Stories On Crime Within Learning Institutions English Literature Essay

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The stories have been put together as a collection since the stories address the issue of crimes within learning institutions. The stories highlight university student's lifestyle and risky behavior. The stories demonstrate how young people engage in risky behaviors which endanger their lives. The stories highlight the cross cultural differences which make students their humble lifestyles on order to fit well with their peers. The stories also describe the negative effects of peer group influence on young behavior. Among the risky university behavior among the youth Include; irresponsible sexual behavior, drunkenness and robbery.

In Pita Delicious story by ZZ Parker, a young black lady meets a Jewish man by the name Gideon who gets infatuated with him. Gideon is portrayed as a shy guy who liked black ladies although he was afraid about talking to them. Gideon was writing his PhD dissertation regarding the "Temporal Modes of Discourse and Ekphrasis in Elizabethan Poetry." Gideon was more occupied with his summer crickets and his new found black girl who they made love together and removing the coldness of the night. The black lady met with Gideon at Pita Delicious where she had been working as a waiter. The writer portrays the black lady liked Gideon due to his Afro-Jewish hair style. The writer also demonstrates that Gideon and the lady were more worried about becoming pregnant then infecting her with HIV Aids.

In the story Orb Weaver, Emily describes a beautiful woman, who was admiring a writer. Then she met with one writer who was a master's writer and they decide to go out. The man got drunk and he falls in love with the lady. The lady and the guy end up making love carelessly in the cold. The man infatuates to love the black lady and continues goes ahead to have sex with the lady deceiving her of his love for her.

In the story Cell one by Chimmamanda Ngozi Adichie, a girl describes how their house had been robbed two times. The writer demonstrates that one time the robbery was done by a neighbor who climbed into the dinning room and stole TV, VCR and some video tapes. In the second time the robbery was explained by Nnamabia who faked that the house was broken into and the thief stole the writer's mother jewelry.

The writer portrays a character of the writer who is dominant throughout the for stories. In the story "Pita Delicious, by ZZ Packer the writer is represented by Gideon. The author depicts Gedion as a Jewish young man who had an African -like hairstyle and like any other white young men he had a desire for black women although he was afraid of talking to them. When finally they met with the black girl at Pita Delicious, the writer falls in love with her and they decide to have sex. In the process of having sex a condom gets torn. The lady thinks she was from getting pregnant is very worried. The girl is not worried about getting HIV AIDs but instead on pregnancy.

The four writers portray cultural diversity of the four stories by demonstrating characters from diverse cultural background. In Pita Delicious story Packer shows us how a nineteen year old girl met her lover a Jewish guy by the name Gedion. The girl admires his Afro hair style although the young man is among those white shy guys who cannot ask a lady for love and the writer portrays that Gideon became courageous after meeting his black love. While Gedion was writing his dissertation PhD papers the girl visits him in his room . Gideon and his new found love enjoyed making love throughout the night with Gideon savoring the black ladies body and complexion.

The writer demonstrates how Gideon and black girl made love using a condom in order to prevent pregnancy. In the course of the intercourse the condom tears and Gideon comments that the condom breaking was only a myth. In reality the condom had been torn and Gedion give good reason for being torn as the condom as being cheap. The writer demonstrates that Gedion is not worried as much regarding infecting the gal with HIV AIDS but he was more worried of impregnating her.

Finally the writer portrays that when the girl is very worried when she missed her first monthly periods. Later the girl takes a pregnancy test in her bathroom at Pita Delicious since she wanted to be sure that she had not gotten pregnant. After undertaking the test it revealed two stripes indicating the test was positive and she had been impregnated. When she got back home she informed Gideon about the results about her pregnancy test and Gideon told her not to worry. Gedion loved the girl although he did not want her to get pregnant.

In the Blink of Gods eye describes the a winter season whereby a husband and his new wife were just wondering in the streets of Washington DC and they were concerned about spending the evening out since there were wolves roaming in the streets during the night. The wife's name was Ruth Patterson and the she was worried about spending the night out since she recalled she used to have an uncle who had travelled to Alaska to look for gold and was eaten by wolves. The young couple enjoyed their first night in Washington despite the cold as they listened to songs remembered the world around Virginia. He husband Aubrey , normally slept too much and Ruth would protect her husband since she had a pistol and a knife which she kept for her defense.

During that night Ruth saw a drunken woman move to 3rd street and she finally fell silently as she crossed to K Street with only wearing a dress. Ruth felt sympathy for the woman and she kept worrying whether she could offer help to the woman form being attacked by the wolves. There was a bundle of blankets suspended in an apple tree within the city.

Ruth attempted to shoot the bundle so that it could fall down as use it to cover the other woman in the streets and protect her from getting attacked by the wolves. Finally Ruth left her room and took a knife which she used to cut down the bundle. Ruth finally reached up the bundle by cutting the two ropes which held the bundle up the tree and removed the first blanket and then the second one. Ruth could not believe her self being brought Washington by Aubrey where babies were blankets were hung in trees.

Aubrey Patterson together with his family members was taken to Kansas by his father when he was three years old where the extended family was prospering. Unfortunately, Aubrey's father was not successful even after moving to Kansas and he borrowed money which he thought he could pay after moving to Kansas but was unable to pay. It was after twelve that Aubrey's family decided to go back to Virginia. Before he died, Aubrey's father requested Aubrey to pay back all the people who he had owed money.

Aubrey, had two elder sisters who had been married long after her family had moved to Virginia and their husbands moved with Arlington County. Aubrey sisters were poor although their husbands were generous and the three of them lived in a little house and their neighbors admired since they understood them to be generous family.