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In the first five chapters, the kidnapping takes place. The twins were kidnapped by "Bert" and "Harry," whose real names we later find are Lucas Wohl and Clint Downes. Clint's girlfriend, Angie, is a babysitter who will be taking care of the girls until the ransom of eight million dollars is paid to them and the mastermind behind the kidnapping- the Pied Piper. In addition, we watch the beginnings of this kidnapping develop and spread, and watch how the victims' parents (and others) deal with it. We also observe the involvement of the police and FBI, and how they begin their investigation. These chapters include dramatic irony as well, like in the instant where the cop speaks directly to Lucas. Lucas gets nervous because he knows he was one of the kidnappers, and we know this as well. However, the cop, with the man responsible right in front of him, brushes it off and is blind to this fact because he does not know. We also find that Angie had once been in a mental institution, and so is not a completely stable person. She is also planning behind their backs to keep one of the twins for herself.

In the last five chapters, we see how things begin to develop and get tense. Chapter 6 reinforces Angie's character, showing that she may be indeed a bit harsh, brutal, and crazy. We also observe how, in chapter 7, the FBI, police, and other investigators, begin to question Margaret and Steve Frawley, the three-year-old twins' parents. We learn that Margaret worked as a public defender in Manhattan before the twins were born, and the FBI seized the fact that maybe one of the people she defended may have a grudge against her. In addition, they also take into account Steve's half-brother, Richie, who had a bad (possibly criminal) record. In chapter 8, the first contact with the kidnapper is made, and well as the first call proving that the girls are alive. We also see how each side, the kidnappers and the parents, handle it. In addition, the FBI becomes suspicious of Steve Frawley after the company he recently joined and works for decides whether or not to pay the ransom. One of the major parts is when Lucas realizes that Angie went and bought matching clothes for three-year-olds, and that some clerk would start putting two and two together, which could jeopardize their entire mission.

Journal 2: Chapters 11-20

In chapter 11, Angie, or "Mona" (her fake name), seems to be choosing Kathy as the one she wants to keep, and Kathy also begins to get (very) sick. In chapter 12, things take a turn when the investment firm that Steve works for, C.F.G.&Y., decides to pay the eight million dollar ransom to get back the twins. However, one of its board members, Gregg Stanford is very reluctantly forced to vote for paying it, as he disagrees with the idea. Chapter 13 opens up with Margaret thinking about the twins and how the investigation is going, but ends with a twist, however, when Steve tells her that the FBI wants them to take lie detector tests. The importance of chapter 14 is that we see that Lucas seems to be turning against the Pied Piper, his boss, or at least is planning to blackmail him for more money. Chapter 15 is important because not only do they announce to the media that the company was going to pay the ransom (so that the Pied Piper would know), but Margaret also realizes that there is something important that she needs to remember.

In chapter 16, they receive another call from the kidnapper, who told them to wire seven million dollars of the ransom money to an overseas account, and then put the girls on the phone to prove that they were still alive. However, judging by Kathy's severe cough, we can determine that she is becoming quite ill. In chapter 17, Angie goes to a local CVS store to find something that could keep Kathy from getting any sicker, and also encounters Gus, a (pesky/annoying) acquaintance of Clint's. In addition, Angie begins to get paranoid that everyone will make the connection and know that she is part of the kidnapping, and also has to leave another paper trail by using her credit card again. In chapter 18, the kidnapper makes contact again to give them more detailed information on the ransom and how it will be paid. In chapter 19, everyone is getting ready for tonight, when Franklin Bailey, the man who offered to help (and was once mayor), would deliver the ransom to get the twins back. However, things get complicated for Lucas in chapter 20 when Bailey asks Lucas, who works as a chauffeur, to drive him on the night when he is going to deliver the ransom. Lucas, though, must also, along with Clint, pick up the ransom money.

