The Boy In Striped Pyjamas English Literature Essay

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When Bruno came home he saw the maid was putting all of his stuff into boxes. Bruno's mother explained that were going to move because of his father's new job. their new house was far away from other kids, for Bruno to play with. Bruno would like to explore their house, but there was nothing interesting about their new house. Gretel explained to Bruno why the house was called Out-With. Bruno missed the old house and his friends to play with. Bruno showed Gretel the people that he could see working from his bedroom window. They were wondering who those people were. Bruno thought it were the people from a town they were seeing. Bruno asked his father why they left their old house and who the people were that he saw. His father told he had to stay to make a better country for Bruno to live in. The people Bruno saw aren't real people he told him. then Bruno asked Maria about what see thought about their new house. Maria told Bruno their father helped Maria's mother and herself by giving them a job. He was swinging in a tree and suddenly fell to the ground. Pavel their cook (a yew), cleaned Bruno wounds and he told him he was a doctor, once. When Bruno's mother came home, she thanked Pavel, and told him that if someone asked he had to say that Bruno's mother had cleaned the wound. Bruno thought about his grandparents, he remembered how his grandmother had a argument with his own father about the fact he was a soldier. Bruno loved exploration. But then he found the fence. And behind that fence Bruno saw who the people were, and he saw a boy. Then they talked to each other, and discovered they were they were of the same age. Later, Bruno thought about when Hitler had dinner with them. he don't like Hitler he thinks he is rude. Shmuel, the boy from behind the fence and Bruno talked about where they came from. Shmuel explained how was gotten in Out-With. the next day Bruno couldn't go to Shmuel because it was raining. He lied to Gretel he said that he had a imaginary friend to play with. Shmuel had to do the dishes in the kitchen in Bruno's house. Bruno shared some chicken with Shmuel, but Lieutenant Kotler saw it. Shmuel said Bruno gave him the chicken to him because they are friends. Bruno life and said he'd never seen Shmuel before. Kotler screamed at Shmuel, and he hit him. When grandmother died, Bruno went to Berlin for a few days. Later, he asked Gretel why he was not allowed to went to other side of the fence he found. Then Gretel explained that they were Jewish. Bruno had head lice, so Bruno had to shave of his hair. Now he and Shmuel looked very much similar to each other. Mother wanted to move away from Out-With because she thought it wasn't a good place for her children, so they made were going to move back. Bruno was very sad about moving back, because he didn't want to say farewell to his new friend. But then Bruno told Shmuel he had to move. Shmuel was sad because he had lost his father somewhere in the camp. Bruno and Shmuel had made a plan, Shmuel would bring striped pajamas for Bruno the next day. In that way Bruno could get in the camp and help to search for Shmuel his father. Bruno pulled the pajamas on and went to Shmuel his side. Bruno didn't like it in there, and when he wanted to go back to the other side, they had to follow a march in a room. Bruno told Shmuel in the room he was his best friend. When Shmuel said something to him, Bruno couldn't hear it because of the loud noise, in the room which was closed, so they couldn't get out. Bruno held Shmuel's hand even with all the chaos in the room, it was dark in the room. Bruno was missed. His Father went looking for him. A villager had found Bruno's clothes by the fence of the camp. After a year Bruno's father went back to that place at the fence and discovered Bruno had climbed to the other side of the fence. He immediately understood what had happened and realized Bruno was gassed along with a group of yews

Other titles

The fence

Because of the fence where schmuel and Bruno met each other and where a great part of the book is played. The fence stands between them, it shows the separation between the two same aged boys, who aren't allowed to be friends because of their background. And behind one side of the fence people are free and people are kept prisoner. And are forced to work in these labor camps, because they are Jewish. But Bruno didn't saw this fence he only saw his friend he didn't give about the differences between him and schmuel, for him they are both on the same side.

The wrong side

Because of Bruno who climbed to the wrong side of the fence to be with his friend, who was a yew in a German concentration camp, at Bruno who was German climbed to the yew side where there is only pain and suffering he could have better took schmuel to his side of the fence and helped him escape. But unfortunately he took the wrong decision not fully conscious, of what could happen once he climbed over the fence. Why it was the wrong side for him well he died along with the yews. And I think he was on the bad side(wrong side) in what was happening around him.


The place Bruno and his family moved was called out-with, I think that it relates to Auschwitz. It are both concentration camps, so I think it is one and the same. Why I think it is also a good title is because it says 'out with' what can give many possibilities like, out with the lies, out with separation, out with playing around. Out with the lies, can refer to the things what they tell him about the people living on the other side of the fence what were al lies. Out with the separation can refer to the separation between the 'normal' people and yews what isn't nice according to Bruno. Out with playing around refers to the big subjects where Bruno is faced with and he goes through those subjects playing-ways.

Bruno polo

I have chosen this title because Bruno likes to explore, the world around him and want to become an adventurer. And adventurer I have linked with Marco polo who was an great explorer. So I put polo from Marco Polo behind Bruno so now he has the name of an adventurer. Why exploration is so important in the book is because when for example Bruno wasn't so curious he never would have met schmuel, and never would have known what was behind the fence, and who the other people were just like Marco polo he risked his life, unfortunately for Bruno he was gassed whit some yews.

The non-human

The non-human because Bruno his father describes the yews in the camp as people who are not really people. So the non-human is that really true aren't they real non-human. I think Bruno thinks differently at the end of the book. When he found out who were really the heartless liars, and I think his perspective as turned at the end of the book and he now thinks his own family and country members are the non-humans. I find the way the Germans treat the yews in the book very painful to read and really hate them for doing so. So even I as reader of the book think they are non-human. (inhuman)