Summary Of Alice In Wonderland English Literature Essay

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice is bored. She is playing at the riverbank with her sister when she notices a rabbit run past. The Rabbit is clothed and has a pocket watch. This intrigues her and the follows the rabbit to its hole, where she falls in. She falls for what seems to be an eternity. She ends up falling into a hall. The hall has many doors of different sizes. She finds a key to a door that is too small for her to fit through. She peeps through and sees a beautiful garden. She sees a bottle labelled 'drink me' and upon drinking it finds that it makes her smaller. She finds a cake and eats eat. The cake labelled 'eat me' makes her bigger again.

The Pool of tears: Alice is unhappy and starts crying. Her tears flood the hall. She shirks down again to pick up a fan. Her tears have now become river that she swims in. she meets a mouse swimming with her in the river of tears and tries to strike up a conversation. She starts talking about her cat. The mouse is obviously offended.

The Caucus Race and a Long Tale: Alice finds other creatures swimming with them in the river of tears, they swim to a bank and start talking about how to dry themselves. The previously mentioned mouse gives a monologue of William the Conqueror. A Dodo suggests that the have a race where no body wins. The Caucus -Race is ran by everyone running in a circle. Alice grows inpatient with their stupidity and scares them off by talking of her cat again.

The Rabbit sends a Little Bill: The white Rabbit comes by and mistakes Alice for the maid. He sends her into the house to go get his gloves. Upon entering the house she starts growing again until she is trapped in the house. Other animals gather around, astonished by her enormous size. The hurl rocks and pebbles at her that turn into cakes. She eats some of the cake and shrinks again.

Advice from a caterpillar: Alice meets a blue caterpillar sitting on a mushroom. Alice admits that she is uncertain as to who she is and that she is unable to remember a poem. The caterpillar informs her that the one side of the mushroom he is sitting on will make her taller and the other side will make her smaller. She finds that the one side makes her smaller then ever before and then eats a piece of the other side. This makes her taller but only elongates her neck. A bird mistakes the long neck for snake. With great trouble she manages to resize herself to an appropriate height.

Pig and Pepper: Alice witnesses someone giving an invitation to a frog . She talks to the frog and convinces him to let her into the house. On entering the Duchesses house she finds the Duchess' cook making soup with too much pepper. This makes her, The Duchess and her baby sneeze. A Cat appears in a tree and shows her the way to the Rabbits house.

A Mad Tea Party: Alice has tee with the March Hare, the Dormouse and the Hatter. The mad trio gives Alice riddles to solve and this makes her impatient and she leaves thinking it was the worst tea party she has ever been to.

The Queen's Croquet Ground: Alice enters the garden of the queen of hearts and finds to live playing cards painting white roses red, because the queen hates white roses. The Royal procession enters the garden. The queen plays croquet with live flamingos and porcupines. Alice is ordered to join them. The queen orders that the cat be beheaded. The executioner complains that the cat cannot be beheaded if he only has a head.

The Mock Turtle's Story: The Duchess is brought to the court yard and agers the queen when she says that she finds morality all around her. Alice is introduced to the Gryphon who takes her t the turtle. The Mock Turtle is sad. The Gryphon wants to play a game and doesn't give the turtle a chance to finish his story.

With his book Carroll created a metaphor for his upside down world. A World where what was proper was more important that what was moral. It was (as in Alice's Wonderland) upside down.