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Giroux and Marroquin explained that narration comprises different stages such as drawing the initial situation, evolving series of events that change the situation, and the final presentation of the purpose hence, narration or storytelling is a type of change. Further described by Giroux and Marroquin (2005-2006, p.18) that narration is the process of storytelling thorugh different stages of casual if this is not in chronological order. Likewise Bottin (2001) stated that accounting manuals may be deemed as the basis for economic history by representing commercial activities and relations between them and this has some cohesion with the views of the Parker (1991). Phillips (1995) delivered initial arguments in favour of narrative in the study of management besides fiction and case studies and work by Giagnat's was also the early instances. In fact Gaignat's work was seen as the examples based on his fictional and real world characters experiences and their activities give the reader an in-depth analysis of the eighteen century business relations. The similarity of narration or storytelling with accounting is clear. Accounting records provide stories through their chronological history of events. This sequence of events is based and developed through a series of accounting operations selected and systematic to record and rebuild the events experienced. This was suggested by Phillips (1995, p.634) that narrative fiction provides the technique to 'weave a pattern of truth' by bringing organizations and their activities to life. In other words it is a tool to introduce organizations in all their complexities. In the words of Phillips (1995, p.636) 'Good fictional narratives are not intended to present a problem for analysis but a situation to experience.' According to Anonymous 2005, Storytelling is progressively a valuable tool in corporate management and unfortunately its importance was ignored in the past. Since our childhood we are aware of the fact that it has huge impact on us during our childhood days. Since children have enough time to devote for this whereas executives do not have. Having too much information in stories has a negative effect of attracting people attention and might be not relating to their particular field. It also depends on how well it has been presented. Storytelling can be effectively used during the time of major changes occurring in an organization and the top management will be interested to know the future outcome after the implementation of possible changes because human nature has a tendency to remain apprehensive and scared of unexpected outcome and therefore are not enthusiastic to go for change. In Margaret Parkin's view storytelling can be included in change programs in different ways for instance:

Included in a brainstorming session;

Active and clear communication about future outcome of an organization;

Avoiding a problem and suggesting a parallel view;

Adding spice to a presentation on expected changes;

Helping to improve memorable learning;

Assisting reflection and discussion in the training sessions; and ;

Creating Interest and curiosity in a change update e-mail or newsletter.

"Storytelling is a generic term that may be used to describe any kind of work with story". This is reported by Moon (2006, 2010). In addition, she defines the story as "everywhere in human lives and cultures and it features strongly in the processes of teaching and learning. Story can be called narrative, case study, critical incident, life history, anecdote, scenario, illustration or example, creative writing, storytelling; it is a unit of communication, it is in the products of the media industries, in therapy and in our daily acts of reflecting". In my opinion a story is a literary work that describes incidents of life or several interrelated incidents. A story explores in depth the different perspectives of events and gives it a special humanity value capturing the times and places the events happened. The story I am about to tell, reveals the physical and psychological aspects surrounding the difficulties and problems I encountered during my lifetime but which ended in an interesting way.

My life surrounds on the quote ' Success is the journey not destination'. I was settled in UAE for the last 07 years but I look myself much ahead and this is the reason I make a career decision to do MBA (Masters in Business Administration). I am a Banker by profession and join huddersfield university, UK for MBA from UAE (United Arab Emirates). Recently had a successful test tube baby boy after 08 attempts. God Bless me son after eighteen years of my marriage and he is 06 months old when I left him back home to my parents and beloved brother for my higher studies in UK. I wanted to study, I am studying even thou I left my precious son, my beloved wife, wind up my home, Resign my Job in UAE. This is my third attempt to masters , I did my MBA in Pakistan in 1999-2000 from a private college but was not convinced because of private institute than later took admission in MBE ( Masters in Business Education ) in Punjab University, which I left half way because of financial crises and started doing job, Till date I am regretted for the discontinuation of my MBE studies. Now is my third attempt towards postgraduate degree and hope the final one. This continues attempts and hopes to do post graduation shows my curiosity and dedication towards education. My mother's dream as she always wanted me to sent abroad for higher education and secondly for carrier growth, Thanks to my Father and Brother who is taking Care of my Family and special thanks to my sincere wife, who support me financially by selling her Gold, Struggling a lot and still sacrificing for me with the hope that I can give my family better living standard after my higher education from University of huddersfield which I need to prove it. Below is different stages of my life cycle with details mention precisely.