Journal 3: Chapters 21-30

In chapter 21, we see that Angie has something planned when she specifically chooses a large box to put any of the things with the girls DNA on it, which Lucas will then dump into the ocean. However, events take a twist in chapter 22, where Lila Jackson, a sales clerk who sold Margaret the twins' birthday dresses and also sold Angie the clothing for the twins, becoming suspicious and thinks there is a connection. When she gives this information to a family friend, Jim, who was also a retired cop, he dismisses it, saying that she is wrong- when in reality, we know that the connection is true. In chapter 23, Lucas becomes more paranoid, thinking everyone knows what he is doing when he goes to drop the box in the ocean. Chapter 24 is about the FBI trying to follow up any possible leads, and questioning Margaret about her previous job as a public defender. FBI Agent Walter Carlson also begins to think that Margaret may know something that will help them to find the criminals. Finally, in chapter 25, it is time for the ransom to be paid, and it ends with Lucas dropping off Bailey, who will be paying the ransom. Lucas then parks elsewhere, awaiting orders from the Pied Piper on how to proceed next.

Clint is getting ready to pick up the ransom, and Angie urges him to take a gun with him. In addition, Angie's plan to keep one of the twins is reinforced in chapter 26. In chapter 27, a new character is introduced, Dr. Sylvia Harris, the twins' pediatrician who seems to be close with the Frawleys. She is called down by Margaret to be there when the twins return to treat them in case they are sick or injured. The next chapter is longer than the others, and shows how the main portion of paying the ransom plays out. It shows Franklin Bailey follows the Pied Piper's numerous directions: going through different streets, changing phones, and taking a certain car service, all to ensure that the FBI does not follow them. It also shows the FBI and their actions, as well as the disguises they use and how they follow Bailey. In chapter 29, a drunken Gus, Clint's friend that Angie encountered at CVS, calls. This information may be important later on, as he heard the girls crying towards the end of the phone call. In chapter 30, the FBI are following the limo the Pied Piper told Bailey to take, but traffic is heavy and they are falling a bit behind.

Journal 4: Chapters 31-40:

In chapter 31, Dr. Sylvia Harris has arrived to soothe the Frawleys and take care of the twins when they come, if needed. In this chapter, it is also made known that Margaret keeps a journal on the twins, and that they have a deep connection that very much resembles, if not is, telepathy. Chapter 32 is long, and it is how the paying of the ransom ends. Basically, Bailey was finally able to drop off the trash bags holding the ransom money at the designated spot, and Lucas ("Bert") and Clint ("Harry") are able to pick them up before the FBI came. However, they didn't have enough time, and stuffed the money into Lucas's limo trunk instead. The FBI arrived and questioned Lucas on what he saw, and he gave them misleading information, all the while the ransom money being just a few feet away. Chapter 33 is short, and briefly changes scenes to a worried Margaret, who keeps thinking about the blue velvet dresses, but not making the connection. In chapter 34, the Pied Piper tells the kidnappers where to drop off the kids, and they begin the drive to the designated area. The scene switches in chapter 35 to the Frawleys, anxiously waiting for the now late phone call from the Pied Piper, telling them that the twins are safe and where to pick them up.

In chapter 36, Angie's plan becomes a reality- she killed Lucas using the gun Clint still had with him, making it look like a suicide, and left a pre-typed note saying that he accidentally killed Kathy and dumped her body in a box in the ocean. Meanwhile, Angie left Kathy to be found and took Kathy, who was still very sick, with her. Chapter 37 is just an insight into how the members of the company who paid the ransom are feeling about the extended wait. In chapter 38, we learn that Lucas's real name was Jimmy Nelson, and that he and Clint (which also isn't his real name) were cellmates. Angie keeps Kathy, as well as Lucas's share of the ransom money. In chapter 39, the Pied Piper calls a priest, Monsignor Romney, to deliver the news of the twins' whereabouts to the parents, not knowing that Angie has taken Kathy. In chapter 40, the FBI finally get the call about the twins' whereabouts, only to find out in the end that only Kelly was returned and that Kathy was dead (though she really is not).

