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It's quite simple why I chose this book. The Harry Potter books I already read, pleased me so much that I wanted to read the next part. I had watched the film already before I read the book, I liked the film. I expect that the book will be about the same as the film. But with more explanations and other stuff that wasn't important enough to be put in the film, as I expected with the previous book.

Frank Bryce the old gardener of a house without any inhabitants anymore, sees a light in the house. He goes to it to see what's happening there. When he's on a stairs he overhears a conversation between Voldemort and Wormtail. They talk about Bertha Jorkins who they killed and about catching Harry Potter. Nagini the snake of Voldemort tells Voldemort that they have a visitor. So Voldemort kills Frank. At this moment Harry Potter awakes.

The next morning they leave early. Mrs Weasley is very happy about them being all okay. Mr Weasley goes to the ministry of magic, because Rita Skeeter had written false rumours about dead bodies at the Quidditch World Cup event in the Daily Prophet. The rest of the week Harry and his friends prepared for school and the last day of the holiday Ron and Harry receive dress robes from Mrs Weasley. Ron's dress robe is second hand and old-fashioned, but Harry's dress robe is new and nice-looking. Ron doesn't like being poor.

11 Aboard The Hogwarts Express

The next day Mr Weasley gets a message that he has to help ex-Auror Mad-Eye Moody who got caught by a muggle policeman. When it's time to leave Mrs Weasley, Charlie and Bill take them to the Hogwarts Express. They hear rumours about an event taking place this year at Hogwarts. They arrive at Hogwarts and Harry is happy being back again.

12 The Triwizard Tournament

When they all take place in the great hall the sorting begins. When this is over they can eat their supper, but when Hermione hears from Nearly Headless Nick that the food is cooked by House elves she is shocked and doesn't want to eat anymore. When supper is over Dumbledore tells them about the Quidditch cup will not be held this year. He also announces the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Mad-Eye Moody and he says that The Triwizard Tournament will be held this year at Hogwarts. This is a competition between three wizarding schools, Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons. There will be selected three school champions. Because it is very dangerous no-one younger than seventeen can enter.

13 Mad-Eye Moody

The next morning class starts again. In care of magical creatures they meet Blast-Ended Skrewts, this are lobster like creatures that can burn and sting you. Later on the day Harry gets in an argue with Draco Malfoy. When Draco is about to jinx Harry Prof. Moody turns Draco in a ferret. Everybody is laughing but Prof. McGonagall turns Draco back to normal and says to Moody that he may not use transfiguration as a punishment.

14 The Unforgivable Curses

In the first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson Prof. Moody demonstrates the unforgivable curses. It shocks all the students how this curses are. Later Hermione says she started a new campaign it is called S.P.E.W. which means Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. Harry and Ron think the house elves are okay and don't join her. Then Hedwig comes in with a letter from Sirius. It says that he has to go to Dumbledore if his scar hurt again and that Sirius is coming to him. Harry thinks he put Sirius in danger because he will be coming to him. He feels uncomfortable about this and goes to bed.

15 Beauxbatons and Durmstrang

The next day Harry sends a letter back to Sirius about Sirius to stay where he is and not to go to Harry. In the next Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson, Prof. Moody does the imperius curse on the students which controls them and they do what Moody tells them. But Harry is able to resist a bit. Near the end of October the students are informed that the delegations from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are arriving on October 30th. Harry receives a letter from Sirius again which is saying that he will be coming and stay well hidden. On October 30th the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang delegations arrive. The head of Beauxbatons is Madame Maxime who is a huge women. The head of Durmstrang is Karkaroff. One of the Durmstrang boys is Victor Krum.

