The Book Great Expectations English Literature Essay

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The book Great Expectations is a classic and a fiction drama. In the book Great Expectations, Joe Gargery is Pip's brother-in-law. Because his sister, Mrs. Gargery raised Pip, Joe Gargery has been his father, friend, and idol. There are two people that influence Pip, in the book Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens, they are Joe and Ms. Havisham. Pip is a young boy who lives with his sister and her husband Joe, who is a blacksmith. Pips life is thrown upside down when he visits Ms. Havisham, a rich woman with an obnoxious daughter named Estella. Pip sees the uncommon life and starts second-guessing his own common self. Then a lawer from London wants Pip to come to London and learn how to be a gentlemen, at some anonymous person's expense. Pip is astounded because this is his chance to become uncommon, and the wealth that comes with it. Joe is the biggest influence on Pips life; Pip and Joe are best friends. Joe loves Pip so much to the fact that he "wishes that only he got put out, Pip; I wish there weren't no tickler for you old chap."

However, after Estella tells him that he is "a common labouring-boy", Pip decides that he wants to do more with his life, than just become a common blacksmith. Pip has "Great Expectations", for his life and expects to fulfil them. There are many people in the story who influence Pip, in fact everyone influence's Pip. Pip sees the rich life and Joe says "If I was yourself, I would not (go to Miss Havisham)", Joe knows what the wealthy life is doing to Pip. But the two who influence him the most are Joe and Miss Havisham. If you look up to someone then you are liable to be influenced by them. Joe and his wife are both common, if Joe was uncommon then Pip would have been uncommon. Pip becomes Joes apprentice, but is "ashamed of home"; Pip is ashamed of his brother and how he is ok with being common. Miss Havisham is also a big influence on Pip. Joe's ethics makes Joe need to work with his hands, so does Pip, so they both have "Coarse hands". If Pip had never seen uncommon people would not have influenced the wealthy life then him, then he would live the rest of his life, as he should, as a blacksmith. In the beginning of the book, Pip was supposed to be Joe's intern as a blacksmith.

Pip also proposes to Biddy, an old friend, but finds out that Joe and Biddy are being married on that very day. People who have never experienced the life of lap of luxury, and dreams of finding a rich woman who will be bound to marry them someday. Joe Gargery would make a good friend. After Pip's arrival from London, he visits Miss Havisham where he sees that Estella will be married to Drummle. The story concludes as the two takes a long walk together and find out how much their lives have change. In the end of the story of Great Expectations, the characters reveal their dark secrets to Pip. Money and power over people was every man's treasure. After their bloody fight, Magwitch death was follows Pip's illness. As Pip returns to his homeland, Magwitch's cellmate, Orlick, admits for the murder of Mrs. This book Great Expectations, can make a person have a different perspective in life. The last piece of the puzzle was revealed. Youngsters like Pip and Estella, does not have a solid plan of what they want to become in life. "Pip also learns that Magwitch is Estella's father. Some love stories consists of a happy ending and the lovers live happily ever after.

Pip discovers in the course of the innovative, what is really significant things in life. I acquiesce with this declaration, because at the end of the innovative, Pip is a genuine demonstration of the factual polite man who understands himself and the truth. Someone not dwelling in a fantasy world and accept things and persons, what they actually are. Someone who is dependable, genuine and loyal. To be going through many and recognize the significant things in life. Pip's innocence at the starting of the innovative is step-by-step restored by the aspiration founded on the viewpoint of communal progress. As a young man, he's intelligent, witty, and keen for information, but furthermore perceptive and shy. Ranging from "a little ice pack" for an mature individual male with a powerful sense of commitment, honesty and integrity. There are numerous widespread topics, relations of the illusion to the truth. "All that glitters is gold" and "Things are seldom what they think" is the most versatile saying overused, but not absolutely cover all facets of look over reality. In Charles Dickens's innovative Great Expectations, there are some dissimilarities between illusion and truth.

We furthermore glimpse how Pip is nurturing and adds back the nourishment for Magwitch but still states I am pleased you relish it. Magwitch is captured during their escape and he is put in prison and he is very sick. We see his close relationship to Joe and how he looks up to him, wanting to be just like him. The acquisition of wealth is clearly associated in Pip's mind with the status of gentleman. First it comes to him as a shock but then he is happy for them because he realises that they deserve each other. He thinks about not accepting his money anymore because he is a convict and he wishes he had never met him. The social status of 19th century England was just a forefront to rate people by their financial and economical advantages and disadvantages. He sees Magwitch in a different way, like a father. This shows the snobbish and selfishness in Pip and that he isn"tmt thankful for the money but really regrets it. This shows how Pip is becoming more of a true gentleman and he is realising things. " When told this, a soldier said, "You're not much to look at. He then moves to London to become a true gentleman.