The Clash Of Generations English Literature Essay

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The mother and father of a person always tell him to remember his heritage, not to let go of the traditions of his ancestors and to act in a way that respects their lives. However, these things they tell him to do cannot all be applied in the time where everything is changing, from the use of old values to the new ones that cannot even be kept up with because the rate of change is very fast. Based on my experience, when someone tries to do both what his parents want and what he needs to be a part of his generation, he will discover differences among these generations, like the music style that has changed from traditional to modern. Reasons for these differences may also be discovered in that experience, such as the new emerging studies of science of the industrial revolution that has caused a lot of conflict.

That person who comes from an Armenian origin has memories about his family when he was younger. In a flashback of his mother's picture, he sees traditional Armenian clothes and traditional Armenian dancing, he even hears the traditional music she used to listen to. Despite that, in his own picture, he sees cool clothes and dancing type which are associated with music like pop, hip-hop and rock. All these things that his mother want him to leave behind, or at least cut back on, and be a little more Armenian, are what all people of his age doing. It is the way of living now in that generation, in which he is, whether he likes it or not, a part of. To forget what his parents are doing and trying to teach him, and blend in the cool acts of his age.

Another thing he remembers is an incident involving his mother and sister. When they were all getting ready and dressing up to go to a wedding party, his sister was preparing herself by wearing a pants and a T-shirt. His mother immediately got angry at her and told her that respectful ladies wear a dress or a skirt when they go to a formal event. The sister was not convinced and said to her mother: "But that's what all girls are wearing nowadays." Anyhow, after a long argument, his sister agreed to wear a dress.

As for his father, who he always remembers as a reader of books, used to tell him to take advantage of his free time and learn something new that will be beneficial for him in the future. For example, he advised him to read the books of his next scholar year during summer vacation to be better in classes. Nonetheless, he always found an excuse not to do so, like telling him that books are boring, and asking him, "Don't I read enough during school time?;" plus the ultimate excuse, that everybody now watches movies instead of reading books which are becoming old fashioned.

The reason for his behavior is his observation of the people of his age, and the effects they carry on him when he wants to be like them. It is the general conception in his generation, which is changing the behavior of all people, and pulling everyone away from the traditions of their older family members. Such stereotypes may be dangerous to their identities. The danger of deleting and forgetting these identities, or what Hilal mentions as a title of her poem "The Sin of Forgetfulness." It was this specific danger that his parents were afraid of.

Even with his previously mentioned behavior, he sometimes did what his parents wanted him to. In one summer vacation, he spent his time listening to Armenian music, watching some Armenian dancing styles on tape and reading some of the books that were suggested by his father. Nonetheless, as he did so, he was immediately rejected by fellow companions who classified him as an "old school" member. Therefore, he went back to his previous behavior he used to act like before that summer vacation. Nevertheless, it was no longer what his generation was like anymore. They had changed! In fact they had changed too fast and too much that they don't know of it, they don't even remember a large number of their previous actions and styles. For example, the physical game cars they used to play with are no longer accepted; they now play with virtual cars generated by computer games. Even in the case of his sister, who was refusing to wear dresses and skirts, is wearing them now because other girls are doing so too. Although it is not the same style of dresses his mother used to wear.

It was like the industrial revolution which has changed the world 180° throughout a very slight period of time, and it still is. "There is no precise date for these advances, but in the years between 1760-1830, change was so rapid that the period became known as that of the Industrial Revolution" (Davies 2). In fact, it might be the industrial revolution itself that has caused this difference in behavior between parents and children in the first place; and then changed even the children's behavior into a newer one. The different fields of science that weren't in existence and have emerged during the industrial revolution, like psychology, computer science, genetic engineering, nanotechnology and much more, changed people's perspective about a lot of things. For example, some of psychology's studies claim that the corporal punishment of children affects their normal physical and mental growth, "children's play also may be affected by family violence" (Kashani and Allan 30), and for that reason, quite a big number of people are changing the way they punish their children into nonphysical. All these changes in people's behaviors and principles are generating a new stereotype, a stereotype so strong that it is reaching out even for the newborns the minute they open their eyes.

Personally, a few years ago, I had several experiences and results of them which made me choose to be a part of my ongoing generation. Such experiences as playing computer games and using internet a long time, which came to my behavior after buying a computer for the first time, my parents who do not know how to use it told me it was not useful and will only ruin my eyesight. These experiences resulted in useful outcomes because they taught me a very important and useful skill of computer use. The new changes I was seeing in my friends and in the environment around me affected me and pulled me in the draft of change, and the pulling was very powerful and fast, because sometimes when I tried to keep up with the new computer hardware or software, I was not able to, as there was different parts of them showing up every day.

Despite all these change which show that an older person's generation is different from the youth's, some people still argue that it is just a temporary change and not a permanent difference. However, this is not true, because the change in some areas of science and technology that affects us in a way or another cannot change back into the previous condition. For example, smaller and faster computers which are being built and used by people in different areas of life will make it almost impossible to go back to the old, bigger and slower computers which are highly inefficient nowadays.

In conclusion, the generations are changing with time. And whether people like it or not, they have to be a part of the generation of their time if they are to survive their lives. However, being a part of the current generation does not mean to completely forget the former values and traditions. They can remember those values from time to time by calling them the art of their past, and by that way, they can blend in their generation and still hold their heritage that was once the cool and ruling generation stereotype.