( 1975 ) My date of birth is 03 Aug 1975. I belong to a middle class small family, 04 sisters and 02 brothers, I am the elder brother and number 04th in my family. My parents thru out life struggled for us to fulfill our wishes and for well growth. By profession my father is turner and was running his shop very successfully in Pakistan but desire to move ahead took him abroad and spend major part of his life in Libya ( 31 years).

( 1976 ) Early childhood:- I was born after three sisters and was considered very precious as my grand ma and mother prayed a lot for my birth. In our tradition, Boys are given more importance than girls which I do not believe, for this reason they struggle a lot for me, spiritually and medically. and with their restless efforts and with the Blessing of my God, my birth came into being fulfilling the wishes of my Grand ma and mom.

( 1977 ) Travel to Libya:- As my father always wanted to go abroad for better future prospects, he got the chance to go abroad after my birth. He successfully reached Libya after the failure of three attempts as travel was very difficult in mid 1970's. He sold his shop, took some spending money, and sit on the bus for the Europe tour which lasts in Libya and finally he settled there. My father managed to sponsor us and we shifted to Libya in about late 70's. As per my grandma I was even unable to open the doors as I was too young once we moved to Libya.

( 1981 ) Early School Life:- I was unable to start my early education from nursery or prep because of travelling and even got late admission in class 1st , which I covered in later stages in class 3rd by doing double promotion being jumped from class 3rd to Class 5th. I was happy that I step ahead two stairs in same year and for that I need to give extra time to my studies which results weakening my vision. It was a sad year for me as doctor recommended spectacles for me and which need to be used thru life till date I use vision glasses. The difference is that now I am using lenses whereas that time I was using thick glasses. During my early school life, I was diagnosed with Asthma and was frequently hospitalized for the treatment. I was unable to play outdoor games because of my sickness. I am sad but this is true that I gave much pain to my parents because of my sickness as it took hours and hours for the ventilation and for recovery. Doctors recommended my parents to change my weather as it may affect positive to my health and it proves as after my short trip to my country, I felt much better.

( 1987 ) First trip to my country (Pakistan) :- I visited Pakistan in 1987 in 7th class. I stayed with my grandparents and my uncle. they took very nice care of me especially my grandma. She was worried about my health and every time stop me to read novels and eat chewing gum. As per her, it was injurious to my health. This time I met my first cousin with whom I was married later. I stayed about a month and then left for Libya to my parents.

(1990 - 1991) SSC :- I passed my (SSC) Secondary school certificate in 1991 from Pakistan school and college Tripoli, Libya. My parents loves me a lot. My parents wanted me to give everything of the world. Whatever I said , they always fulfilled my wish. I always love driving. My father used his reference and managed to get my driving license at early age even thou I did not completed 18 years which proved wrong as he beard a great loss and pain in shape of my major accident in my secondary school. Till date I felt sorry but that time I was not matured enough to realize the things. I still remember that day, I was in my secondary school, that day was farewell party of my sister and I left the school with my sister friend to drop her on the way to our home. After the drop of my sister friend to her home, We were on the way to our home. In fact, I realized, I was mistaken, I did not apply the brakes on the four way crossing and the bigger and heavy car wiped off my car. We were gone out of mind. The car took a big round, main screen was broken down, but me and my sister was alive and safe. God save us and we both were in senses, I left the car their and took my sister and went back to my sisters friend. I informed my parents and they reach their in no time. I guess, that was the most horrible time of my life. I consider this accident mistake not from my side but in fact from my parents side as well as I was not mature enough to cope up the situation and end with drastic and ugly situation resulting pain for our complete family. That was the love of my father who make me possible to have the car even I was not eligible for that but I did not to digest the same and do the ever big mistake of my life. My parents got a huge loss as car was unable to repair and ultimately write off the vehicle.

