Status Of Women In Collector Of Treasures English Literature Essay

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DIKELEDI :( enters the hut after finishing all the household choirs and finds Garesego laid sprawled across the bed).ohh!!There he is! Lying on the bed, unguarded and defenseless. His concubine had no doubt taught him that the correct way for a men to go to bed, was naked. A society with such men is like .They are very ego-centric, selfish .such men are like sex crazed dogs, bulls and even donkeys. They play around from woman to woman and accept no responsibility for the young ones they procreate. That's just so disgusting of them. The only thing they consider to extreme is having sex. He made me pregnant thrice in 4 years and abandoned me afterwards. And more of that he still lives in the same village but displays no responsibility towards us and doesn't even greet when passing by.

I know his only intention of coming over here is to use me as an object of sex. Of course, what else can such an evil man with a dominating nature even think of? But I wouldn't let him succeed in his intentions, my life has become holy to me during all the years when he was away and I had struggled to maintain myself and my 3 children with the only skills I had of knitting, sewing, and weaving baskets. And now he is there to defile it. No ways, that wouldn't happen. I wouldn't let him defile my holy life.

DIKELEDI: Garesego! Garesego! Wake up. I want to have a word with you.

GARESEGO: but what's wrong? Don't you see I'm sleeping? Why not just sleep for now and we will talk tomorrow early morning.

DIKELEDI: no, I want to talk to you right now and I mean it.

GARESEGO: ok. What is it?

DIKELEDI: As you know I had opened a savings account at the post office in order to have some standby money to pay the fees for banabothe but in spite of all that saving, I am still short on R20.00 to cover the fees.

GARESEGO: so what do you want me to do?

DIKELEDI: I want to know if you can help me with banabothe's school fees.

GARESEGO: didn't I tell you my answer that I will think about it later. Then why are you bothering me with it over and over.

DIKELEDI: why not now? If you can pay that married woman's brood of children than why not your own children. Why don't you accept some responsibility towards them? They are your own children, your own blood. Damm...

GARESEGO: why are you asking me? Go ask Paul who provides you with all that food and grain. He will even pay for your child's fees.

DIKELEDI: you know the problem with you. You think that I pay him back by having sex with him for giving me sacks of food and grain. You are so cheap, sex crazed dog. He is not like you men's, he is very kind, caring and responsible towards the family. He is a honest someone. Unlike you who in spite of even staying in the same village, doesn't bother to ask about your own children.

GARESEGO: lower your tone.women in Africa are not allowed to raise their voices in front of their husbands. And you don't need to care where I go, what I do and stuff, you only need to stay in the house, produce children and look after them. That's all.

DIKELEDI: We women in Africa go through a number of hardships in our life from the time of keeping the baby in our stomachs for 9 months, feeding the baby when it comes on earth. And you consider it as that's all. And after when you left me for those other women in the society whom you found more exciting. I still remained a pious and virtuous woman despite the hardship of being a single mother. I even managed to feed my 3 sons and myself by working my skills of weaving, knitting and sewing.

GARESEGO: (slaps her) shut up. I don't care about all that.

DIKELEDI: and we even need to handle this mistreatment in our everyday lives as if it's a daily course of the day. And all this is just so because us women's in African societies don't enjoy equal status and respect alongside men. No wonder if we did so, we wouldn't live such unfortunate lives and nor face tragedies as evident in my life.

GARESEGO :( goes to sleep ignoring her)

DIKELEDI: I knew he wouldn't pay for my child's fees but I was weak and helpless like any other African women without any voice or power in society and therefore incapable of stopping my husband from visiting me.

If I wrote back, don't you dare put foot in the yard; I don't want to see you. He would ignore it.

I therefore understood that I'm weak and suppressed by a strong patriarchal society.

GARESEGO: Woman won't you come to bed! I'm tired of waiting.

DIKELEDI: yes. just a minute. (Pulling the knife)

(Aside)He is using his male dominance only to insult and defile me. And I can't accept him who only came back to use me as an object of sex and then throw me back after using me. And I see no other option, but to murder him, to defend myself from such defilement. I can't accept him because he continued to live an immoral life, by sleeping around with many women in the village. If he can't pay my child's fees then what is he here for? To have sex,to use me once more and then…this wouldn't happen.i will kill him but I won't suffer.