16 The Goblet of Fire

Ron and other boys are very proud of having Victor Krum in their school. Ron also thinks one of the Beauxbatons girls looks like a veela. Harry has only eye for Cho Chang. He really likes her. Barty Crouch and Ludo Bagman are helping judge in the tournament. Dumbledore tells to everyone that those who wish to participate the tournament have to put their name on a piece of paper and throw it into the Goblet of Fire. Those who are under 17 are not able to do that because there is an age line around the Goblet. Fred and George think they can compete using an age potion but this doesn't work. Harry, Ron and Hermione visit Hagrid. They mention that Hagrid is trying to be very attractively. They think because of Madame Maxime. They talk about the Tournament, the Skrewts and S.P.E.W. after dinner the Champions are chosen by the Goblet of fire. For Beauxbatons Fleur Delacour, for Durmstrang Victor Krum and for Hogwarts Cedric Diggory. But when they all think that everyone is chosen their appears a fourth name: Harry Potter.

17 The Four Champions

Harry can't believe hearing his name. But he stands up and goes to the room where the other champions are. There are many teachers arguing about Harry's name coming out of the Goblet of Fire. Their final decision is that Harry will be competing in the tournament. Harry is glad he can leave to the common room. But when he talks to Ron they get in an argue. Ron thinks Harry put his name in the Goblet which he didn't. They finally go to sleep very angry.

18 The Weighing Of The Wands

Harry decides to write Sirius about the happening. Ron is still angry and the rest of the school too think he did his own name in the Goblet of Fire. When he's in potions class he is told to go to the Champions for The Weighing Of The Wands. Harry got in an interview with Rita Skeeter. Harry sees the notes she takes don't tell the truth. After a while Dumbledore rescues Harry from his interview for The Weighing Of The Wands. Mr Ollivander inspects their wands and he says Harry's wand contains a phoenix feather of Fawkes and Voldemort's wand also does. Photographs are taken afterwards. Back in the common room Harry got a letter from Sirius about that he has to be in the Gryffindor common room on 22th of November 1:00 am.

19 The Hungarian Horntail

The time before the first task is shortening. Ron is not talking to Harry and Rita Skeeter published an article about Harry with all false things as Harry being in love with Hermione. Harry spends the most time with Hermione in the Library and mentions that Victor is sitting there a lot too studying. With yet a few days to go before the first task Harry is invited by Hagrid because he wants to show him something important. Hagrid shows him four gigantic Dragons while Harry is under the invisibility cloak and Hagrid is showing Madame Maxime. Their first task will be to get past a dragon. He sees one of the Dragons is one of the most dangerous, The Hungarian Horntail. When Harry is getting back to talk to Sirius in the common room he spots Karkaroff who may also go and see the dragons. In the common room Sirius his head appears in the fireplace. He tells Harry that Karkaroff was a Death Eater previously and also that Bertha Jorkins was last spot in Albania just as Voldemort. When Sirius is just starting to tell about how to get past the dragon Ron enters the common room and Sirius disappears. Harry is angry at Ron because Sirius disappeared. After throwing a 'Potter Stinks' badge at Ron, he goes to bed.

20 The First Task

The next day Harry and Hermione go to the library to see how to tackle a dragon, without success. Harry tells Cedric about that the first task is to get past a dragon. Moody sees this and talks to Harry. "'I'm just going to give you some good, general advice. And the first bit is - play to your strengths.' (301). Harry discovers that this is Quidditch. He and Hermione practice a lot to master the spell 'Accio' on his broomstick the 'Firebolt'. The next morning The First task takes place. The four champions are led in a tent where they pick a dragon out of a bag. Harry gets 'The Hungarian Horntail'. Their quest is to get hold of the Golden Egg. Harry has to go last and he hears that the three other champions all got hold of the Golden Egg. When it's Harry's turn he uses 'Accio' to get his Firebolt. Once he has his Firebolt he flies along the Dragon and gets hold of the Golden Egg. He shares first place with Victor Krum. Ron and Harry are friends again after this. Ron believes Harry now. The Egg is a clue for the second task, which takes place in three months. Harry is very happy because he succeeded and he's friends again with Ron.

21 House-Elf Liberation Front

Harry writes a letter to Sirius about his success in the first task. When he opens the Golden Egg a terrible sound comes out of it. Rita Skeeter interviews Hagrid and Harry doesn't trust this is going fair. One day Hermione wants Ron and Harry to come to the kitchen. Dobby works there now. He gets paid and days off. Winky is there too, but he's very unhappy because Crouch fired him. When they leave the kitchen they get lots of food from the house elves. Hermione hopes the other house elves follow Dobby's example.