( 1992 ) HSSC:- I did my Higher secondary school certification HSSC in 92-93 .First year of my college life was in Libya and then early second year I was shifted by my parents to my native country Pakistan. This is the usual problem faced by expatriate community living abroad especially in the middle east that they need to move back, whatever the tenor spent in the country. My parents were also suppose to do the same, Slowly and gradually they were shifting us back to our country. First they sent my elders sisters and then was my turn. I left Libya during the second year of my higher secondary school. it was difficult to get admission but my uncle and grand pa makes it possible. They worked very hard for my admission even travel to other cities as it was a migration case. Till date I realize their efforts was remarkable as they save full year of my life. The managed my admission in the capital city and then transfer it to my native city as they called them `migration`. Me and my sisters was staying with my uncle as my parents were still abroad. after me, there turn came to my younger Bro and Sis to come back to Pakistan.

( 1993 ) B Com. I did my (B Com) bachelors in Commerce in 1993-1994 from Govt Islamia College, which was under the supervision of Punjab University. I was very much towards studies and was a book worm. I got first division in my graduations exams. same year fell in love with my class fellow who also used to be in Libya with me. Even after 18 years till today, I fail to understand the reason of our break up, again this was my fault, compromise, I wanted to get rid of me this problem. we were serious to each other. Her family and my family knows each other and our relationship as well, but again I lost my love because I compromise on certain issues which I m regretted till today and will regret till the end of last breath of my life.

(1994) This is the most sad year of my life as my mom got expired in this year. My mom was in Libya and she got fracture in her leg and as per my father, she got heart attack during operation. My mom was preparing to come to Pakistan. She saved each and single penny to make home for us in Pakistan. She was preparing for Pakistan, while shopping for Pakistan she fell down hitting the locker of shop shutter, got fracture in her leg and been hospitalized for number of weeks. This was the time of encashment of hardships and tough time faced by her during whole life but unfortunately before she arrive to Pakistan, she expired. My father brought her dead body in Pakistan. The difficult part was that he brought the dead body by road from Tripoli, Libya to Egypt and took the plan as there was an embargo on Libyan flights from USA. I was very happy that mom is coming and will discuss with her for the support of my love affair which was continued from my college life. but who knows the our lives are ruined. My mom left us leaving us crying. I become more sad whenever I think about her tough life spent for us and once we got mature, she is not in the world to see us. My mom always used to told me that you need to take care of the home, take care of sisters, do not leave alone your younger Bro etc, now I realize her sayings, her words still come in my mind, as if she knew that she knew that she is going to leave us on the mercy of this world.

(1995) I got married in 1995 with my first cousin ( my father's sister). I was in graduation. After my marriage some domestic clashes started with father. In fact the clashes started between brothers and sisters but the same was forwarded to my father by them and misled him. unfortunately every one blowed up the issue instead sorting out the matter for their own benefits. same year I started my first job. I got a job in a software house as an implementation coordinator after my graduation. It was a tough and challenging job as I was suppose to visit the clients to install and follow-up for their customized software. I worked about 06 months and then find another job in a knitting company as a quality controller and same time started doing my part time MBA. It was difficult to manage work, part time studies and family but thanks to my wife who make this possible for me to continue my studies. Education was always important to me and I was always struggled for that and same I m doing today. I did my masters in Business administration from college of business administration Pakistan as a part time student. I was working full time, managing my family, studying part time but the painful was the home environment was not suitable was not earning enough and my dad was not having good relations so i consider this time as one of difficult time of my life. My life is full of struggle and hard work but I am very happy and satisfied from my God as he has always helped me and blessed me in time whenever and whatever I needed. I have seen very bad financial time, even sometimes unable to bring the medicine for my wife , this is the main reason we got late baby as we were short of funds for the treatment. I was having a very old and trouble full motorbike but now God gave me a very good car. I was thrown outside from my father and forced to stay on rent but now God gave me two houses. Time has changed but unfortunately I cannot get forget bad actions and words done against me from my family members.

