansas, it was relieve in their lives because it was a quiet town, after the murders they could not live in peace and they were afraid. It was a fatal tragedy because they were innocents, but by the other hand we can think that it was not so terrible because the entire family died and in other cases the parents are the only ones who die and leave their sons orphans.

In the book In Cold Blood we can see a kind of murders and a kind of criminals because there are different kinds to kill people and people who commit this kind of events. From now I am going to speak about another book which gives examples of other types or murders and another criminal on both, the writer and in the story.

Tragically the writer of this novel, Alice Sebold was also raped when she was studying her bachelor´s degree. She was raped while she was walking through a park to her house, fortunately some time later she recognize her rapist in the street and report him to the police and he receive the maximum sentence. The novel the Lovely Bones also talks about a teenager who is raped.

I think the writer of this book is a good example because she wanted to talk about part of her life when she was raped in the book, probably in this way she took her frustration out. It is very common that people think that famous people or well known never in their live could experience something tragic like this, for this reason I think it is admirable when a famous person talks about something bad that has lived.

The novel the Lovely Bones was written by Alice Sebold, it is a story based in a teenage girl named Susie Salmon, who was raped while she returned to her house by a shortcut through the cornfield. Her neighbor, George Harvey approaches her and persuades her to go with him to an underground den he has built. She did not want to go but after his insistence Susie Salmon accepted and when she was there Mr. Harvey rapes her and kills her to then dismembering her body. Finally he buried the parts of Susie´s body in a sink hole

Susie´s spirit flees to her heaven, from there she can see suffering her family because they cannot believe she is dead, not until a dog found her elbow so the police started to investigate but unfortunately the police do not have reason to suspect in Mr. Harvey who is the murder and rapist. Jack, Susie´s father suspects in Harvey but the detective Len Fenerman does not believe him because they do not have proof. After the incident Jack become very close to Buckley his little son. Lindsey also suspects on Mr. Harvey and she helps her dad to investigate.

However Susie´s mother was confused and she started to have an affair with the detective of Susie´s case Len Fenerman, to then leave her husband and go to California where she gets a job at a winery. After a year the police found a bottle of coke with Susie´s and Mr. Harvey´s fingerprints so the police know he was the principal suspicious.

While Susie is in her heaven she started to know many children that were Mr. Harvey´s victims; when Mr. Harvey started to be afraid because the police has been investigated he decides to go away. Susie´s family decides to continue its live normally, Lindsey and Samuel Heckler become engaged and later they have a beautiful baby girl. At the end Mr. Harvey die when he falls.

In this novel the murder and rapist is Mr. Harvey, a 40 years old man who during his childhood suffered a lot because his father abandoned him so he lived just with his mother, so because of the lack of his father he suffered psychological problems that have affected him through the time.

Mr. Harvey has terrible problems that he likes to rape children and then kill them but he is really careful because he never leaves clues, when he rapes Susie, she knows that she is going to die after that. "Take your clothes off", Mr. Harvey said, "I want to check that you´re still a virgin." "I am, Mr. Harvey," I said. "I want to make sure" (The Lovely Bones, page 12) "I knew he was going to kill me. I did not realize then that I was an animal already dying." (The Lovely Bones, page 14)

Mr. Harvey was an intelligent murder because he acts normal with the police and the neighbors especially with Susie´s father, even Jack suspect on him he tries to establish a friendship with him in order to discovered him. "From heaven, I watched my father build a tent with the man who´d killed me". (The Lovely Bones, page 55)

When Susie arrives to her heaven she was discovering that Mr. Harvey has killed many children, trough the time she know some girls and they made friends. "I wasn´t the first girl he´d killed. He knew to remove my body from the field. He knew to watch the weather and to kill during an arc of light- to- heavy precipitation because that would rob the police of evidence."(The Lovely Bones, page 50)

Susie´s family was destroyed by her dead, each member of her family react in a different way. The one who suffer a lot is her father because they had a good relationship and they used to spend some time together building ships in bottles. "They were something my mother, sister, and brother couldn´t care less about. It was something I adored." (The Lovely Bones, page 45)

Lindsey, Susie´s sister, I considered her as the most conscious about the situation that they are living in the story because even she is a littler younger that Susie she tries to continue her life as normal as she can without care what people can say, sometimes she is depressed but also she tries to be hard because her father is destroyed, his little brother, Buckley does not understand what is happening until he feels Susie's spirit. Last night she came and kissed me on the cheek, "have you told your mom?" "It´s a secret, Buckley said. " Susie told me she isn´t ready to talk to them yet" (The Lovely Bones, page 92)

Susie´s mother is alienated in her world she is not worried about her two other sons, she does not care anything and when her husband is taken to the hospital she has an affair with the detective Len Fenerman in order to forget the dead oh Susie."And I watched that flat red mouth move across an invisible line that separated her from the rest of the world. She pulled Len in to her and slowly kissed him on the mouth. She reached up and unbuttoned her raincoat."(The Lovely Bones, page 148) "Len kissed her forehead hard and closed his eyes. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. She whispered in his ear. I knew what was happening. Her rage, her loss, her despair. The whole life lost tumbling out in an arc on that roof, clogging up her being. She needed Len to drive the dead daughter out." (The Lovely Bones, page 152)

Susie´s father is who suffers more than anyone else, after Susie's dead he realizes that he has two other children and he has to take care and love them. "My father had felt in that moment the first flicker of the strange sad mortality of being a father." (The Lovely Bones, page 48). Especially with Buckley starts a close relationship. You are so special to me, little man" (The Lovely Bones, page 47) "He would find his Susie now inside his young son. Give that love to the living" (The Lovely Bones, page 48)

As we can see, both books are related because of the problems that the criminals had had in their past and these problems were the cause of the murders. As these examples in the real world exists many incidents such as murders, kidnapping, robbers. It is very common to relate the crimes with the drug dealers, politics problems or just hate or problem amount people.

In the United States we know that they have an excellent security and police officers, they almost always resolve the cases that they have and successfully they catch the criminal and it is difficult to be free if you are in jail, prisoners have to spend some time in jail or sometimes they will be released on bail, however in Mexico the security is terrible because in some cases the police are related to the criminals and the police officers have committed many crimes but if the criminals are taken to jail, the defendant will have a good lawyer and the criminal will be free frequently it happens because of the corruption.

To solve and stop this kind of terrible events, people have to start in their house and in the school because there if where children learn the basic things, in the schools for example teachers or the social workers have to if the students do not have problems in their house or to know what are the reasons because of the children do not pay attention in classes and fight with their classmates. If we can detect on time the problems that children have we can solve and stop many traumas which can interfere in a healthy development.

Our society and even the world can improve our lives and solving problems without involving the children who can be very concerned and bring terrible consequences in the future. Avoiding aggression in the family, bad habits like drinking or smoking in excess and change these for spend some time with the family to talk and eat together, or just watch TV together is better to have and familiar environment in order to have a good family.