22 The Unexpected Task

The Yule Ball will take place in Christmas. Harry and Ron have to ask a girl to go with to the ball. Harry has to open the ball with the other champions. When Harry finally asks Cho Chang she says she already goes with Cedric. Hermione already has a date. In the End Harry Goes with Parvati Patil and Ron with Padma Patil.

23 The Yule Ball

Harry gets a letter back from Sirius who congratulates Harry on his success. Ron is sad because of his old-fashioned dress robe. Hermione's date is Victor Krum. Ron is angry about Hermione going with Krum and Ron's date dumps him for someone else. Mr Crouch who's ill is replaced by Percy Weasley. Harry and Ron go outside and overhear a conversation between Hagrid and Madame Maxime, Hagrid tells he's half Giant and asks if Madame Maxime is too half Giant. She feels insulted about this and leaves. Later Cedric advices Harry to take a bath with the egg. In the common room Ron and Hermione are in a big argue. Hermione says: "'Next time there's a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!' " (376)

24 Rita Skeeter's Scoop

Rita Skeeter has a new article about Hagrid being half-giant. She somehow overheard the conversation between Maxime and Hagrid. In Hogsmeade Bagman offers him help in the next task, which is illegal. In the Three Broomsticks Hermione gets in an argument about the half-giant article with Rita Skeeter. Ron, Hermione and Harry decide to visit Hagrid. When they arrive Dumbledore suddenly comes out of the cabin. Hagrid is crying about the article. They tell Hagrid they don't care that Hagrid is half-giant. Later Harry decides to go and take a bath with the egg.

25 The Egg and the Eye

that night Harry goes to the prefect's bathroom with his Golden Egg, invisibility cloak and the marauders map. Moaning Myrtle helps him a bit with his Egg which he hears when he is under water when he opens the Egg. The clue is this: " 'Come seek us where our voices sound, We cannot sing above the ground, And while you're searching, ponder this: We've taken what you'll sorely miss, An hour long you'll have to look, And to recover what we took, But past an hour - the prospect's black, Too late, it's gone, it won't come back.' " (402). So Harry has to figure out how to breath under water for an hour. When he leaves he runs into trouble. he checks his Marauder's Map, and sees Barty Crouch in Snape's office. Crouch is supposed to be really sick so Harry decides to investigate. His foot gets caught in the stairs and he's almost discovered by Snape and Filch. Mad-Eye Moody sees Harry (because he can see through invisibility cloaks) and steers Snape and Filch in the wrong direction, to help Harry. Moody is very interested when Harry tells him that Crouch was in Snape's office. Harry gives him his Marauder's Map to help him investigate.

26 The Second Task

Harry, Ron and Hermione try to find out how to breath under water for an hour with looking in the library. But they can't find anything. When the second task is about to start, Harry is woken by Dobby in the library. Dobby gives him gillyweed which enables him to breath under water. He goes quick to the Lake, eats the gillyweed and dives under water. When he finds the mere people city, he sees four people: Hermione, Ron, Cho and a little girl who look asleep. He wants to save everyone and stays to wait for the others. Eventually Cedric saves Cho and Krum saves Hermione. So Harry wants to save Ron and the little girl but he may only take one from the mere people so they attack Harry. Harry is able to get rid of them and saves Ron and the little girls, who's Fleur's sister. Fleur hadn't been able to save her sister because she was attack by Grindylow's. A mermaid swims to the surface and informs Dumbledore that Harry was the first to arrive, but waited to make sure all four hostages were rescued. So Harry is now sharing first place with Cedric. Harry is Dobby very grateful and decides to buy him lots of pairs of socks.

27 Padfoot Returns

Rita Skeeter publishes a new false article about Harry and Hermione's love life, mentioning things she just can't know. Hermione wonders how she knows this things. They meet Sirius in Hogsmeade in his dog form. They go to a secret cave where he is hiding, with Buckbeak. Sirius tells them a lot about how he is living and about Crouch. Crouch had sent his own son to Azkaban because he was a Death Eater. He soon died in Azkaban. Sirius suggests Ron to write a letter to Percy to ask information about Crouch. Then they head back to the castle.

