The British Power Structure Of Ethnic Groups English Literature Essay

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The British's power structure forms the main obstacle in forming friendship between two different ethnic groups. According to the author, English people are friendly towards natives when they first arrive in India. Later on, they form separation between Eastern and Western culture when they stay long in colonized India. Author shows the British Empire as a deeply racist. That causes them to maintain a distance and develop conflict with the natives. In addition the natives are not treated equally in their own country. For example the natives are not allowed to enter the club, located in Chandrapore and they are highly dominated by British officers. In this case, the good example for high domination is that the Dr. Callender`s attitude towards Dr. Aziz. He does not respect Dr. Aziz and his profession. He expects Dr. Aziz to do his orders without any question. At the same time some of the efforts of other character are also failed in terms of building contact with between east and west in this novel. The bridge party is a good example. It was failed because only few of the English guests behave well toward the Indians. The rest of them feel that they are superior to natives and the natives should come first to them. It also represents all of the problems of cross-cultural exchange between the English and the Indians.In contradiction of these situations, the friendship between Dr. Aziz and fielding blossom mutually at a certain point. Dr. Aziz and Fielding like each other immediately they meet and they build an instant friendship despite their racial differences. They visit each other house alternatively and share their opinions freely. Dr. Aziz considers Fielding as his true friend more likely as his brother. Aziz even shows a picture of his dead wife who had purdah, to fielding. It represents as very significant act of intimacy between them.

Adding twist to the story, the expedition to marabar caves builds a rift between the relationship of Dr. Aziz and fielding. Unusual situations start to occur in the life of the two main characters. Dr. Aziz is arrested because Adela Quested accuses him of assault in the marabar cave. Fielding is the only one from the British's side who adamant that Aziz is innocence. He believes that Adela must have made a mistake. Fielding announces that if Aziz is found guilty, he will resign his job and leave India. Fielding supports Dr. Aziz and become an outsider from British Empire. This is another example of ignorance towards natives because all the British Officers urge to get the punishment to Dr. Aziz. Unfortunately the difficulties again start in form of misunderstanding. Dr. Aziz after his release from jail, begins to change his affection towards Fielding and also starts to ignore him. The problem is that the Dr. Aziz believes the rumour about the fielding and Adela's affair. The first reason is Fielding`s support of Adela placed Aziz against Fielding. According to Aziz, the leave of Fielding to England is to get married Adela. The misunderstanding continues when he read about the Fielding's marriage in the letter. He thought that the fielding has married Adela in England and has been enjoying Adela's wealth there. There after he destroys all the letters from Fielding without reading and replying. In actuality, Fielding is married to other than Stella who is Mrs. Moore's daughter. This misunderstanding is mainly caused by Aziz because of incapable of controlling his imagination. He is unreasonable in splitting his friendship with Fielding without proper evidence. The landscape of India is also against their friendship. Fielding found Egypt charming than India. He finds the architectural work of England is so greater than India.

I do not think that in the end they are fully reconcile with each other. They know that they like each other but they conclude that the present condition of India does not favor their friendship even though they like to continue. They realized that friendship between them is not possible until India is under the control of British. Their conversation emphasizes how distanced they've become after the two years gap of separation.

I will go with Aziz side. His anger towards fielding disappears when all the doubts are cleared up. He realized his mistake and admits how brave Miss Quested was in the trial. He even wrote an apology letter to her. Moreover Aziz remain same unlike Fielding. He still hates the British Empire in India. Fielding now believes that the Empire is necessary to India. It conforms that he cannot be entirely part of India. That's why he moved to his own country and starts to enjoy his western culture.