Studying The Prevention Of Child Abuse English Literature Essay

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In today's world, certain crimes' horrendous aspects have been down played in people's minds throughout the past decades. However, certain crimes have withstood the test of time and have remained vile and appalling in society, particularly child abuse. Child abuse is an inhumane act that happens daily in one's lives during this generation. It should be prevented because of its harmful effects on the society.

Violence in general has been existent since the dawn of time. From the days of the Neanderthals, cave men would settle their disputes through violent acts; in fact, it is negotiation that is new, for child abuse is not a primal instinct. People have raised with the idea of working things out through communication, as opposed to violence. This grotesque yet instinctive activity exists very dominantly in several households scattered across the globe, and through in- home violence, the rate of child abuse has grown. In modern society, psychologists tend to classify child abuse into four main categories: neglect, physical, psychological, and, most horrific, sexual.

Neglect is caused mainly by the attitude of the parent(s). Many adults nowadays love the idea of having a child, without realizing the immense care, attention, and devotion that he or she needs. Thus, they follow through with creating a family of sorts, but soon forget about the child's needs, as if he or she is an object in which they've lost interest. They could fail to give a child emotion, education, shelter, or nutrition. The intersting thing about neglect is that most parents don't realize when they are doing it; most do not realize that they are creating a gap in the child's childhood which could permanently affect him on an incredibly personal level.

Another form of child abuse is the physical abuse, caused through bouts of uncontrollable rage. This entails that a person, primarily an adult, is striking a child through physical means. This is considered morally wrong in most societies, with convention on the right of the child criminalizing this act. There is huge controversy as to whether disciplining a child should include physical enforcement (such as slapping or shaking). Studies have shown that this form of enforcement does not instill discipline or good ethics, but harms fuinstead raises the level of fear and insecurity in the child's fragile mind.

The third form of abuse, emotional abuse, is very difficult to define and classify; since it is not tangible and often not visible. This is not exclusively inflected by adults, but can also be by teenagers. This abuse includes name-calling, excessive criticism, ignorance, labeling, and humiliation. The victim of this abuse usually tends to blame himself or herself for these names which have been placed upon him, and believes these criticisms to a certain extent. Because of this, the victim can develop deep social awkwardness, a high level of insecurity, and a violent and defensive nature that will act as harmful effects on the society.

The last form of abuse is sexual abuse. In almost every country, exposing a minor sexually in any way is completely illegal, and is considered a form of cruel rape. There are several sub-classes to sexual abuse, including rape, genital-exposure, child pornography, and exposure of genital to the child. The list of problems that a child can grow up with because of an experience with sexuality at an early age includes but not limited to guilt, nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia, addiction, and low self-esteem.

A large problem can be created for the society because cases of child abuse are countless. Statistically almost 53,000 children died worldwide in 2002 as a result of homicide. The range extends from 80 to 98% of children suffering physical punishment in their homes, with a third or more experiencing severe physical punishment resulting from the use of implements. There are researches saying that 150 million girls and 73 million boys under the age of 18 experienced forced sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual violence during 2002. Statistical researches reported that Between 100 and 140 million girls and women in the world have undergone some form of female genital mutilation/cutting, with 3 million of those women existing in sub-Saharan Africa, Egypt and the Sudan. In 2004, 218 million children were involved in child labor, of which 126 million were in hazardous work. Estimates from 2000 suggest that 1.8 million children were forced into prostitution and pornography, and 1.2 million were victims of trafficking; and still there are more cases than stars in space.

Reading child abuse cases ( that I will introduce in a minute) makes some one cry and feel the panic of these children and how they really suffered ; thus wondering where was the heart of those criminals when they had this much cruelty to torture those angels after looking into their innocent eyes. Of course there's a special place in hell for those creatures. Many cases when read sound unbelievable as how I felt when I read them but unfortunately they are true.

Here's a case of a child whose fate had put him in the way of cruel creatures who abused him. And guess how old is this child, he is 17 months old. A 17 month old boy who had cooking oil, heated in a frying pan, poured on his genitals as well as beaten to the point of sustaining spinal injuries is recovering, but the extent of his injuries and whether or not he'll be able to walk again have not yet been reported. Perhaps the boyfriend and the mother don't know what it feels like to be punched in the stomach by someone 15X bigger than you and have frying grease poured on their genitals and a hair-dryer used to burn off their skin, so I recommend that they find out. If it's good enough for their baby, surely it's good enough for them. What in the world is this? Were they anesthetized or did they have a pain killer before being able to get a fry pan , pour oil , wait until it boils ,then pour it on the child's body , before getting a hair dryer to burn the rest of skin that wasn't poured upon. Nothing on earth could describe that. I feel that a reader who is not utterly flabbergasted and horrified to the point of tears at the imagination of such a case as the mother of the child has a heart of a stone.

Another disgusting child abuse story, a woman's boyfriend, Carlnelus Delaney Simmons, age 37, reportedly took her 16 month old son, Jabraylon Bables, and dipped him into a pot of boiling water. According to The Dallas Morning News, the baby suffered for 36 days before succumbing to his grotesque and brutal injuries. He was presumably in agonizing pain, as his burns covered most of his lower body, melted the skin off his body and of which subsequently became infected. Jabraylon's biological father has been in prison most of his young life and has only been able to reconnect with him 2 months prior to the assault on the child. The mother, Jasmine Thompson, appears to be supportive of her boyfriend whom she met after the baby's father went to prison and who has allegedly tortured her defenseless baby, calling him a "good person", even though he spent 15 years in prison for murdering another man.

The Dallas Morning News recounts the baby's last days: The remaining days of Jabraylon's life were spent in a hospital room hooked up to a battery of tubes and a breathing machine. The skin had melted off his legs and feet. Burns covered his right hand up to his wrist. Doctors removed about 60 percent of his badly damaged intestines during one surgery. They removed more during a second surgery. Infections wracked his small body. He suffered kidney failure and his body swelled to the point where he was unrecognizable. No other feelings than being silent was my reaction.

Execution and amputation can't be a punishment to this stone woman. These punishments are mercy gifts to her. There must be some way of making these people feel their guilt. Children are blessing gifts from our god that must be covered with care, tenderness and compassion. On the other hand, one read many stories about people who were unblessed by not having children and they try any solutions: surgeries medicines, therapies, and etc... they cling to any hope to win the gifts they weren't blessed with. These parents estimate the real values of children although others have these blessings and they cling to any hope to get rid of them by their ways of torturing their kids.

Today's world is a mystery in certain aspects; a conflict of morals that fall into classifications within two main categories, good and evil. I find myself agreeing with the words of black abolitionist Frederick Douglass; "As long as good men do nothing, evil will indefinitely grow." That is my stance on child abuse: the one and only reason that this mortifying act has prospered through the progression of time is because of good men's passive attitudes towards the subject; people want to act as if this epic brutality does not exist, instead of facing the cruel reality. However, the day that those same good men choose to turn their attitudes into an active perspective, and stand to face those psychopaths who continue to tarnish this globe, is the day that we can truly and sincerely have hope in the extinction of this indescribably terrible practice.