28 The Madness of Mr Crouch

On Monday morning Hermione receives hate mail because she argued Rita Skeeter in the Three Broomsticks earlier. She has to go to the hospital wing when one of the letters causes painful sores on her hands. She wants to find out how Rita Skeeter is getting information about people at Hogwarts. One night Harry and the rest of the Champions are gathered to the Quidditch pitch where they will find out about the last task. He's surprised to discover that the pitch is full of hedges, which make a maze. Ludo Bagman tells them that for the last task they'll have to get through the maze and tackle the obstacles that will be inside. Viktor Krum pulls him aside as they're all walking back to the castle. he wants to know if Harry and Hermione are going out. Harry tells him they're just friends. When they start talking about Quidditch, Barty Crouch stumbles out of the Forbidden Forest. He looks very shabby and doesn't act like himself. He keeps talking about Voldemort and Harry, and begs them to find Dumbledore. Harry runs back to the castle to get Dumbledore. When he gets to Dumbledore they walk quickly back to the grounds, there they find Krum stunned and Crouch gone. Moody is asked to look after Crouch. Karkaroff is angry that his student was attacked and thinks Dumbledore is the culprit.

29 The Dream

Prof. Moody tells Harry to prepare for the last task and learn defensive spells and jinxes. Harry gets a letter from Sirius. It says that Harry can't walk with Krum alone; Sirius thinks he's an enemy. When Harry is in Divination one day he has a terrible dream about Voldemort attacking Wormtail. When he wakes up his scar hurts badly. Professor Trelawney wants to know what Harry dreamed about, but Harry tells her he needs to go to the hospital wing. When he's out of class he goes to Dumbledore's office, wanting to tell him about the dream.

30 The Pensieve

When Harry gets to Dumbledore's office he finds out that Cornelius Fudge and Prof. Moody are in there. They leave for a walk on the grounds and Dumbledore asks Harry to wait for him until he gets back. As soon as they leave Harry sees a shallow basin full of a glowing contents. As he leans in closer to see what is inside the substance, his nose touches it and he's pulled into the basin. When he opens his eyes he sees he's in a dungeon with a younger Dumbledore, and thinks this must be a memory he's seeing. He watches Karkaroff in a trial for being a Death Eater, and then sees the trial of Crouch's son, who is accused of being a Death Eater too. Harry is glad when the real Dumbledore pulls him back to the present. Dumbledore explains that the basin is a Pensieve, and the contents are his memories. He also explains Crouch's son was accused for torturing Neville Longbottom's parents into insanity, and that is why he was sent to Azkaban. Harry is horrified at this knowledge, and promises to tell no one about Neville's parents. he leaves the office with a lot of new knowledge.

31 The Third Task

Summer is coming fast. Harry spends a lot of time in learning spells and jinxes. Rita Skeeter published another article about Harry. Again there are things in it she can't know. Hermione goes to the Library to look something up. Harry is Happy when Mrs Weasley and Bill show up to watch him do the third task. As evening approaches Harry feels less nervous than before the previous two tasks. He knows he's done all he could to prepare and is looking forward to the competition being over. The third task starts well for Harry. He has to get through many obstacles in the maze, and then has to rescue Cedric when Krum uses an Unforgivable Curse on him. The boys go their separate ways after that, but Harry is really starting to want to win the Cup. When he finally makes it to the middle of the maze he gets there on the same time as Cedric. They fight together against a gigantic spider that's guarding the Cup. Harry suggests sharing the win and they grab the Cup together. As soon as they both touch the cup, they're jerked away.

