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First Impression: I didn't know what to expect from this series. The first episode had already shown a lot of humor and supernatural action. Especially the members from the Afterlife Battlefront, who are unbelievably, big morons with dry humor.

Main characters:

Tachibana, Kanade:!.jpg

Kanade Tachibana, aka Angel, is the student council president at the afterlife school. This places her at odds with the Afterlife Battlefront. She must, because of her responsibilities require her to, suppress delinquency and other disruptive activities that anyone does. The Afterlife Battlefront or SSS initially calls her "Angel" since they do not know her real name and they think that she is the messenger from God. They still address her by it even when do found out her real name thanks to Otonashi. She rarely shows any emotions and hereby gives the SSS a hard time understanding what she's thinking or why she did something. She has a gentle nature, but when it comes to delinquency she becomes the God of War. She is nearly invincible to the point of rejecting bullets with her "guard skills". She has five of them, thanks to the Angel Player program she´s using: "Hand sonic", a blade with five different forms. "Distortion", the impenetrable, invisible shield. "Delay", creates a after image to confuse enemies. "Harmonics", who gives her a clone and "Overdrive", which gives her super human strength. This one is always on. She enjoys eating a spicy dish called mapo doufu.

Otonashi, Yuzuru:

The main protagonist of Angel Beats, due to an accident he lost his memories of when he was alive. Later in the show he regains them with a bit of help from the hypnotism powers of Naoi. When he was alive, he had no reason for living. He only supported his little sister Hatsune, who had cancer and was bedridden for almost two years. She died shortly after he had shown her the tree lights during Christmas. She gave him a reason for living and that was helping others. So he started to take the path of becoming a doctor, but never made it to college. He dies in a train accident, when he was going to take the entrance exam . He carries a Glock 17 handgun with him.!.jpg

Nakamura, Yuri:

Yuri, also known as Yurippe, the leader of the Afterlife Battlefront. She was the first one to rebel against the god of the afterlife. Her personality is determined but is secretly very sensitive and protective. She is the one that gets Otonashi joining the SSS. She's smart and makes the operations and decisions. She always carries a silver Beretta 92 handgun with her. She is not only is she skilled with guns, but she is also capable to fight in a close range hand-to-hand combat battle. She made a promise to fights against God after her two younger sisters and brother were murdered by burglars. She never forgave herself for failing to save them from their deaths. Everybody believes that she is an effective leader, but doesn't think so herself. Towards the end of the story, she begins to even regret fighting with Kanade, because she feels she could have been great friends with her.


In a world after death, where people fight against God and his angels. A fight against your fate and future in a place that seems like the Garden of Eden. A school, where people can live the lives of their wildest dreams. Otonashi Yuzuru awakens in this place only to learn that he´s already dead. He has got amnesia and can only remember his name. A girl with a sniper rifle asked him to join Shinda Sekai Sensen (The Afterlife Battlefront). This girl, named Nakamura Yuri, leads an organization that fights a war against a girl, named Angel. Who she believes is the messenger of God in their world. Otonashi can´t believe Yuri´s claims that she is evil and goes to confront her. His encounter with her doesn´t go as he intended. The SSS are unable to forgive God for the injustice and the suffering that had befallen them in their previous world. Fighting against their fate to be obliterated and (presumably) reincarnated. Yuri leads her members in various, creative schemes to thwart Angels plans to normalize them and to confront God. Otonashi comes to understand Kanade (Angel) and learns that they don´t have to fight her and that this place serves for a deeper purpose than only the Garden of Eden or Purgatory. But what is the purpose of this place?


Top or just flop?

In the beginning it seemed like a great anime, but after a couple of episodes I saw that fall into pieces. It is a nice plot with good settings, only there is missing a main antagonist. Kanade Tachibana, who they're fighting against, became their ally. There were too few episodes and they just overloaded them with too much elements. This only to please as many people as possible. In my eyes it is just a desperate attempt to recreate The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime. Yuri Nakamura is almost an exact copy from Suzumiya, but then a mediocre version of her. The laziness of Key, when creating characters is at its peak with Kanade Tachibana. She ,who, while not sharing any form of physical appearance, most certainly acts like another girl from the Suzumiya franchise. With Yuzuru Otonashi, you´re basically left with an inferior version of Kanon´s Yuuchi and Suzumiya´s Kyon.

Lifeless characters

The point where it really falls apart is in the main story, or whatever passes for it. You know that the school they´re attending is literally the afterlife, because many of the characters are indeed very lifeless. They are called NPCs, non-player characters. They are living a preprogrammed daily life, irrespective of what any other being might be doing. They are only noticing the members of the SSS, when they have set up concerts, but in fact not reacting to them, when they are being a bunch of total morons who are doing something idiotic in class.

