Story Follows A Young Girl English Literature Essay

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Alexa Daley is the main character of the story. She is a young girl of twelve years of age. She is short for her age and has very skinny arms with knobby knees. She has sandy blonde hair and usually keeps it in a braid. Alexa is very inquisitive and adventurous. She has many questions and will not stop asking and searching until she finds answers for them. Alexa's inquisitiveness gets her in trouble nearly all the time.

Pervis Kotcher is in charge of watching over the wall for intruders. He has long black hair and dark eyes. Alexa and Pervis do not like each other very much. Alexa gets in trouble a lot and conveniently, Pervis is there all the time to get her in trouble. Alexa says, "Mean, nasty and always watching me- to my thinking, that summed up Pervis Kotcher." He acts suspicious at times. For this reason, many people think he is Sebastian.

Alexa Daley is traveling with her father to Bridewell. While there, she decides she wants to explore outside the wall, as she had been told not to do. She has a spyglass with her to inspect the wall for a way out. Spyglasses were not permitted in Elyon. She hears a noise and thinks it is a wild animal. Then, Pervis Kotcher, head of the guards, lays a hand on her shoulder, and she realizes it is him. He sees her spyglass, and tells Warvold, the leader of Elyon, trying to get her

in trouble. Warvold does not care and escorts her out of her room and outside. They walked together and talked. They lie down to take a break and Alexa looks over, and clearly, Warvold is dead. Alexa takes the silver key around his neck.

Alexa was in the library with the two cats that live there, Sam and Pepper. Grayson, her friend and librarian, gives her Warvold's favorite book. She reads this book about the land of Elyon. Many stories in this book are said to be legends. She finds this book interesting, and begins investigating for a way out of the wall. While in the library, Alexa looks behind a chair and finds a secret door. She takes out the silver key she took from Warvold, and unlocks the door. It was a tunnel. While down there, she encounters a short, strange man by the name of Yipes. She is startled because he knows her name. He leads her to a large body of water where she finds a Jocasta, a special stone that allows you to understand animals. She meets a wolf named Darius and a bear named Ander. They explain to her that the convicts, who built the wall, are indeed still living and are planning to attack Bridewell and take over Elyon. The leader of the convicts goes by the name Sebastian, and he is one of the leaders of Bridewell. They tell her that Warvold chose her to carry out the plan of stopping Sebastian.

When Alexa returns to Bridewell to carry out the plan, Yipes often sends Murphy, a very hyper squirrel, to check on her. Alexa finally tells her father about where she has been and about the whole situation with the convicts. He calls for a meeting with all the leaders and explains to them what Alexa told him. He asks Alexa to attend to help tell the story. While in the meeting, Alexa sees Murphy from the window, and then watches him fall. She goes to the window and sees that he taped a note to the wall. It said that the convicts were planning on attacking the city at twelve. This left them about twelve hours to prepare for this event. After the meeting, she is sitting in her room with Murphy, and she finds a note addressed to her in the binding of Warvold's favorite book. The note says to read a certain page of the book to learn the qualities and characteristics of Sebastian to help her determine who he is. They immediately know who it is, and they are very shocked. They get up and go into the tunnel, where Sebastian most likely is. Sebastian is Ganesh, one of the most trusted leaders of Bridewell. Ganesh confesses everything. He admits that he was the one who killed Warvold. He poisoned him. Ganesh gets hit in the head, and it instantly kills him. They stopped Ganesh, but it was too late. The convicts already began invading the city. Bridewell defeated the convicts and distributed them out to prisons all around Elyon.

Alexa Daley is walking home with Warvold, her friend, when he mysteriously dies. This leaves her with many questions about the land of Elyon. She finds a trap door behind a chair in the library, and opens it, and enters a tunnel. She meets Yipes, who leads her to find a Jocasta, a special rock that helps you understand animals. She meets other animals who tell her that Sebastian, a traitor among the leaders of Bridewell, is planning on attacking Bridewell with is group of convicts. Alexa learns Ganesh, a trusted leader, is Sebastian and he soon dies and Bridewell defeats the convicts in battle. Alexa feels important now because she is told that her old, wise, friend Warvold chose her for this job.