32 Flesh, Blood, and Bone

They appear on a cemetery. Wormtail kills Cedric with Avada Kedavra. Wormtail ties him on the grave of Voldemort's father. Wormtail does a weird, awful-looking creature in a cauldron. He add bones from Voldemort's father, his own hand and blood from Harry and brings Voldemort back to full strength with a powerful spell: " 'Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son!' 'Flesh - of the servant - w-willingly given - you will - revive - your master.' 'B-blood of the enemy … forcibly taken … you will … resurrect your foe' (556/557)

33 The Death Eaters

Voldemort is glad about having a body again, and quickly calls his Death Eaters to him. He questions all of them about their actions, and then tells them all about how he came back to power. he used a faithful servant planted inside Hogwarts. The Triwizard Tournament offered opportunities to get hold of Harry. Then he turns his attention to Harry. He tortures Harry with the Crucio spell. He tells Wormtail to untie him, and give him back his wand.

34 Priori Incantatem

When Harry duels with Voldemort, he doesn't want to die as a coward and stands faces Voldemort. They both cast a spell at the same moment and the two spells meet in the air, forming a long beam of light connecting the two wands. Harry and Voldemort are surprised when they see this. Somehow Harry knows he should not break the connection. When they both rise in the air, a light is around them. From all around Harry a phoenix begins to sing, and Harry's heart is filled with hope. Now Voldemort's wand erupts ghost of the people he recently killed, starting with Cedric who ask him to take his body back to Hogwarts. Moments later Harry's parents come out of the wand. They tell him to hold on. They also tell him way to get out. Harry breaks the connection as his parents said. The ghosts surround Voldemort, blocking his eyes. Harry sprints to the Portkey and is jerked back with Cedric's body.

35 Veritaserum

When Harry is back he tells Dumbledore about Voldemort being back. When the crowed discovers that Cedric is dead, they're all shocked. Cedric's father runs crying to his dead son. Prof. Moody takes Harry out of the crowd and they go to his office. Prof. Moody asks about what happened. He says he made Harry win the tournament so that Lord Voldemort could rise again. When he gets up and wants to kill Harry, Dumbledore comes in and stuns Moody. Harry and Dumbledore discover that Moody is Crouch's son, who was thought to be dead. The real Moody was locked in a trunk. Dumbledore gives Crouch junior a truth telling potion, Veritaserum. Crouch tells them how he managed to stay alive, get in Hogwarts and how he delivered harry to the Dark Lord.

36 The Parting Of The Ways

Dumbledore ties Crouch, sends the real Alastor Moody to the hospital wing and takes Harry to his office. Sirius is there too and Harry tells them the whole story. When he ends his story he is sent to the hospital wing for a well-deserved sleep. But he wakes when he hears Fudge's voice. Dumbledore is mad because Fudge had ordered to give the Barty Crouch (junior) the Dementors kiss. Now nobody can hear the story from him and Dumbledore can't prove that Voldemort is back, which Fudge refuses to believe. Fugde gives Harry a thousand galleons for winning the tournament. The Order of the Phoenix is re-established. Sirius, Lupin, Mr Weasley, Snape and others are competing in the battle against the Dark Lord.

37 The Beginning

The end of term is coming soon. Harry finds out that Hagrid and Madam Maxime are back together and they will fulfil a task for Dumbledore in the summer. It's for the fight against Voldemort. At the end of term feast Dumbledore honours Cedric and tells everyone that Voldemort is back. In the Hogwarts express Harry and Ron are told by Hermione how Rita Skeeter got all the information. She found out that Rita Skeeter is an Animagus, a beetle. Hermione threatened to tell the ministry about her illegally retrieved articles if she doesn't stop publishing rubbish for a year. Harry wants to give his winnings to the Weasley twins: " 'If you don't take it, I'm throwing it down the drain. I don't want it and I don't need it But I could do with a few laughs. We could all do with a few laughs. I've got a feeling we're going to need them more than usual before long.' (635). When the train arrives they all say goodbye and Harry goes back to the Dursleys.

After reading:

I liked the book because I've discovered lots of things that are missing in the film. The most interesting scene was how Voldemort rose and how Harry escaped from him. I expected it to be good and it was good because of the good story. I would recommend it to everyone who doesn't care to read a book of 636 pages. Again there are lots of differences with the film, for instance the gillyweed he gets from Dobby, he gets from Neville Longbottem in the film. There are so many things that are not in the film so if you want to know the whole story you just have to read the book.