Gunfights and rockmusic

This show draws attention to the fact that you can´t really die, even when men is decapitated or stabbed trough their heart. This means that every fighting scene in the show are just a waste of time, because they can´t vanish. Dying is only a temporary inconvenience. But when the fighting scene seemed a little less with guns and knives, they just throw a number of explosions in it, because explosions makes everything better. When the gunfights and rock music scenes are getting boring, they just throw a few of the characters´ background stories into it. They´re basically fine stories of their own, some maybe decent drama shows. But you only get a shallow view of it, when they should have explored it in depth. Other plot elements are just thrown in the way of the main characters to overcome them and then never to be overheard again. Such as the evil clones of Tachibana and the mysterious shadows, who seemed to come from the same ninja family. They come out of the blue and then disappear when they have done that they wanted to do.

The show, which should have end with a blast, ends with a whisper in order to save any grace. In any other show this might have been good, but by doing this the show literally falls in the hole they dug themselves.

Ending score: 5

+ The opening and ending music is pretty good

It´s heavily overrated by the viewers

Too few episodes with too much elements

Air Review:

First Impression: After reading the story of this anime I wonder what they've made of it, but only looking at the art and style of the protagonists this show doesn't impress me at all.

Main characters:

Kamio, Misuzu

The loneliest girl at school, Misuzu is a kind of a strange girl. She has a habit of saying the word: 'Gao', that she thinks is the roar of a dinosaur, and falling over every time she tries to run. Believing that baby bird eventually will become a dinosaur. Her mother died prior to the show and her father had given her to Haruko, her aunt. She almost never gets any love or warmth from Haruko, because she believes that if she gets taken away by her father, she will have a hard time giving her back. She constantly gets a panic attack, each time she gets to attached to another person. She and Yukito are bound by fate.

Kirishima, Kano

The sister of the local doctor in town. She is an outgoing girl, who often plays with the dog, 'Potato'. Her mother died while giving birth to Kano. Every time she dreams of meeting her mother to apologize, but later it's changed to a thank you. She always wears a yellow bandana around her wrist. She never takes it off, believing that it will give her magical powers when she becomes an adult.

Kunisaki, Yukito

He is a young puppeteer and descendant of a sorcerer, who travels around the country. While searching for the Winged Maiden he was told about by his mother, who passed away several years before the series. By using a special trick, he is able to move his tiny puppet without moving a finger at all. This to make money as he travels, but that isn't going so well.

Tohno, Minagi

The smartest girl at school, but is shy and doesn't have many friends. Her only friend is a girl named Michiru, who's in fact a spirit created by the her late sister. She is the founder and president of the astronomy club, which Yukito is forced to join. Her mother is mentally unstable and she's living the past years as her sister, mainly because her mother just had forgotten her. She enjoys cooking different meals for Michiru. Her parents are divorced.


Upon hearing an old story from his late mother, Yukito Kunisaki, a travelling puppeteer, is searching for the Winged-Maiden. A girl who's fate is bound to the sky. A cursed girl, who is tied to never fly in the everlasting sky again. A curse to die alone and to be reincarnated, only to go in the endless circle of suffering and loneliness again. While travelling around, he finds himself in a old fashioned village. He encounters Misuzu along his path of earning money in this village. He gets invited to stay at Misuzu's and ended going in on the invitation. After getting to know the villagers, he decides to help them with their problems. His search for the Winged Maiden is stopped for the time being. He grows attached to Misuzu and the village. Is he ever going to find the Winged Maiden or is closer to his goal than he thinks?


A different approach

After Kanon, Air is the second game, that Key visual Arts created and also the second to be animated.

Strangely as it seems, this anime is based on an eroge, a game with nudity or sexual content, but there wasn't ever any breast grapping or unintentionally falling down on top of another girl and then seeing her panties. There wasn't any ray of light to blur the vision of the female's nudity from the eyes of the manly lead character. Especially when Misuzu is portrayed as a clumsy, little girl. It's not the standards you'll see of a animated dating/eroge game.

Fake romance?

When talking about dating, there almost isn't any romance in it, though they tagged it as a romance anime. There was a bit of love, but it was just like a snowflake falling down from the sky on a hot day. It is a beautiful sight to see, but it is there for only a few seconds and then it melts away never to be seen again. Like Misuzu's invitation to let Yukito stay at her house. You will think that one of them has already developed feelings for the other, only to see that she is just being overfriendly with no hidden feelings behind it.

