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The story begins with the diary of Jonathan Harker, a Lawyer who is going to the castle of Cont Dracula. In this Chapter Jonathan starts to explain his way from Munich to Hungary. In his way he stay in a hostel or something like that where he meet a woman who freak out when she hear where he is going, he feel a little scary after he see the reaction of the Lady. After that he continue his way to the castle but in a certain part of his way a carriage took him to continue his way to the castle.

Jonathan finally arrives to the castle and he meets Dracula, who was waiting in the front door. He feel a little of fear when he meets Dracula, Dracula show the castle to Jonathan, and he noticed that the castle has a strange vibe and feel the presence of a sinister shadow; he realizes that there are no mirrors in the castle. A few days passed with Harker in the castle, until one day when Jonathan was shaving, and due to the lack of mirrors in all the castle, he took out a little mirror from his pocket but when the count enter to the room, Harker accidentally cut himself, and the Count watch him with desire after he sees the blood, but Jonathan remember that the Lady from the hostel give him a crucifix. He finally noticed that all the doors of the castle are locked and that he is a prisoner of the Count

Dracula asked him to send letters to his friends and boss to tell that he is ok and will stay an extra month in Transylvania. That same night Jonathan watches Dracula leaving his room from the window and he freak out. Then he enter to a room where he fall asleep but when he wake up he find out that there are 3 beautiful women one of them, the blond one, wants to bite Jonathan but fortunately the Count enter to the room and take her away. The Count gives them a sack they carried fall

At first Jonathan think that he was having a nightmare but he realized that is not. Now Jonathan is a prisoner of The Count, he asked Jonathan to write 3 letter with different dates and Jonathan figured out that maybe the last date is when Dracula will get rid of him, the last date finally arrived and Dracula, tell Jonathan that he can go, but when he try to go group of wolfs try to attack him so he go back to the castle, then he try to kill The Count, but he fails. Haker thinks that it will be the last page of his diary so he writes a letter to his fiancée and his friends

Meanwhile Mina Murray the Fiancée of Jonathan stars to worry after She write a letter to Lucy telling that she is excited with the idea of marring Haker, Lucy replied her that she has 3 marriage proposals one from, Morris, another from the Dr Seward and the last from Holwood, accepting the last one, Mina finds out that Lucy walks when she sleeps and one night while Lucy was sleeping she walks to the cemetery where Dracula bites her, Mina receive a letter from the nuns where she has notices from Jonathan, in the letter they said that Jonathan was sick, Mina leaves Lucy and go to nurse his boyfriend.

After that the condition of Lucy decays. Jonathan and Mina get married, Mina find the diary of Jonathan but she decided not to read it, until Jonathan let her read it.

Lucy start to have nightmares, her throat start to ache and she lose blood inexplicably, Holwood asked Dr Seward to watch Lucy´s condition, but after all this symptoms he decide to call his friend Van Helsing, he gives Lucy blood transfusions, and after each one she improves but then after some days she deteriorate quickly, he covered the room of Lucy with with garlic to protect her from the vampire

One day a wolf escape from the Zoo and smash the window of Lucy causing that the mother of Lucy die and that the vampire attack her again few days pass until Lucy finally die.

Mina and Jonathan return to England, but during the funeral of Mr Hawkins they see a mysterious man and Jonathan´s condition falls and Mina decided to read his diary, the one that he writer during his living with the Count, then she received a letter from Van Helsing, Jonathan and Mina met with Van Helsing, Mina Show him the diary, he tell her that everything written there is true and that Lucy was bitten by one Vampire, so they decide to travel to the cemetery where is Lucy only to find out in the news about a Lady who is attacking the Kids, the Lady is Lucy as a vampire, Van Helsing , Dr Seward, Holwood Kill Lucy.

Jonathan, Seward, Mina, Arthur, Quincey y Van Helsing plan to find Dracula and killed him

After this the protagonists begin a search for Dracula and for the fifty boxes of earth which he brought with him to England. Jonathan, Mina, Dr. Seward, Van Helsing, Holmwood, and Quincey Morris sware confront the vampire. Soon after the search begins, Van Helsing realizes that a strange change is taking place in Mina. One night, Van Helsing and Seward break violently into Mina's room, find Jonathan unconscious, and Mina being forced to suck blood from a deep slash across Dracula's chest. But suddenly, Dracula disappears.

They finally find and destroy all of the fifty boxes except for one, which they find out has been sent by ship back to Dracula's castle. Using various methods, including the hypnosis of Mina, they follow Dracula all the way to the Borgo Pass in Transylvania, where they find the last remaining box being transported to Castle Dracula by a group of gypsies. They overcome the gypsies, throw the box to the ground, tear open its little door , and discover the body of Dracula. With a fast move, Jonathan cuts off the vampire's head, while Morris stabs his knife into Dracula´s heart. Then Dracula turn into dust, and Quincey Morris, having been wounded by the gypsies in an attempt to destroy the box, dies stabbed. When Dracula finally dies Mina turn into herself again.

Personal evaluation:I find this novel really enjoyable to read even though I was under pressure. I find interesting how they tell the story without a narrator I also find it like easy to read because for me is difficult to concentrate in a book and finishing it b´ut in this one I didn´t find any first I tought the book would be boring but when I start reading I realize It was pretty interesting to read it


Count Dracula; the main character a Transylvanian vampire

he can control the weather, and he is stronger than twenty men, he cannot enter a victim's home unless invited, cannot cross water unless carried, and is rendered powerless by daylight.

Van Helsing: A professor philosopher and metaphysician, and one of the most advanced scientists of his day. Van Helsing becomes Dracula's principal antagonist and the leader of the group that hunts Dracula down and destroys him.

Jonathan Harker: A lawyer, whose firm sends him to Transylvania to conclude a business with Dracula. a brave and fearless fighter.

Mina Murray: Jonathan Harker's fiancée. Mina is the best friend of the count's first victim, Lucy Westenra. Mina is in the heroine of the novel, embodying purity, innocence faithful. She is intelligent and her research leads Van Helsing to Draculas Castle.

Lucy Westenra: Mina's best friend and an attractive, young woman. The first character in the novel to fall under Dracula's powers, Lucy becomes a vampire Van Helsing hunts down the demon she has become and kills it, sending Lucy's soul to

John Seward: A doctor, Seward is the administrator of an insane asylumAfter her death, he remains dedicated to fighting the count.

Arthur Holmwood: Lucy's Arthur is the son of Lord Godalming and inherits that title upon his father's death.

Quincey Morris; Quinceysacrifices his life in order to rid the world of Dracula's influence.

Renfield :A patient at Seward's mental asylum.