Journal 5: Chapters 41-50:

In chapter 41, we see how certain people deal with the loss of Kathy. Margaret and Steve's message is that they thank everyone for their support, but need time to grieve for Kathy, while the FBI is infuriated and determined to catch the kidnappers. Gregg Stanford, the board member who was against paying the ransom from the beginning, announces to the media how firmly he disagreed with it and the consequences that occurred. In chapter 42, Angie tells the Pied Piper what really happened, and Clint, (whose real name we learn is Ralphie Hudson), is still paranoid and worried, regretting that he took Angie back and involved her again with kids after she was released from the "psycho hospital," (most likely an asylum). Chapter 43 shows how intensely crushed the family has become after losing Kathy, as well as an insight to how they are coping. Also, the police question the angle at which the bullet killed Lucas, as it is not the normal way someone would commit suicide. Thing take a twist in chapter 44, when the FBI interrogates Mr. Bailey, suspicious because he was once cheated out of seven million dollars by Richard Mason, who happens to be Steve's half-brother. Chapter 45's significance is that Angie changed Kathy's appearance, making her look almost like a boy and calling her Stevie. Gus comes over and he and Clint go out for a drink, and Angie and Clint realize that they'll have to go soon.

In chapter 46, Margaret decides to hold a private mass for Kathy before having a large one for all the friends and family. In the next chapter, the FBI questions Norman Bond, who hired Steve Frawley. Though some of the questions they asked produced no results, they did catch one detail- Mr. Bond referred to his missing wife as his late wife, which arose some new suspicion and questions. In chapter 48, Angie left Clint and went to Cape Cod, which was her escape plan, and calls him the next morning, telling him what to do for now. The chapter ends in a twist, when Kelly, during Kathy's memorial service, communicates with Kathy and tells her mother that Kathy is scared and is crying for her to bring her home now. In the next chapter, they interrogate Steve's parents about their other son, Richie Mason, whom they think may have taken part in the kidnapping and are trying to follow any leads. One important fact that comes out of this is that Richie had the time to do it, and his mother was covering up for him at one point. In the next chapter, we find that Margaret does believe that Kathy and Kelly were communicating and that Kathy is still alive. However, Margaret knows that she's the only one who believes it, and is also slowly realizing that the dresses are an important connection.

Journal 6: Chapters 51-60:

In chapter 51, FBI Agents Angus Sommers and Ruthanne Scaturro go to interrogate Stanford's first wife, Amy Lindcroft, to find out any leads. She tells them about his second and latest wife, and also about one more detail that catches their attention. In the next chapter, Margaret finally makes the connection with the dresses, remembering the other woman (Angie) who bought matching clothes for three-year-olds. However, after going to the store to ask the clerk about it, and making a small scene, she leaves and is found by a state trooper near Cape Cod. In chapter 53, they close in on Stanford, having recently learned that Lucas (or Jimmy Nelson) was his frequent driver during his second marriage. In the next chapter, Angie is taking Kathy with her to go change her shoe size. However, at the end of the chapter, Kathy begins to cry and tells Kelly where she is and that she wants to go home. In chapter 55, FBI agents interrogate Richie Mason and strongly believe that he was involved with the kidnapping.

In chapter 56, Lila, the store clerk Margaret tried to see, finally decided to go check out Clint and Angie, but finds nothing unusual. Chapter 57 is important as well, mainly because of the fact that Dr. Sylvia is now starting to believe that maybe Kathy and Kelly really are communicating. In chapter 58, the FBI is beginning to analyze everything again, figuring out what they already know and what else they need to know, in order to track down the kidnappers. Chapter 59 is an insight into Norman Bond's story, and shows that he really was the one who killed his wife. In chapter 60, we see that Angie has made a mistake in taking Kathy outside, because now more people have seen her, and may recognize her.

Journal 7: Chapters 61-70:

Chapter 61 shows that Gregg Stanford's third wife is finally allowing him to attain his portion of the money after their seventh anniversary, and we also learn that Stanford will do anything to keep his (newly) rich status. In chapter 62, Margaret tells them the reasons why she believes Kathy is still alive, and it ends with Kelly tying a gag around one of her dolls, saying that Kathy can't talk to her anymore. In chapter 63, it is revealed that Richie plans to leave the country, and by his reasons, we know that he has been involved in some kind of criminal activity. In chapter 64, the agents finally begin to give way to the slight possibility that Kathy might still be alive, and it is most likely reinforced by the detailed statements Kelly gives, saying that Kathy has a fever again and isn't allowed to talk to her anymore. In chapter 65, Angie leaves the first hotel and checks into another after the manager and a cop get suspicious. She finally tells Clint where she is and they plan to get rid of Kathy, but it seems as though Clint also plans on getting rid of Angie.

