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I think the story is set in de past, because the story is about selling kids to man so they can marry him and become some sort of slave. The language they're speaking sounds very old too.

Quote: “Nettie here with us. She run way from home. She say she hate to leave our stepma, but she had to git out, maybe fine help for the other little ones. The boys be alright, she say.”

b.Time: how much time does the story take?

The story takes years. Celie started writing the story when she was fourteen. She hadn't seen her sister for twenty-five years. So I think that the story takes about fifty years.

Quote: ‘'I am fourteen years old.''

c.Place: Where is the story set?

The story is set in the United States of America, in the south part. First she probably lived in Tennessee, that is where her stepfather lives. It's a little village, and the black people are very poor. There is a lot of discrimination. The white people thought that they were better than the black people.. Later on in the story she moves with Shug to Memphis.

Quote:'' You coming back to Tennessee with me.''

3. Plot

Celie is a black woman, who had been treated bad her whole life. She had been raped by her father and her husband wasn't a nice man. Celie's sister had left her and Celie really missed her a lot. Shug is a woman who Celie looked up to. In the story Celie and Shug became friends. At the end of the story Celie's sister comes back home and Celie's husband realizes that he hadn't treaten Celie right, and he started to respect her.

4. Characters

A) Main characters

  1. Celie and Nettie.
  2. Celie: she is a smart girl. And when she has to leave school she is mad. She learns reading from her little sister Nettie. She always thought after Nettie left, she had died. But after she got the letter she finally got a little bit out of her shell. And when she went to Tennessee she finally dared to express herself.
  3. Nettie: Nettie is a very smart girl. She doesn't have to go to school to learn. When she lives in Celie's house she is a real teacher. She teaches Celie a lot of new words and she also teaches Celie how to read. After leaving Celie's house she went to Afrika with her new family, but she never stops writing Celie even though she never gets a letter back.

  4. These are the two main characters because the whole story is about them. The book is about the relationship between them and sister love.
  5. Quote Celie: “I ast him to take me instead of Nettie while our new mammy sick. But he just ast me what I'm talking about. I tell him I can fix myself up for him.”

Quote Nettie: “It has been a long time since I had time to write. But always, no matter what I'm doing. I am writing to you. Dear Celie, I say in my head in the middle of Vespers, the middle of the night, while cooking. Dear, dear Celie. And I imagine that you do really get my letters and that you are writing me back: Dear Nettie, this is what life is like for me.”

B) Minor Characters

Mr.____ Shug Avery, Harpo, Sofia, Squeak, Alphonso, Samuel, Corrine, Olivia, Adam, Tashi, Miss Millie, Eleanor Jane, Grady, Kate.

5. Message.

  1. I think you can learn a lot from the book. I think Celie has always felt like she was nothing. But after the help of Shug Avery she gained confidence and became another person.
  2. I think the story is written to show people that you can become better if you're receiving the help of others, and that you can't solve problems alone.
  3. I think colors are important in this story. Like the colour the dress has that Celie buys. All these colours have their own meaning, and colours can really brighten up your life.
  4. Quote: “Matter of fact, I think this is the youngest us ever felt.”


1. Which character(s) did you like?

  1. One person I really found sympathetic was Nettie. I also thought Shug was very sympathetic.
  2. I found Nettie very sympathetic because she was so good to her sister. She always wrote letters to her, even though she never got any letters back. She also told Celie how much she missed her sister. I also liked Shug Avery because she was also very good for Celie. She showed her that you have to believe in yourself.
  3. Quote: ‘'Write if you can. Here are some stamps.''

Quote: ‘'Shug hold me close to her and sometimes talk.''

2. Which character did you dislike?

  1. Of course I found Alfonso very unsympathetic and I didn't like Mr ....
  2. Alfanso raped his adopted daughter, that's not a normal thing to do, that's why I disliked Alfanso. And Mr ... treated Celie at the beginning very badly, he hit her.
  3. Quote: ‘'Then he put his thing inside my pussy.''

Quote: ‘'Harpo asked his daddy why he beat me. Mr ... say, cause she my wife.''

3. What did you feel when you read the story?

  1. I felt really sorry for Celie when I was reading the story. I also felt anger.
  2. I felt very sad because Celie had gone through so many sad things in her life. The raping, the beating.. I also felt anger. I just can't understand why people would hurt someone so much. I think it's so bizarre, in the story it was normal to beat your wife.
  3. Quote: ‘'Then he put his thing inside my pussy.''

Quote: ‘'Harpo askt his daddy why he beat me. Mr ... say, cause she my wife.''

4. What is your favorite part?

  1. Quote: ‘'I think u here to wonder, myself. To wonder. To ask. And that in wondering bout the big things and ask bout he big things you learn about the little ones, almost by accident. But you never know nothing more about the big things that you start out with. The more I wonder he say, the more I love.''
  2. In this part of the story Celie and Mr ... finally talk and they talk about the discrimination and why we are living on earth. This was a very big change because Mr. ... had been so mean in the beginning.
  3. I think this is one of the best parts of the book because it's shows that people really can change. I thought that this part was unbelievable.