Let speed up things

On the other hand, there are some fine plot twist, mostly events that will cause sadness. All of them are only masked by the fact, that the creators and director are rushing these well executed events to a point where they main cast finds a problem and already solves it after only one episode has passed. By doing this they completely deny the stage of building up the tragedy that is befalling the protagonist. Many of the people who prefer watching drama anime love the uplifting drama and seeing how well or not the protagonists act to the situation they're dealing with. That is why I didn't like this anime at all. If we compare this one with, what should I say perhaps Clannad, also created by Key, or Anohana you will see by letting fully develop the suffering and sadness that is befalling the characters, the impact of seeing them overcome those sad happenings or feelings is far more greater than rushing it.

Odd turns in events

This is also visible when Yukito regrets leaving Misuzu behind and wished things were back at the beginning. He wishes this and then disappears like a shadow. Only to find out that he made by a spirit that will be with Misuzu forever or that he's reincarnated as a crow, called Sora (Sky). But the thing is that they are implying that he's Sora, who by any chance also got his memories mixed up, while he was present before Yukito disappeared. A weird combination to give a minor character memory loss and only saying: 'I have seen her before.'. The crow can't talk the human language, so why bother giving the creature amnesia. It isn't like he miraculously can change everything.

A ray of hope

It isn't all bad that they are showing. The episodes that contained flashbacks where a nice thing to diverse the series. By just giving the viewer a chance to understand to curse behind the Winged Maiden. Luckily that part isn't rushed at all. It is just Kanna, the last of the Winged kind, searching for her mother. This is where I thought, that the show is finally going upwards to where it should be.


But that didn't last long, as quick as it may be, the ending came. You will think that everything is going to be alright and she is the one that breaks the circle of endless reincarnating and suffering. But hey, what if we just let her die in the end and start it all over again. Just give me a break, why the hell did they end it like that. First there was amnesia then there was parental issues and I couldn't catch on to that. They just let her die (happily), ending it that she reached her goal and that it is enough. I never saw such a bad ending in my life of watching anime and felt cheated by it. I was hoping to see that she is saved from her cursed fate. In the end this is what I think about it.

Ending Score: 5

+ The background art and music suits well throughout the show

- It's just too rushed

- A ruining end to the show

Clannad After Story Review

First impression: My friend recommended this to me and I instantly loved it.

Main Characters:

Furukawa, Nagisa

The frail and timid heroine girl. She actually repeating her senior year, due to a recurring illness that lasted nine months. She has a strange kind of habit of quietly saying the names of food she likes to give herself a little motivation. She wants to re-establish the drama club, that has been disbanded the year she was sick. She is the first girl that Okazaki meets and loves the Dango Daikazoku.

Okazaki, Tomoya

The badass lead character for both Clannad and the Afterstory. Okazaki is a straight out delinquent, nothing more and nothing less. He only thinks of himself and doesn't care what happens if it is not of his concern. Always skipping the morning hours together with Sunohara. He lives with his mental broken down father and his mother died while giving birth to him. He was a becoming a great basketball player, but due to a fight with his dad, he can't raise his right arm above his shoulder, thus ending his career. Most of the time he's at Sunohara's to avoid his home situation. He slowly changes his attitude after meeting Nagisa and her family.

Okazaki, Ushio

Ushio Okazaki

The daughter of Tomoya and Nagisa and currently living with Nagisa's parents. She's a well behaved, little girl who's curious about what's around her. She acts rather boyish; preferring to play with robots instead of dolls. Likes to play baseball. Nagisa dies the moment that she is born. She got the same illness as Nagisa.

Fujibayashi, Kyou

The tomboyish, aggressive girl and also the class president of 3-E. She is the older twin sister of Ryou and has a good relationship with Tomoya. She owns a pet piglet named Botan. Everyone who gets on her bad side, gets a dictionary thrown to his or her head. She owns a scooter, that are not actually allowed at school. She wants to become a kindergarten teacher.

Sakagami, Tomoyo

The transfer student at Tomoya's school. She is nice and kind girl, but in her past she used to be a fighting demon, who defeated several gangs. She never gives Tomoya any form of respect, although Tomoya is a senior. She daily gets into a fight with Sunohara, though she always kicks his ass. She wants to become the student council president.

Ichinose, Kotomi

The smartest girl at school, but also a delinquent. Not the same kind as Tomoya or Youhei, but the one who gets a exemption from class, because she is to smart. She has the habit of cutting out pieces of paper from books, which she finds interesting. She is very quiet and difficult to socialize with. She likes playing the violin, but she is very bad at it. Her parents died in a plane accident.


One day while walking down a path with fluttering cherry blossoms, Tomoya Okazaki meets a girl, named Nagisa, muttering Anpan (a kind of bread) to motivate herself. He gives her the push to walk to school by saying:"Just find something. Just find something new that's fun or happy" From that encounter, he begins to notice Nagisa more and more around the school. Eventually spending lunch break with her to learn that she planning to re-establish the drama club. Claiming that he doesn't have something better to do, he begins to help her achieving this goal. By doing that he gets to know more girls with their respective problems.