In chapter 66, the FBI agents start to believe that there is a slight possibility that Kathy may still be alive, and Dr. Harris reinforces it using her reasons why she thinks so. At the end of the chapter, Margaret and FBI Agent Carlson decide to find the clerk, Lila, and see what information they can get from her. Chapter 67 is brief, during which Clint tells the Pied Piper about Angie's location. In chapter 68, the elderly woman who saw and talked a bit to Angie and Kathy at the mall realizes that Stevie, (Kathy's fake name), is very familiar, though she doesn't realize why. In chapter 69, we see that though one of the officers, Captain Jed Gunther, didn't believe in the twin telepathy, he was convinced that Kathy was still alive, and gives a brief report to a fellow officer after arriving at the police station, also stating his worries that Kathy's illness might kill her. In chapter 70, we see Clint on his way to find Angie, and we can see that he is really aggravated with her. He is noticed by Rosita, the college student who waited on him when he ordered some food. She incorrectly, however, believes he is harmless. This would be dramatic irony, which seems to be very common in the novel.

Journal 8: Chapters 71-80:

In chapter 71, the hotel manager of the first hotel Angie stayed at was angry. Angie had a run-in with a cop because she didn't have a car seat for Kathy, and lied, saying it was stolen, which angered the manager. After he went to check out the room she booked, he found numerous twenty dollar bills under the bed. During chapter 72, Margaret and Agent Carlson go to find Lila at the store, but get her phone number and address, as she isn't there. In chapter 73, Kathy reveals her location in Cape Cod to Kelly, but Dr. Harris and Steve think that she heard about it when Margaret told them about how she accidentally drove all the way out to Cape Cod. Chapter 74's most important main point is that, after finding Lila and receiving useless information, her offhand remark is what they catch. She comments that he was very sweaty and seemed like the type to perspire easily, which was the only thing Trish remembered about the kidnapper- he was very sweaty. In chapter 75, things become tense as the Pied Piper arrives in Cape Cod before Clint, and finds and recognizes Angie.

In chapter 76, important information is revealed, which is how the kidnappers knew exactly where the kids' bedroom was. Stan Shafter, whose workers were the last people in the house before the kidnapping, apparently had mentioned it to his wife while having a drink with Clint in the came room. Chapter 77 shows that Richie's reason for wanting to leave the country was because he was delivering cocaine shipments. However, his connection to the kidnapping, if any, isn't as clear. Also, the FBI agents who caught Richie's co-workers helping him learn that Richie Mason has left. In chapter 78, we watch as the FBI ad Margaret go to the cottage where Clint lives, only to find it abandoned. However, they do find the crib the girls were kept in. Chapter 79 shows Clint's progress towards Cape Cod. He also attempts to confuse the authorities by purchasing a map of Maine to confuse the authorities. In chapter 80, the FBI interrogates Geoffrey Sussex Banks, Theresa's second husband. (Theresa was Norman Bond's wife, whom we know he killed). Banks believes that Bond is responsible for Theresa's disappearance and could very well have been involved in the kidnapping.

Journal 9: Chapters 81-90:

In chapter 81, which is brief, they heard Lila mention that Clint was talking to someone named Gus after she left, and decided to interrogate the man. In chapter 82, it is shown that the Pied Piper is keeping an eye on Angie until Clint gets there. In chapter 83, they interrogate Gus, finding and confirming information. They also found out that Clint went to the airport. In chapter 84, the hotel manager from before, David Toomey, is at the police station reporting that the woman in fact did not have a car seat. In addition, the elderly woman who encountered Angie and Kathy, Elsie Stone, is trying to make a connection. In chapter 85, Kelly insists that Kathy is in Cape Cod, but the adults are still reluctant to believe it.

In chapter 86, we get an insight into Angie's point of view, and learn that she no longer wants to deal with kids, and is rethinking about the credit card trail she left behind and the elderly woman, Elsie, that they had seen and who heard Kathy accidentally let her name slip. In the next chapter, the officers and agents are discussing what they discovered, like that Lucas and Clint were cellmates. In addition, an officer named Ken Lynch walks in, and says that he believes that the twins are communicating and that Kathy is in Cape Cod. Chapter 88 is still describing Clint's progress to Cape Cod. Chapter 89 shows the rising tensions, as they believe Kathy is getting worse, and their worries are tripled when Kelly says that Kathy can't wake up anymore. Chapter 90 is where Clint and the Pied Piper meet, though Clint still can't see exactly what he looks like because of his sunglasses and doesn't know his name.

