Study Of A Ill Woman Called Jaime English Literature Essay

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Sat on a rocking chair swaying to the gasp of wind she feels the morning breeze that softly touched her pale cheeks. Waiting for someone that for today it could be a brand new day, a letter that she keeps on waiting for many days that turn into years, but her hope is still in her soul. Maybe it just a delayed, well she knows that one of this day, there is a letter for her.

She heard steps that sounded familiar, there you are again a soft voice coming from her back… she nodded and says nothing.

Your breakfast is ready; you want me to bring it to you. She just looked at the old woman with her sour smile. Is there a new letter for me? She asked the old woman.

There is no one for this day she answered Jaime.

I wanted to hear again the letter, he sent to me she says with her eyes shimmering on sadness.

Can you read it for me… asking a favor to an old woman who loves her with all of her life. She just nodded and touched her cold palm. You have heard it for many times.

But I wanted to hear it again… sound please in her voice.

Okay as you, want it.

Then she started to read the letter for her lovely princess.

Dearest Jaime,

For today, I have been missing you, I wanted to show you the beauty of blue sky and those flowers that bloom in spring season. How I wish you would be here with me. And together we were having fun. I want to hear your laughter and to see your eyes that shine like a star. How wonderful, isn't it? And I can't wait for that day to see you and hold you again.

Miss you much,


She sighed and looked outside. Sadness is painted on her face, a grief that everyone could feel just like what her heart feels striving and fighting for life, hope and a leap of faith that she keeps on holding.

Nobody knows how much joy had been brought to her by those letters. It's like a medicine that healed her illness, how much hope that lift her to live a life again, How much laughter that she collected just like a thousand times.

Days move fast, still the letters that she keeps on waiting were buried in forced ness, together with the flow of water that forgotten by the time. Day by day, she gets a weak and totally loss her weight. She is dying like a candle that melts under the burning sun.

She tried to get up on her bed and go outside to feel the sun that warm her skin, to feel the wind that closes to heaven, but then she has no strength to do that, calling help from someone to give her support.

She wanted to feel the sun that giving her strength to live for one another day,

She laid her head back down sobbing on her parched voice. She gets something in her pocket and gives it to her Nanny a letter that she wrote for Shane.

I want you to give that for Shane, I know he will be there one of these days but am afraid I could not be able to see him. She whispers softly.

I can't be with him anymore my time is over, later I will go with the sunset that never shines again… crying in her Nanny's shoulder.

Autumn was come earlier than time, golden leaves were scattered on empty streets wind to whistle in their lonely tunes. No more birds singing in her window pane that made her day bright, the sun was hiding on a darkened cloud no more rhymes that sound like an angel voice.

A day after Jaime has passed away Shane was coming to visit her, back from the strangers' land that he spends his time in studying. A time that he spends a lot a dedication that he gave that someday Jaime will be proud of him, but then all this effort was been vanished away, he likes a candle that totally melts, his body shivers and his hands shaken, no more tears fell from his eyes on that moment he comes to know what Jaime had been through. Speechless… starring the letters that he is holding on that Jaime was written for him.

With his cold hands, he opens the letter, and then his voice was parched controlling his tears and sob ness so that no one could ever heard him. Until he shouted out loud calling Jaime's name.

Dearest Shane,

How wonderful is it? And I wish I were there with you, no more days I was not able to think of you, how much joy you brought to me for just a simple letter that you send to me. I am missing you so much, but I m afraid that day would not come for this time you have read my letter, I can't be with you anymore, I'll go with the wind and clouds, with the angels singing sweet symphony. But it is more than ok right? So at least I would not feel any pain and always fighting for life, you more like it and I m sure with that.

Don't cry just because I can't be with you, I wanted you keep your smile as always as you always do. I'm just here around watching over you.

Just one thing I asked for a favor….

Would you burn this letter together with the clouds passing by so then I will feel that I am much closer to you.

I will always missing you….


For Jaime's last favour, he burns out the letter. Where the ashes were scattered and go with the wind.