( 2000 ) After the completion of my Part time MBA, I planned for a job in UAE. I arrange visit visa myself even thou my uncle and my Father in Law was been there long time, it shows that I am never been dependent to any one and no one supported me to reach at this point of my life. I got the job as an accountant in travel agency and worked more than two years, in the spare time, I was doing home tuitions. I left UAE for good in 2003. No one in my life did any favor or help to me, Only GOD is the source to me who makes me enable to do my Masters from UK which is bit expensive for me but again I am always determine to accept the challenges. My life is full of challenges and struggles and it is keep going until my death as I consider life is the name of struggle. since I did not having good relations with my father, so I am exploited by my other family members which includes my Bro and sis and even Uncle- my and in a result force to leave our home and stay on a rented property.

( 2004 ). My passions to study did not vanished, no matter whatever the problems I come to my life, I did second attempt to do masters. I took admission in MBE (Masters in Business Education) Punjab University but family problems force me leave the studies and country as well and I decided to turn myself towards UAE again.

( 2005 ) I left for UAE, I went to my cousin company and very next month I sponsor my wife as the conditions were not favorable for her in the family in Pakistan, we work very hard, My wife support me a lot, we went for the treatment of baby, but unable to continue as short of funds, time was running, we were upset as were unable to proceed with the medications. I put my shoes down to make money, I was teaching part time as a home tutor in my spare time. In the mean time, I was forced to leave the existing job and sit at home to find the new job.

( 2006 ) I termed year 2006 as a turning point of my life. I was sitting more than six months idle in my home. I just sent my CV by post randomly without any job announcement and without any recommendation and were called for the interview and offered a job. I joined Dubai Islamic Bank in March. I work very hard, won year award, top performance award, various spot awards, work very Hard, struggle very hard, won sponsorship contest to UK, I spent huge money on my family in my country which change their minds. There was a time, four years ago, I was unable to buy home worth 0.6 million but by the Grace of God , in couple of years I purchased home worth 3.5 million rupees. We went for medicine for the treatment for our baby, Doctor suggested IVF which is as high as 4000 pounds with 25 % success rate. We struggled and attempted many times but remained unsuccessful.

( 2007 ) This year, Ugly incident happen on my sisters marriage as I was misled by my brother on my sister marriage. He was saying to me something else and practically was doing something else. My biggest mistake thru my life was desponding on my brother regarding my family issues but later stages I come to know that he was unable to express me fully. i do not know , it was done intentionally or by mistake but I suffered a lot. During my way back to UAE, on the rod to my home, I slept during driving and got a major car accident.

( 2008 ) The Best Financial year ever in my life. Me and my wife was struggling for life. I always wanted her to make her busy as she was alone and always missing kids. I was working in sales so I always tried to keep my wife with me to make her busy. Later she decided to do a job and I become happy as she must be having good time and busy in the office. Because of her moral and financial support, I bought house worth 3.5 million. The time changes but memories keeps on always. There was time when I was unable to purchase the home in my country as was separated by my parents but today I managed to buy the home 06 times better than from house I was unable to buy it. My wife sold all his jewelry but unable to manage remaining funds so left home dejectedly and left the country for UAE later 2005.