As he tries to help each of the girls overcoming their problems and he starts to realize that life isn't so boring that he once thought. He decided to date Nagisa at the end of the cultural festival.


"Shall I take you away, to the place where dreams come true" and "Do you like this school? I really, really love it. But nothing can stay unchanged. Fun things... Happy things... They can't all possibly stay unchanged. Even so, can you keep on loving this place?"

How does one cope in a world that is always changing? And are we ever truly alone? - Nagisa Okazaki. These quotes are representing the essence of Clannad After Story. A story of happiness, sadness, loss, change and joy.

If you had played the Visual Novel, you will see that the game truly is a masterpiece. But if you find that amazing, you need to see Clannad and the After Story. Those two anime are a league of their own. Both of them give away a feeling that what you see, can also happen with you or your friends. Thus greatly, intensifying the impact of the happy and sad moments on the viewers.


A story of a girl who doesn't stand out and a delinquent boy trying to make their way in life. It's just a slice of life story about a man. Nothing more and nothing less. However Clannad After Story excels in the way of telling this story. You see the happiness and hardships of his life, but rather thinking it's a story about your life. You see, Kyouto Animation succeeds in hitting the bottom of the everyday life, what life truly is.

Remaining school life

For the first half of the anime, they show the remaining school dating life of Tomoya and Nagisa. Showing the typical humor and drama such as: 'One of the wishes is that the graduate together, but that soon falls into pieces. Nagisa falls ill again and must repeat her last year again. Tomoya, now facing a dilemma, doesn't want to graduate'. Fate is just toying with the lead characters, every time when they're getting a lot of happiness, tragedy begins to befall them. But believing in the support of each other and the family, they find the strength to cope with it. Each tragedy is penetrating and utmost beautiful, but still sad.

Becoming part of society

Tomoya becomes a man of society and gets a job as an electrician. While Nagisa tries to graduate again. Unlike last time that they were able to resurrect the drama club, this year Nagisa fails to recruit even one person. Thus disbanding the drama club once again. After trying three times Nagisa finally graduates from high school. The happiness you're feeling when she finish school and starts living with Tomoya. You will see a normal family like any other. The happiness becomes greater when Tomoya wants to marry Nagisa. Only facing her father in a baseball game which determines if he can marry her. Truly a baseball game determines if he can marry her. How random can it get, you're giving away your own daughter over a sports play.

Not only sadness

Clannad After Story is not all sadness and loneliness, there're also happy events. Like the everyday fight between Sunohara and Tomoyo, which Sunohara loses every time. Or Sanae who's being very sensitive about the horrible tasting bread she makes, repeatedly runs away when someone criticize it. From these events you'll learn that life isn't so bad. Laughing about most of the randomness happenings and jokes from the Furukawa family.

A happy married life?

Nagisa and Tomoya marries and live happily ever after. They make you think that, but Nagisa wants to have a family of her own. Thus she wants a baby. From that point forward, you can sense what is bound to happen, but don't want it to happen. The moment when Ushio has to be born, which is the happiest moment of their lives, Nagisa dies due to her illness in combination with giving birth. You can feel the pain and sadness coming from that moment. The pain of losing your loved one, the difficult recovery and a neglecting parent. The event that was becoming the happiest one in their lives, is dampened by the death of Nagisa.

Regaining lost bonds

After five years Tomoya is finally going on a trip with his daughter Ushio. Ignoring her, because of the fact that whenever he sees her he thinks about his late wife. Blaming himself for the fact that she died and never wanted to meet her if he had another chance. Upon learning the truth about his father, Tomoya sees his mistakes and wants to be a father for Ushio. The moment when Ushio said that she wants to live with Tomoya, I cried and I'm not the only one tears of happiness. Eventually creating a father-daughter bond, Tomoya realizes that he once again found a reason to live. These happy moments don't last long.


The last episode contains the same amount of grief and hardships, that were in the remaining twenty-three episodes. Ushio gets the same illness as Nagisa and dies in Tomoya's arms. Tomoya collapses from the shock and by miracle gets back in time. The time when he meets Nagisa for the first time. Unlike the first time, he walks past Nagisa and says nothing. He regrets doing it and runs back and hugs Nagisa. Then he wakes up at the moment when Ushio is born. Believing that Nagisa is death, he's already mourning. By a wonder Nagisa survives the labor and now live happily ever after.

Clannad and the After Story are magnificent, waterproof stories. They contain the essence of life. They truly are masterpieces, I can't say more.

Ending Score: 10

+ Fantastic executed story, great supportive music

+ It's reaching the people to the depths of their hearts

- Who Tomoya ended up with is not everyone favorite choice

- The Another World stories could have great shows on their own

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