5. Questions to the writer.

a. 1. Has the colour purple a special meaning in your life?

2. Do you know anybody who has experienced something like this?
3. Where did you get your inspiration?

b. Because then I could understand the book better. For example: why did you choose Africa for Nettie to go to?

C. The Summary.

1, 2:

The book begins on a farm in the southern United States in the early 20th century. Celie, a 14-year-old girl who lives there with Nettie, her sister and their stepfather. The two of them care a lot about each other. Celie is the older of the two sisters. She is raped by her father a few times. Therefore she has brought two babies to world. Both children have been taken away from Celie. She has the thought that her stepfather killed them. Celie isn't able to go to school, because she isn't allowed to. As a result she has a poor education. In the church is a man who is very fascinated by Nettie. The name of this man is Mr.___. Mr.__ asks for Nettie's hand. Father doesn't approve it, but father promises Mr. __ a cow when he marries Celie. Mr.__ thinks it's okay and accepts the offer from father and he marries Celie. He does not like Celie, but his wife is deceased and he needs someone to keep the house clean for him and to and take care of his four children. The sexual abuse doesn't stop when Celie marries Mr__. It's the same thing Celie had to deal with when she still lived in her old house with her father. Someday when Celie and her husband are downtown, Celie sees a little girl who looks like her daughter when they are going to shop. She starts talking to the mother, the wife of a pastor.

Nettie comes to Celie, She running away from home. She stays with Celie's family. But Nettie leaves, because Celie's husband wants to seduce her. Nettie promises that she will write until her death. To Mr__ she says she's happy to go, but they really hate to leave Celie. Celie did never received a letter from her sister Nettie and she does not know whether she lives or not. She continuous writing her lonely letters to God.

Harpo, Mr__ son likes a girl named Sofiaso much, that he decides to marry her. His father forbids him to marry, but he does'nt listen to his father and marries her anyway and they have settled on a piece of land near the house of Celie. Sofia is a strong, confident and independent woman.

Mr__ is crazy about a woman named Shug Avery. Shug means a lot to Celie in many ways, although she only knows her from a photo, she is an obsession for her. Moments later Shug comes to visit. Celie excited to meet her, but Shug is terrible, because she has drunk too much. Later Shug becomes ill and Celie must cure her. This event is very important, while this is the start of a good friendship between Shug and Celie. They discuss many things together. They talk about sex with Mr__ (Celie knows by that time his name is Albert). Celie doesn't like sex, but Shug does. Celie also says: "He just does his business, get out, go to sleep."

While Shug is in the house, Mr__ does not take advantage of Celie. Shug forbids him to do that. Celie learns about getting more confidence. After leaving Sofia, Harpo opens juke joint. Shug sings very good blues and she's singing in the juke joint. Without Shug singing there would not be so many people there. Harpo is also dating a new girlfriend. Her name is Squeak. Other than Sofia, she is submissive and obedient.

Shug always writes letters to Mr__. On one day she says that they are going to come back. She now married to Grady. Mr__ and Grady are always drinking too much. At that time, Shug is being told about Celie's family. Her mother is deceased and that she had a sister who ran away from home. She tells Shug she hasn't got anybody in her live who she has been loved by.. Later Shug finds out that Mr____ has kept all the letters which Nettie wrote to Celie hidden.. Celie reads the letters and discovers Nettie's life. Nettie does missionary work for Corrine and her husband. They have two children. Olivia and Adam. These are found to be Celie's children. They are running a schoolwhich for the natives, the Olinka in a village in Africa. Nettie knows from Samuel that her father is not her real father. Their real father was lynched when they were small kids. When Celie reads her father is not her real father, she decides to return to the house with Shug in Memphis. In Memphis, Celie begins to craft pants for a hobby. Later she runs a shop for pants. She went to live in her old home because her stepfather is deceased. The house formerly belonged to her real father and he showed it to his children. Sofia comes to live with Celie, she did not want to work any longer for the wife of the mayor.The letter in the last part of the book is a letter written to God, "Dear God. She tanks God for returning Nettie to her.

3. When I read the first couple of paragraphs I didn't think the story would be about all her life. I thought it would only be about Celie in her early twenties. When I got further I thought Nettie was dead. And I actually forgot a little bit about Celie's two children, Olivia and Adam. I expected the book to end like a nightmare for Celie. That she couldn't handle her problems anymore and her life would end after a couple of years. But the end was kind of like a fairytale.

4. Every night I tried to read a couple of chapters, about twenty pages. Sometimes a little bit more and sometimes a little bit less. So it took me about two weeks

5. I thought it was a fascinating book. I thought that it was a sad story because of the events, for example in the beginning of the book when I just started reading, a terrible thing happened. Cellie got raped by her stepfather, and she even got two babies from him. Even more worse is that she was fourteen and uneducated. When she was pregnant, she said she was big, as in fat, so she didn't even really realize what was happening to her. This was just the beginning of the book and it shocked me already.