Journal 10: Chapters 91-100:

The FBI is following Clint's trail as they ask about him to the taxi driver who drove him to the airport in chapter 91. In chapter 92, the Frawleys and Dr. Harris are convinced that Kathy's illness is worsening, and try to tell Kelly to keep Kathy awake. In chapter 93, Elsie Stone finally makes the connection, realizing that the boy she saw, Stevie, was actually Kathy, and contacted police with the information. In chapter 94, Steve calls Agent Carlson, telling him that Kathy is on Cape Cod. Agent Carlson receives a call confirming Steve's information from a police station saying an eyewitness saw Kathy on Cape Cod. In chapter 95, Angie and Clint finally meet up, and Angie once again tricks him, saying that the Pied Piper won't let him live because Clint is able to somewhat identify him.

In chapter 96, Officer Sam Tyron and manager David Toomey give the information they know about Angie to the police, who then decide to put up roadblocks on the bridges to find her. In the next chapter, we discover that the Frawleys, Kelly, Dr. Harris, and (some) FBI agents are on a plane to Cape Cod, hoping to get to Kathy in time. In chapter 98, Angie, with Clint following, is driving away, but pulls over when Clint honks the horn. He then punches her in the face hard, knocking her out, puts her foot on the accelerator, and watches the van dropped out of sight, falling off of the pier- with Kathy still in it. In chapter 99, Phil King, the manager of the last motel Angie stayed at, recognizes her in the news and calls the police quickly, telling them she left minutes ago. In chapter 101, as Clint is trying to get away, he is pulled over, and the cops, recognizing him, arrest him and demand to know where Kathy Frawley is.

Journal 11: Chapters 101- Epilogue:

In chapter 101, the Frawleys are informed of the last motel Angie stayed at. Also, Kelly begins to stop breathing, and Dr. Harris calls for a respirator. In chapter 102, the Pied Piper realizes that he put himself in danger by coming t Cape Cod, and makes a break for Chatham Airport to escape. In chapter 103, the police finally get the information as to what Clint did with Angie and Kathy. After learning that theywent off of the pier, they assembled a quick team, knowing that there was a slight chance of survival, as there was a loading dock under the pier. Chapter 104 shows that the police and FBI are ready, covering all airports to find the pied Piper and stop him. Meanwhile, the Frawleys and police reach the pier, and see that the car isn't completely submerged yet. Steve risks his life by rushing down, breaking his hand as he smashed the van's window, and pulled Kathy out just before the van tipped into the water. In chapter 105, Richie Mason is discovered by the FBI and is captured.

In chapter 106, Kathy was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and though Kelly's breathing was able to be stabilized, Kathy was doing far worse. Margaret then demands that Kelly be brought into Kathy's room because they needed each other. In chapter 107, Norman Bond thinks about his wife, his past, and how he kills his wife. Later on, while out, he saw to FBI agents step out of a car, and, in his haste to put distance between them, he didn't see the vehicle and was hit. He was confirmed dead by one of the agents. In chapter 108, the FBI tells Clint that he's lucky they made it on time, but that his girlfriend was dead, and that it was probably from his punch. Clint also gives in and describes the Pied Piper to them, giving them any details he had. The FBI recognize who he is talking about, and it turns out to be Gregg Stanford. Apparently, the one who completely opposed everything from the beginning was the one behind it all. In chapter 109, the Pied Piper, or Mr. Stanford, learns of Kathy's rescue and is also caught and arrested. Chapter 110 offers relief and a happy ending as the twins stir and open their eyes, safe and together again. In the epilogue, which takes place three weeks later, they went over everything. The twins were home safe. Agent Carlson, now a close friend, told them about what happened to Clint and even Richie. In addition, he told them that Stanford's reason for the kidnapping was because he wanted the money, so that he would stay rich in case his wife decided to break it off. However, it was, luckily, a happy and relieving ending for the Frawleys and their two little girls in blue.