( 2009 - 2012 ) I joined Ajman Bank in 2009 with high expectations as I was on offered a bank payroll. It is difficult to get the Bank payroll in UAE as major bank jobs are outsourced which is not equivalent to the bank staff. I worked about 3 + years. I tried to make money as I did in my last job but was unable to do mainly because of world financial crises. The banks become conservative about their retail banking hence shrinks their target profile and hence limited their retail products. I was upset as I was looking myself somewhere high and very high. I thought a lot, than I decided a career move, the mild stone decision, Doing MBA (Masters in Business administration), I approached university of huddersfield and finally got admission in first attempt but was unable to proceed because of good news I was waiting for the last 18 years. Our IVF attempt got successful and I did not wanted to leave my wife at this condition so I postponed my MBA program for one year. My family is more important than my life and education so I give full time and attention to my wife, During pregnancy, I left my wife for few days for brothers marriage in February. I regret, I should not leave my wife but no one bother from my relatives to postpone marriage for few months. I am a man of words and always try my level best to do whatever make commitments, no compromise. I have the regret that I did not took my wife to my brother marry even thou she was the main sponsor. I know she would not be able to company marriage and intentionally started the process by her hand. but I m still wonder if someone from my family would have raised the voice that they wanted to delay marriage because of unavailability of my Wife. I admit my mistake that I did not raise the voice that time. Our family got trouble when I tried to took my Step mother visa to take care of my wife but unfortunately I struck with immigration and it took long time for me to sort it out everything. I forgot all the pains, problem and difficulties in my life on June 05 when God blessed me a Baby Boy. Than i proceed to the next step of my life. I resigned from Ajman Bank and left UAE for University of Huddersfield for the sake of higher education. My father did not give my marriage reception because of short of funds but Sep 13 was the most beautiful day of my life. I gave reception for my baby - biggest day of my life ever. I forget that my marriage was just disgusting. My son change the structure of my whole family. Next day I travelled to United Kingdom. This is one of the painful but successful parts of my life. I struggle about 18 years for the baby and by the Grace of God - we succeed in the 9 attempt. I was under pressure for the adoption but I never give hopes thou my wife and family pressurize for the same. My hopes become reality on 06 June 2012, when I got a beautiful gift from God - named Mohammed Arham Rashid - Actually that day he was not born in fact I was born. the complete family structure was changed as being elder my thinking changed with effect consequently effects complete family which includes my Uncles and Aunties being dual relationship, Elder son and Elder Son in law in the family. I was not willing to involve in any matter and now because of him I am putting my nose in each and every family matter m back to the world. May God Bless him more and keep away from the bad and jealous eyes of the world

( 2013 ) Nowadays I am doing MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and very happy and satisfied. This is the Lime stone of my wife. This is my childhood wish to study abroad and as soon my God make me capable, I start working for the accomplishment of my wish. My mom always encourage me for higher studies. I am always feeling proud whenever I am going back university to home with the hope that my mom will be more happy then me. The height of my craziness can be judged. I disposed off my home, resigned my job. and started my education. My bank wanted to revise my package, but want to consider my son future left everything, My son should have bright future gave me new energy, my friends appreciate me, I miss my son more than anything, but again it's for him, I want to marry him early and then arrange him to go abroad for studies. the start of recent new year is not so good as my younger brother have some reservations about family. My mom used to told me repeatedly that always keep your younger son with you and now I realized that she was sating this as if she knows that she will no more be with us. I treat my brother as my son but unfortunately every single seconds he is going away from me. try again until u success. I did part time masters and I took admission in MBA and forced to left because of economic conditions but I did not lose the heart every coming second make me more aggressive and finally I m able to do masters in UK , which itself is honor to me and if I m not wrong, I am the only guy in the process of masters from my family and especially sold sponsored. my wife , companion of my major part of my life ( 18 years till date ) is the key member who always encourages me and today who ever and whatever I m . because of her passions and sacrifice.

Conclusion - Always Raise the voice, spread your concerns in a positive manner to everyone, dialogue is the best solution for everything especially resolving issues, coordination and communication, discussion, be positive, be straight, be realistic, be concern about the future, give due time to your family. Our family need our time more than our money. Good life can be spend only with open mindedness and open heartedness. Respected is given by God and need to expected from God only not from the family members or any human beings. Need to limit our expectation from others.

I always try to mange my time as below




Learn from it

Live in it

Prepare for it

Thomas S. Monson, Church Leader

Recent challenges

1- To find the descent job to meet the expectations of my family.

2 - To prove that the education decision was the right decision.

3 - To educate my child better than me. To make him ideal and useful human beings for others.

4 - My family is getting bigger so need to justify with my family and Bro and sis family being the elder member of the house of a joint family system.

5 - To justify complete family which includes my father's Brothers and sister as I am the elder son and elder son in law of my complete family.

6- To prove myself that I am well educated and professional as per UK education standard.

Regrets of life - Never compromise too much in your life otherwise your life will be meaningless for you, never be too much flexible. I have always done my duty others but no one has given rights to me or my family. Life is very short and we need to spend with respect without fighting, left my wife alone on my bro marriage, left my son for higher studies, missed my child early childhood days. No one understand me thou i am always straight and pure in my decisions